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Washington State is losing money on Vehicle Registration in this RV Park

I have first hand knowledge of people who have been living in this RV Park for more than three years and have maintained out of state registration on all of their vehicles. Mainly from the state of Oregon.
What I know about the state of Wshington is that if you are living in this state for more than 30 days, you have to transfer your vehicle registration and apply for a Washington state drivers license. If you don't you face heavy fines cause if you maintain your Oregon Drivers License you don't have to pay the states sales tax when making purchasing taxable items.

One person in this RV Park has a 37 foot 5th-wheel, a mini van an a pickup truck to pull the trailer with. All three vehicles are registered in the state of Oregon and they have been living in this RV Park here in Cowlitz County for more than three years. Not having to pay state sales tax on anything they but from a to z that is taxable.

The state sure could make some money on this person and affew others with out of state registration on their vehicles.
I know where that RV Park is! 06.Nov.2004 11:55

Just passing by

That Rv Park is at exit 52 a long I-5. Go get em! Washington State Patrol!

seriously 06.Nov.2004 12:14


With all other problems solved, it is good that we can focus on the important things, like RV registration.

Compost this crap 06.Nov.2004 15:34

George Bender

Should not be taking up space on the newswire. What do I care about what happens in a Washington trailer park? What does this have to do with politics?

What a punk. 06.Nov.2004 18:06


You know, they live in a damn trailer, because obviously they are broke. Way to go Captain Save a HO, rat out some broke ass trailer trash for having out of state tags. Get a fucking life, there are real crimes going on while you bitch about trivial trailer bullshit.

Where's it at? 07.Nov.2004 08:02


Now that bush re-elected, I meay need to live there soon.