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government selection 2004

Pass this along to the media

pass this along to the media
Info from  http://www.ustogether.org/Florida_Election.htm

check out union county florida
they use Op-Scan ES&S

there are 7,063 registered voters in union county and here is how they are registered

rep dem
18.3% 75.5%

number of actual votes
Rep dem
3,396 1,251

or if you will the percentages votes vs registration
rep dem
+297.4% -64.5%

but in 2000 it was
rep dem
2,326 1,399

and in 1996 with slick willy running for reelection
rep dem
1,388 1,636

so you're telling me in a 75% democratic county with the GOTV that Kerry got 148 less votes and bush got 1070 more then 2000 and that there is now 2008 more republican voters than in 1996???

what the heck is up with that???