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Saturday Protest

is needed, as oppose to "pro-peace anti-bush".
saturday. noon. in the sqaure.

wouldn't it be cool if everyone there had a unified message? how about voter fraud? or maybe just against voting machines... we could hold signs that give the numbers and emails of all our politicians and let them know that we want them banned.

what do you think?
this kind of protest is ineffective 06.Nov.2004 10:14

flowers skunk

Instead of just sitting around holding signs somewhere out of doors, how about a 'forum' somewhere indoors where we can brainstorm better stategies than what's being done. I don't think protest is working all that much. When there's too much of it; the press just ignores it. I do feel people should be more visible but I don't think today's tactics of protest and arrest is getting anywhere.

PS. I would organize this myself but I've managed to get myself exiled to Corvallis. But for santity sake, I do take an occasional trip to Portland or Eugene.

Lets just get a keg.... 06.Nov.2004 12:59

Your friends

or a bunch of cases and hang out in forest park

Just drink beer in forest park? 06.Nov.2004 17:34

A real winner here

That will solve everything...a keg of beer? Well maybe you're onto something here. Republicans can drink Busch beer in support of Bush while Democrats can drink Billy Carter beer if they still make it or they can slug down a bottle of Heinz in support of Kerry.