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Death of the Democratic Party

If you aren't tuned to this site, you should be. Free chapter downloads, excellent commentary. Free e-mail newsletter.
Its the democrat party, and they only look dead. 06.Nov.2004 10:04


Many people refer to them as the democratic party when its actually the democrat party.

However, they only look dead. 150K more votes in Ohio and Kerry would have won.

The question is will they learn by their mistakes or not?

Isn't this a right wing site 06.Nov.2004 10:46


Why is this being posted here?

Now's the time to CHANGE the democrat party 06.Nov.2004 17:20

NW Paddler

If nothing else arrises out of the ashes of this horrific situation, I hope and pray that it will be a Liberal takeover of the stagnant Democrat party.
Now is the time.
The current leadershit is simply pathetic. (I "kinder" looking version of the same Republican crap.)
Where do we start??? (This could be damn phun)

Further. . . 07.Nov.2004 12:12

Hal E. Burton

No, this site is lefty for sure. Even prescribe reforms for the party.

Anon 150K votes needed. . .I'm thinking there was probably that much fraud/miscounting; likewise, nobody is talking about the many folks who are eligible who STILL didn't vote. I wonder too, what would've happened had Edwards been at the top of the ticket.