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Speaking Ill of the Dead

Two more
Jared Before
Jared Before
Jared and Jeremiah After
Jared and Jeremiah After
Shall I speak ill of the dead?
Can I tell the story of Jared Hubbard
and his childhood friend Jeremiah Baro
without offending the families or
some other patriots?

I read their story and saw Jared's photos
on the internet. So it must not be true.
But it was in the corporate media, from
Tom Verdin of the Associated Press
via MSNBC.com, so it must be true.

I don't know. Is that the point?
This new post-election myth says
they played together as children,
wrestled together on the Buchanan High team
and joined the Marines together after 9/11.

Jared family was proud but apprehensive
about his decision to join up.
His wrestling coach loved him.
"He wasn't doing it because he was the best kid.
He was doing it because he liked it."

They conquered boot camp togehter but
were sent to different parts of Iraq.
They met again in sniper school,
training together as snipers and scouts
then went back for a second tour.

they told a friend they "had a harder
time determining who their enemies were.
Things over there were worse this time.
They had been in some pretty bad gunfights."
They were in Anbar Province near Fallujah

They died together, too.

The army didn't say how.
Jared's father said
"There's just so much to say.
I don't know where to start."
Jeremiah's parents said they died
"protecting the country that they loved."

Now all I want to do is speak ill
of the living. I want to ask
"How was Iraq threatening their country?
Do you watch Fox News and know better than I?
Did you vote to reselect Bush?

Why did I, or they, need to learn how
to spell Fallujah, without looking it up?
How many more sons and daughters have to die
before we declare we won and leave?
Will it be after all the oil is gone?

How many Iraqi women and children
will have to die? All of them?
What rights would you sacrifice
to bring your children back?
What rights would you take from me,
to shut me up? All of them?"

I am tired of all the drama,
all the hypocrisy, all the lies,
all the inside deals with Halliburton,
Diebold, Enron, Thomas, Scalia, etc.
I won't sleep well tonight, I fear tomorrow.

As you said, "The loss we feel is unbearable."

homepage: homepage: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/iraq_friends_killed

thanks andy 06.Nov.2004 01:51

empire slayer

i hear you on this. we are in the belly of the beast right now, being dragged along whether we like it or now. but i will tell you this, we need to sharpen our knives and cut our way out of this belly. and when we rip our way out, we will take it DOWN. we are facing the fight of our lives, but the only other option is death. there are no boxcars or prisons in my future, there is only victory or death. do not despair.

Missing middle photo 06.Nov.2004 02:03

Andy Seaton

didn't post the first time

The MSNBC Link 06.Nov.2004 02:15

Andy Seaton


Forgive them 06.Nov.2004 04:23


Forgive them for they know not what they do
So young they haven't learned which questions find the truth
Trained to follow orders
That is what they did

The older men who ordered them
Are those who we should blame and condemn
Time on earth to learn the truth
Spent on greed and wasted

Do not blame sheep led to slaughter
Pray for them, they need it
And so do you.

No sympathy-sorry 06.Nov.2004 13:01

Hammerhead Lincoln

Flagwavers and haters can just place a halliburton logo over their
childs coffin.

and hold them responsible 06.Nov.2004 23:22


Those sheep were armed to the teeth.

Jared and Jeremiah were snipers, killing unsuspecting "targets" from hiding, a mile away.

They went back for a second tour.

please don't 08.Nov.2004 16:18

em em_abrenica@yahoo.com

Do not speak ill of the dead. Jeremiah is a family friend and it is too much for us right now to hear that he died for the wrong reasons. Even I can't quite grasp things yet... Surrealism still envelops us. We are still thinking that anytime soon, Jeremiah will just walk through the door prepared with a prank for his little brothers. :) I don't know. It still hasn't sunk in..

God bless their souls. For they believed in doing what was right. We should not speak ill of them. Lives were lost. The last thing we need is a criticism. We should just honor and respect their service for this country.

Cousin of Jared Hubbard 29.Jul.2005 13:02

April Hubbard jaredhubbardrip@yahoo.com

Jared was the best cousin anyone could have.. i was looking forward to go to my uncles house for thanksgiving to see Jared.. but then he died.. i remeber the last time i saw jared.. we had so much fun me and my cousin carli didnt want him to leave so we sat on his feet and he draged us outside..we didnt want him to leave.. them he gave us a big smile and hugged us.. that was the last time i ever saw jared.. and boy do i miss him so much.. i love you jare i love you jeremiah.. in my hearts forever..MAUH