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An open letter of Apology to the World

A letter of apology to the U.N.,and the World
My Apologies to the World
Greetings and welcome.
To the World I would like to give my most humble of apologies. I'm sorry for the
way the "elections" turned out.Yet again,another election was stolen from us.The American
people,along with our constitution,freedoms,and our rights,have been cast headlong into the
abyss.The exit polls showed that the main concern of 84% of Americans was MORALITY.
PUH-LEEEZ!!! Well,let's see.We have the Iraqi prison scandal,Afghanistan,Guantanamo,etc,etc.
Tell me again about the morality.WE have an unjust war,so that these modern crusaders
can introduce democracy at gunpoint.I apologize on behalf of the American people,to the U.N.
(for the blatant disreguard of it's policies),
and to the World in which we live,for we the people did not elect this agent from Hell,this
festering hubris of a subhuman, to office.We the people do not support the unjust war,that
at present,is being waged against humanity.This maniacal madman,this religious zealot,must
be stopped,otherwise the cancer will only spread,and infect the entire body.
We do not support their coalition of evil,and urge people to withdraw their support,
so that our young will no longer be cannon fodder for an atheistic war machine;a machine
that only exists for the purposes of evil,and greed.
We must boycott,refusing their goods,and services,or as a much stronger measure,economic
sanctions.Strike the monster where it hurts the most...right in the WALLET.
As one people in our global community,our world,let us shout together,"FREEDOM,FREEDOM,
FREEDOM for ALL nations and peoples",so that with one voice,we will cast this
insatiable demon back into the very maw of Hell from whence it came.
An end to terror is preferrable to terror without end.

Metta,(Loving Kindness),
. 05.Nov.2004 22:42


And we have a pResident who let 911 happen to further his own political aims.

morality... ha... 06.Nov.2004 00:57


more like morals and dogma