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Save Resource Conservation Federal Credit Union

RCFCU, a small Portland credit union, is proposing a merger with Oregon Central Credit Union. There will be a special membership meeting on the 9th of November (Tuesday) at 10 am at 101 SW Main, 18th floor conference room.
Resource Conservation Federal Credit Union
Resource Conservation Federal Credit Union
If you are an RCFCU member and want to save your credit union from dissolution, please attend the merger meeting and vote NO on the proposed merger. Together we can save our credit union and build it into an empowering and proactive banking institution.
A group of RCFCU members will be gathering before the meeting to discuss the issues at hand and share information on what we know. We'll meet at Hope's Deli, 120 SW Jefferson St (two blocks South of the merger meeting).

phone: phone: 503.740.3004

What Time? 05.Nov.2004 21:11


What is the time and date where you are planning on going to sit down and talk about all of this? Thanks for posting this, but more information other then a location would be good.

more info? 06.Nov.2004 01:48

a reader

could you give us more background on this issue? i've been hearing rumours about this, and feel that it's probably important, but i need to know more so i can really support it. thanks!