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Why Kerry? Because he can WIN!

Turn each progressive wish into a positive for them without dogging their side and you will find that some people will begin to see things your way.
Ok, The democrat party told you that you should vote for John Kerry because he could win the presidency. Obviously they were full of shit.

I don't think the democrats will learn anything from this defeat, or at worst they will learn the wrong message.

The wrong message being that they should run a moderate democrat like Bill Clinton again because he is the only type who can win. They are too focused on winning and not on doing.

Kerry lost because of a few factors and none of them had to do cheating or ballot stuffing. If that is the lesson you learn from this election then you are doomed to live it all over again next time.

Kerry lost because he didn't stick to his core values and principals. He waffled! He had a record of progressive politics in the senate that spanned 20 years. He abandoned those values and sold them for a chance to be on a national ticket.

Kerry felt he had to move to right to get more votes. That was his fatal mistake. He didn't articulate what he was going to do. He just kept telling everyone that he had a plan, but acted like it was a secret. This made him look like a flip-flopper.

If Kerry had espoused a progressive economic agenda and stayed moot about his social agenda he would have beaten George Bush.

So what's the best thing we can do now?

Well, protesting and rioting may make us feel better and help blow off steam but it will only alienate the same people we want on our side.

Wagging your finger in someone's face and telling them what a complete fascist bastard they are never won a convert that I'm aware of.

Try talking to people who voted for Bush, explain to them how voting for a progressive will help them. Don't do it in a scolding sort of way or try and make them or Bush sound like idiots. Nobody wants to believe they voted for an idiot, even if they did.

You must be able to articulate your point without sounding like an elitist snob, or like an eco-kook. Remember, you are trying to win hearts and minds not piss people off.

Don't spend your time telling Bush supporters what an Asshole Bush is. They won't believe it, and you won't win any converts. Spend your time telling them why $12 an hour for a minimum wage is a good idea. Tell them that national health care will allow them the freedom to change jobs at will without worrying about loosing benefits and how it will make corporations in America more competitive in the world.

Turn each progressive wish into a positive for them without dogging their side and you will find that some people will begin to see things your way.

If you think I'm full of shit, well this is exactly the tactic the Republicans have been using to gain power since Goodwater lost in 1964.
Goodwater? 05.Nov.2004 19:56

Barry from Arizona

You certainly mean Goldwater in '64 not Goodwater. Goodwater sounds like a Native American name...nothing against the First Nations' peoples. $12.00 an hour for minimum wage sounds nice, but it is really a bad idea. The reason...it will just encourage more American companies to outsoure or relocate overseas for cheaper labor. I think that the election process should be one of just having the candidates for Oval Office compete in a boxing match. Whoever gets the crap beat out of them is obviously defeated...nothing rigged, no razors in the gloves, just a good traditional beating with a clear winner. No doubt, if this was the case...America would have a string of black Presidents. Just my two cents. Later...

yes, goldwater 05.Nov.2004 20:17


thanks for catching that.

The europeans do a good job of keeping a living wage and beneifits for everyone without costing their economies too much. Yes everyone would pay more for things, but the europeans don't allow cheap chinese junk to flood into their countries. We could do the same if we had the poltical will to do it.

As far as boxing, I think I could live with George Forman as president, but I don't know anybody who would want Mike Tyson.

My main point was that moving to Canada, or rioting because the vote didn't go our way is the act of spoiled brats. Only spoiled brats throw tantrums when they don't get what they want.

Adults learn from mistakes and find new ways to imrpove their positions. If we are able to explain and convince people who are on the other side why its in their best interest to share progressive values then we can win next time.

cheap goods 06.Nov.2004 13:10

no place to hide

are also flooding Europe. An acquiantance makes money by living in a small town in Germany, near the Black Forest, and importing wicker pet baskets from China into European markets, destroying the Euopean wicker weavers. This is the same guy who got busted by the German and US feds for copying Microsoft software and selling it in Europe a few years back--he spent a year in a German prison for that one.

Europe is full of sleazy businessmen and lawyers from all over the world. The same things that are happening here are happening there, though in some places it doesn't appear as overt yet.