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War Tax Resistance Workshop

General Alexander Haig said: "Let them march all they want - as long as they pay their taxes." If you are uncomfortable with the disconnect between your efforts towards justice and peace, and the use to which your federal taxes are put, this introductory workshop may be for you. We'll touch on the many ways and levels of war tax redirection, as well as the supportive community of war tax resisters.
November 15th 2004
Time 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Title Introduction to War Tax Resistance/Redirection
Portland, Oregon
Location Laughing Horse Books, 3652 SE Division
Phone Contact 503-238-0605

Sponsor Portland chapter, War Resisters League

Your federal taxes pay for war. If you are troubled by the contradiction between your efforts for justice and peace while your federal tax dollars pay for war, then you want to attend this workshop. We will briefly explore the many levels of war tax resistance and redirection, with their different risk levels, as well as the local, national and international community of war tax resisters. This event is free and it's fun. See you there.

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwtrcc.org

plans to work out 05.Nov.2004 22:07

Alexandros of Cascadia

how is this idea ... pay your local and state tax as long as it does not go to the federal government or any of the Fascist corporations. And if your state complies to rejecting the federal government and the fascist then tip them with one third of what you would have sent to the federal.

Also do not play off your debts.. school loans, veteran loans and others

Collectively we should send a bill to Cheney and Halliburton!!!

Good website for war tax resistance info 05.Nov.2004 23:09


There's an excellent website/blog called The Picket Line which has some helpful tips for war tax resistance. It can be accessed at www.sniggle.net/Experiment