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US election fraud scandal looms?

(Our friends the Kiwis saw this coming a mile away! 2 bad our corrupt State TV can't do any investigative journalism anymore).
Now a New Zealand political activist has published suspicions, along with supporting evidence, that electronic voting in the US is being manipulated by right-wing politicians with the connivance of several voting machine manufacturers. The story revolves around some highly volatile conjectures and might be explosive, if fully investigated.
Irk 05.Nov.2004 17:10


No paper trail; no way to prove it.

Bev Harris is based in the Seattle area 05.Nov.2004 19:44


Give credit where credit is due... and help her and her team: www.blackboxvoting.org/

Randi Rhodes is trumpeting this all over AAR this week, which makes me happy.

There is no actual verifiable evidence that Bush won! 06.Nov.2004 02:43


"No paper trail; no way to prove it."

Er, the onus is on them to prove they actually won! There is no actual verifiable evidence that Bush won!

you and which army, "me"? 06.Nov.2004 17:25


Who's going to make "them" prove anything? They own the government. Perhaps suing the DNC would have some impact. What think you?