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sacrifices have to be made. not concessions

If others and myself are serious about affecting change in this stolen country, we must not be afraid.
The Beast has spoken once more. Now he is forcing his secular thoughts on the future generations of easily swayed sheep. School textbooks are now being re-written so to specifically outline marriage as a life long bond between a man and a woman. This is only the beginning, as we can expect radical changes to be enacted against the will of educated, devoted Americans like ourselves. However, we have the advantage in that our constitution has not been raped yet and we can still express our beliefs. We can make a change, but it will be difficult. We will force the Beast and the world to watch as they begin to see that we are not a nation of evangelical zealots, but a nation that until now had been speaking with someone elses voice. Do not sit idly and watch the country we all love be turned into something universally hated and reviled. We will make change; the Beast will listen, and the Beast will fear. But we must organize. No longer will we have demonstrations where we are submissively herded about as long as we dont cause a disturbance. The time has come to CAUSE a disturbance. We must all not be afraid to put ourselves at risk to force the zealots on the hill to hear us. We will not politely obey every thing we are told to do. Fear is the Beasts primary weapon against us. Take it from him. make him fear us, the swiftly rising voice of the real America. Do not fear the shock troops that are fielded against us. They are a tool we can use; when we take the fear they use against us, when we take the power that they exercise, then the Beast will listen. We need not fear their other weapons either, because no amount of gas or spray or plastic bullets can possibly stop all of us when we organize. Never again let the physical embodiment of this stolen countrys might tell us what to do. Never again will we allow these uneducated thugs stop our voice, but we will overcome and our voice will be that much louder for the Beast to hear, and he will shudder. The Beast will fear us because he will know that once we come together and raise our voices, his stolen country will be taken from him by Americas true patriots.

At times like these I look not to the inspiration of Ghandi or Dr.King. I look to the inspiration of Guevara. I look to the inspiration of the Heros in Seattle, who did not fear the Lapdogs. I look to them for hope and I see it in all of us. We will not be glossed over and unnoticed as our freedoms and our country is stolen from us. Rage America, Rage for the death of democracy; Rage against the Beast who has destroyed something beautiful, but most importantly, Rage and Rage loud America, because the Beast fears US. Take back your country and do not give in to fear or the intimidation of a brutal and uncaring government. It is brutal because it knows the power we will have when we come together and make the wrold listen to the true America. Some will say "but Mr.Bradley, we dont want to get arrested" I speak to thos now. Do not fear an arrest in the name of Patriotism. Do not fear it because when the Beast topples you will see that his thugs saw you as such a threat that they had to seperate you. What will they do when we are ALL a threat. We have the numbers and the spirit, their jails cannot possibly hold all of us.

Be ready, Be willing and be organized, True patriots, and we will take back our country. We will change the world, And while our votes do not count, our voices do. Raise them, raise them for the America you remember. De-throne the Beast and the world will sing our praises. WE are the epicenter.
What? 05.Nov.2004 16:33


You use the word "secular" yet you do not appear to know what it means.

.. 05.Nov.2004 16:58

George Bradley

Main Entry: 1sec·u·lar
Pronunciation: 'se-ky&-l&r
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Old French seculer, from Late Latin saecularis, from saeculum the present world, from Latin, generation, age, century, world; akin to Welsh hoedl lifetime
1 a : of or relating to the worldly or temporal <secular concerns>

funny diction 05.Nov.2004 17:23


It's never used in English except to mean "not religious." The author seems to be implying either a belief that anything evil is anti-spiritual or else that "the Beast" has both a religous and a secular agenda and that the author wishes to distinguish between them.

wise up 05.Nov.2004 17:35


I feel sorry for you guys if all you took from that is a problem with the use of a fucking word. way to micromanage useless shit. i think that this is a very clear and well formed call to action. stop fucking quibbling and unite

redundant rhetorical bullshit 05.Nov.2004 18:31

invites quibbling

(smacks forehead!) you're right!

I've NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS on indymedia before!


now we know what to do

thanks for straightening us out

No Sacrifice and That's the Problem 06.Nov.2004 21:18


The biggest problem with the bulk of the American people right now is that they have forgotten all about what sacrifice is.

They want to keep their comfortable lifestyle, their cheap (compared to what the rest of the world - except the Middle East - pays) gas, and all the toys even while we are spending tens of millions to fight an illegal "war".

In the past, during conflicts NOBODY handed out tax cuts and there was rationing and a draft. Nobody but the families of volunteers (and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi victims) are personally affected by this invasion at all.

Until the American people begin to suffer or want in some way as a result of our illegal invasions and coups, there will be no uprising of the general population.