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Buy Nothing Day Protest, Nov 26

The largest Buy Nothing Day Protest is being organized by a group not to be named. Plans are to surround the Lloyd Center Mall to help educate shoppers on the dangers of supporting a corporate-run world.
The largest Buy Nothing Day Protest is being organized by a group not to be named. Plans are to surround the Lloyd Center Mall to help educate shoppers on the dangers of supporting a corporate-run world. On Friday, Nov. 26, starting at 9 am and running through 9 pm, protesters will be walking around the mall, playing instruments (as many as possible) and handing out pamphlets to would-be shoppers. We expect a few thousand people from all around the Northwest and other areas of the country. We want to shut down the mall for one day on the busiest day of the year.

We need many volunteers to help spread the word and show up on Friday, Nov. 26. Please continue the discussion and add ideas and comments to this page. Thanks!

"We're Mad as Hell and We're Not Going to Take It Anymore!"

Point Blank 05.Nov.2004 15:14

Agent Pro-block-a-tear

No business as usual, no business period. Take what you need and leave the rest. This is war. Make America itch, scratch, bleed and bleed out.

will be there 05.Nov.2004 15:57


i'll be there with handbills, and as many friends as I can convince to help. its time to shut down the machine!

Good Sale Today! 05.Nov.2004 19:09


I only buy from neighborhood business people. The greedy biggies can fail, as far as I am concerned.

It was exciting to see so many frugal (and probably desperate) citizens at the Catlin Gabel Rummage Sale today, leaving with boxes of beautiful used clothing, toys, books, and other items that had been donated and discarded.

Many arrived with most creative and colorful winter outfits that didn't come from an expensive chain store or a catalog!

The MAX was crowded with happy shoppers who didn't buy anything new and helped out Catlin Gabel School.

The sale goes on through Sunday with Sunday being the big bargain day. Always a super chance to get lots of nice winter clothes and shoes for you or the kids.

sounds great but.... 05.Nov.2004 20:20


no meeting time? no more specific meeting place? no contact info? no planning meetings?

Buy nothing day... 05.Nov.2004 20:47

My question is....

My question is, if I show up at this buy nothing day i.e. Nov. 26 at the aforementioned location, you all aren't going to be trying to sell me stuff like buy nothing t-shirts and buttons and the like? Because if you do, I don't think that I'll be able to purchase anything on that particular day being that I wouldn't truly be supporting you by trying to support you financially. One of those Catch-22 situations I believe.

to the last post 06.Nov.2004 06:29


no one there will be buying or selling anything. you have to think outside consumerism for a second and take in what our goal is on that day. I know you're used to everyone trying to sell a t shirt, but not here, not now. please check out
 http://www.adbusters.org and read up. Or get "Culture Jam" by Kalle Lasn. See ya'll there.

Group not to be named 06.Nov.2004 08:36

justa marxist

We are a different group that is also not to be named and we were planning a BND event in downtown. Please contact us if you would like to coordinate.

salvationinc BND 03 06.Nov.2004 10:16


Salvation Inc was there last year in the anti-spirit of consumption. We'll be doing the same this year, Lloyd Center and Pioneer Richbag Mall will be joyfully unspent!
See you all there!

Video/images of last years action

parked right in front of Lloyd Center/Nordstroms
parked right in front of Lloyd Center/Nordstroms

steal something day is on the same day! 06.Nov.2004 19:26


so much more fun.

I will be there! 08.Nov.2004 09:49

Stand togather and don't shop

I love the idea of messing up a shopping day:) I am there!

Our Message? 08.Nov.2004 11:48


I know this is going to bug some people, but I really think we should pick one basic message for this action. I mean, write the signs in your own words, of course, but I think if we do something this disruptive, lets have ONE basic theme. Otherwise, no one knows what we really want, it will look like we are making a stink to make a stink. Instead, we want the shopkeepers and consumers to know that, say, George Bush is the reason thier day sucked. Or the war is the reason their day sucked. Or voter disenfranchisement is the reason their day sucked.

So, we have a couple weeks, and in my opinion, we should pick ONE theme and stick to it for this day. I have 2 favorites: a) the war
b) voter disenfranchisement

But I would be willing to carry several other messages, if everyone else would.

Obviously, all are related. As is a protest of the general "corporate world." Except I think the phrase "corporate control" will not really mean anything to the average person.

But specific things, like the war, or election fraud, or Bush, those are concepts people can understand. We want to link the discomfort we create to something specific.

Imagine the power if we all have the same message...

right mall 08.Nov.2004 13:16


I like it. Wouldn't Washington Square (or some other suburan mall) be more appropriate?

Boycottbush.net 10.Nov.2004 04:18

oppressed no more

Check out "Boycottbush .net" . Listed on the site are 25 of the biggest corporations contributing to the republican effort. Also the products they distribute. I say we boycott these products.

Our Message 10.Nov.2004 22:10


um, flapdoodle, the theme has nothing to do with voting dude it's the anti consumerism holiday. that's the message.

to flapdoodle 11.Nov.2004 14:19


you really should check out what buy nothing day is all about before you talk about trying to come up with "a message," the movement has a message already, trying to tie in voting fraud and bush in our signs and chants (at this event) doesn't really seem appropriate.


what about wal-mart? 13.Nov.2004 18:56


i think wal-mart would be a damn good target. thoughts?

good ideas, lets get organized! 13.Nov.2004 20:05


Walmart would be BRILLIANT! only problem is it would be nice to have a large group and I know there is lots of talk of Lloyd Center and downtown as well.
a bunch of people are tring to figure out a time to meet before the 26th so if anyone else wants to get in on this check out


Phone in your protest and/or go in and fill carts and leave them. 15.Nov.2004 05:31

Tweedle Dee

If everyone has a list of corporate stores that can all be called in rotation, all day long again and again, we can inconvenience them with price checks and what-not. Say all the Wal-Marts, Targets, and whatever else. Another tactic can be to simply occupy the store and then make a mess by moving items and leaving carts full of junk-stuff that has to be reshelved. BTW, I think the BND message is basically "Consumerism Kills".
Have fun everybody.

Work with the workers 15.Nov.2004 15:21


I agree completely with the ideas of Buy Nothing Day, and many of the actions being planned. And I hate to sound like a party pooper. But please consider the possibility that depending how these actions are done, the "Wal-Mart Whirl" suggested on the Adbusters website (endlessly buying things and returning them at Wal-Mart) or requesting constant price checks could create endless, infuriating, meaningless work for the underpaid, overworked employees, further alienating them rather than liberating them, and perhaps turning them off of the Buy Nothing concept forever. There probably is a way to do these actions that would help liberate workers / provoke them to think without being abusive. The non-managerial workers who staff stores aren't our enemies. They are not mindless servants (though their jobs may require them to be)-they are potential allies who many times are the most frustrated of anyone with our current system but see no alternatives.

re walmart whirl 15.Nov.2004 15:56


I used to work at Fred Meyer, and I loved working "go-back" carts, because since there was invariably a wide and unpredictable variety of items in the cart, the management would have no idea exactly how long it should really take me to perform the task, allowing me to take it easy and relax while I nonchalantly restocked the items to the shelves all around the store. Whenever I got bored, I would just start working a new section. It was great! I encourage everyone to do the wal-mart whirl. Constant price-checks, on the other hand, could be a pain in the ass for the workers. If you're talking about more work for the salvage centers that have to repackage the stuff: Hey, to them it's all an unending mess of work day in and day out until they quit, get fired, or die anyway, so what's the difference?

don't forget 16.Nov.2004 18:02

to spit

NOV 26 2004 Protest and dont buy anything in Portland USA! 17.Nov.2004 23:24


Well , when Bush made Coup in USA on Nov 2 2000 and stolen vote , every one silent, then there was another coup in USA Nov 2004 , now suddenly every one is waked up. I am so sorry Bush disunited Americans , same as Iran Ayatoolahs disunited Iranian and 27 years of hell and Martial Law for Iran . Bush is doing same thing as Ayatoolahs did in Iran , gaining and controling USA because Americans are disunited. If it was Europe same situtation would appeared , European or Canadians would go in to streets
of thier country by Millions and asked for his impeachment and resignations. We are far away from that. Bush will rule USA for milllions of years to come. Martial Law soon be called in USA> see the links why NOV 409-2004 at Westwood Losangeles Federal Building they broght to Tanks for Anti Bush rally. What the heck happened in L.A. last night? A peaceful antiwar protest in Westwood got a Robocop response. Two armored tanks came to dispel the protest. It's unknown at the moment whether the protesters had permits, or what the rationale for bringing an armored response was by officials, but what kind of rationale could possibly merit this approach?

This is psychological warfare, the way they just drive up to watch a small gaggle of protesters and then drive off'. It's an LAV Marine Warrior tank, and the people in it are likely to be marines.This is an escalation, normally they have armoured vehicles but this is a military tank.

From Indymedia:
LOS ANGELES, November 9, 2004 - At 7:50 PM two armored tanks showed up at an anti-war protest in front of the federal building in Westwood. The tanks circled the block twice, the second time parking themselves in the street and directly in front of the area where most of the protesters were gathered. Enraged, some of the people attempted to block the tanks, but police quickly cleared the street. The people continued to protest the presence of the tanks, but about ten minutes the tanks drove off. It is unclear as to why the tanks were deployed to this location.

FLASHBACK: Here you see regular military in the standard camo loaded up on tanks preparing to roll down the streets of Oakland, California to look for terrorists in during Operation Urban Warrior. That's right, folks, we said terrorists: isn't it odd that they were preparing to take over US cities years ago to keep us "safe" from terrorists?

 link to www.infowars.net God Bless USA . Bush will bring Hell on USA and World just give him some times only ???? World passport are reality indeed , World Government is useless and thier passports as well! No to New World Order of BUSH ?

NOV 26 2004 General Strike in Portland USA? 18.Nov.2004 14:04

MIke http://www.arnoldexposed.com

People need to be unite more and more and say no to Facism in USA.Dont buy anything in any malls in Oregon. Why only one mall? I think we all must show anger by nothing all day in all state of Oregon. Soon they will take your sons and daughter to War with Iran and Syria and more of Americans youth are going to die for Blood for Oill for Ayatoolah Bush ... http://judicial-inc.biz/Sunbur7.gif



Ayatoolah love Bush and Bush Loves Ayatoolah of Iran. by the way CIA coup in Iran 1979 responsible for Facist Gov in Iran . Bush tells Ayatoolahs what to do next? War is coming dont send your kids to war in any where in world. If governemtns have no one then they stop wars.See the rest of story at this !  link to judicial-inc.biz click on Tanks ? God Bless USA we dont want to sacrifice our sons and dauthers for AYATOOLAH BUSH ???
 http://www.rense.com  http://www.infowars.com  http://ww.worldgovernment.org  http://www.worldcitizen.org WAKE UP USA?
World Passport and Martial Law is next?

Jammer Group 21.Nov.2004 18:26

Luke tuffdharma@gmail.com

I am a part of the Portland Jammer group and we are also orginizing an event on BND. We wil be meeting at the lloyd center at 10am on friday. Later in the day ('round 12ish)we'll catch the max to the pioneer Place mall. We hope to at least bring 30-40 poeple (more if we cordinate actions with you). Lets make this as fun as possible, come in costumes, with signs, banners and ideas. For more information or questions either email me at  tuffdharma@gmail.com or join the portland Jammer group through the adbusters website (www.adbusters.org).

Theme's 23.Nov.2004 22:28


Having a theme makes no difference. Groups with distructive behavior that go against the status quo and try to make peoples lives miserable to make thier point only serve to defeat themselves. The thought process is usually geared towards thinking you're just radical, malcontent little fucks with no job and nothing better to do. No count.

Buy nada 24.Nov.2004 17:54


I know a few groups have some things planned (Salvation Inc, where are you?)I heard there might be something happening at Pioneer Place Mall. My little group wants to get in on the anti-consumption action. We'll be downtown hopefully around noon...perhaps we'll trek over to Lloyd.

!Jammers unite! 25.Nov.2004 10:58


Smoke bombs? Fake blood? Rotten meat thats been stolen, then hidden in the gaps?
Anti fur protests? Normal blocks aka blocks of people that hit a spot dressed "normal" and start talking shit about the places labor practices. Glueing doors locked? Doing the same with cryptos? Lockdowns anyone? Lockdowns? Superglueing the bathroom doors shut at the mall? Effective barrcades can also be made with SHOPPING CARTS and chain! (this takes some descreet practice) Economic damage against Loan sharks. Those quick money places that prey on the poor, giving 50% interest loans on peoples cars and such.

Any and all attacks against the portland business alliance or thier affiliated buisineses would be respected.


mad respect,

A little perspective 25.Nov.2004 14:06

tipping point

I'm all for Buy Nothing Day, but let's think about more than 1 day. Buy Nothing Day is just a stepping stone. How about Buy Nothing Week? Month? Year? Are you working to cut down on your TOTAL consumption? Or are you just putting off your purchases till Saturday, and/or buying stuff in advance, on Wednesday or Thursday?


salvation inc's itinerary 25.Nov.2004 15:10

craig craig@salvationinc.org

We will be out and about by 8:30am downtown. The van is full of theatrics and well meanings.
I think we're going with the "Spendamentalists" theme, enthusiastically embracing the overwhelming amount of money coming out of the public's pockets.
Focusing strongly on downtown, and the immediate area, we'll be hitting the llyod center and perhaps walmart in the afternoon.
You won't miss us.
I'll be contacting ONCAP by day's end.
Subvertistas will also be on the prowl.

We're going to have a wonderful day!!!

Other Ways 25.Nov.2004 16:01

BND studies

Diverse expressions of resistance to the institutions and structures of capitalist consumerism--a social, political and economic culture based to a high degree on the cycle of indentured servitude to the overproduction and transfer of endless species of things inversely proportional to the health of the planet, not determined by what is necessary for a reasonable life for all, in order to get trading credits in order to possess those things in order to send them to the land fill (or oceans or air, as liquid, gaseous and particulate pollution) are probably welcome by all who are without illusions that the corporate form, sustained by its limited short term purpose and focus on the accumultion wealth and power, will tolerate that resistance.

Most proposals for expressions of resistance that appear in this and other threads on the topic of anti-capitalist production and consumerism actions -- currently "Buy Nothing Day" -- emerge from a need to socialize. While it is fortifying to the radical individual to find camaraderie and common cause overtly manifested in group actions, it should be recognized that these very public demonstrations serve to contain and isolate the action to symbolic levels.

Given that public manifestations of resistance are absorbed, blunted, deflected and manipulated by the host of opinion forming and information control enterprises in the hands of the corportate state; that the institutions of democratic processes are stunted and broken, deaf and blind vestiges, pruned to favor the domination of corporate wealth and power as the US paradigm since the colonial period; and most notably, that the embeded militarized forces and legal strategies with which the corporate capitalist state bolsters its tyranny have made their roles clear, these overt displays leave little changed, while providing meager opportunities to attempt to collectively exorcise the choking pangs and tears of impotence.

Some consider that effective resistance consists of less overt actions that forego the paliative reinforcement of feelings of mass solidarity afforded by more open and visible ones. In the case of less open actions, the goals are to achieve a material effect on the cycle of capitalist corporate consumerism. The distinguishing feature then becomes for the actors to place themselves in less conspicuous roles, using the tools and mechanics of the consumer institutions themselves for subversion of those intitutions.

Another feature that must be accepted is that the fruits of that labor won't likely get the "six minutes of fame" coverage. It won't particularly make one "a hero of the resistance." Most certainly, it should not lead to the noteriety enjoyed by the more virulent warriors in the struggle, whose actions, nevertheless, are just one ingredient in that struggle. It might be considered that these kinds of actions have incremental effects of attrition--they are sand in the gears, which, while not stopping the gears, put an incesant, degrading strain on the machinery. Some would say that this kind of less visible kind of action is an ingredient that is missing in the current struggle and resistance to the cycle of consumerism.

For instance, it might be considered that small, apparently unrelated in purpose, groups of individuals infiltrate the consumer arena, remain individualized, and thereby, using various stategies, virtually imperceptably, never obviously, create a situation that stalls and impedes the consumer assembly line. The reversal of the successful impedement will take far longer than it did to achieve it. The result is that the consumer assembly line, the life blood of the capitalist corporate enterprise, is brought to a trickle or stopped. In a sense the very facility of the consumer assembly line has choked on itself. Ironically, this action probably has its best success on the very occasions when the corporate consumer assembly line is at its busiest. Then, anonymity of purpose and action is best afforded, while at the same time the affect of the action would be the most profound--big holiday weekends, for instance.

No, this won't bring corporate state capitalism to its knees. But, carried out randomly, sporadically, on a continuing basis, widely dispersed, without social group fanfare, without "taking credit", it cannot help but achieve tangible, degrading level of latent morbidity--possibly like a sore throat that never quite goes away. It will undoubtedly reduce the gross take and increase the expense of running the consumer assembly line, even if only at a small, local level.

Here are some links to earlier, more topical reviews of BND actions:



Suburbs 25.Nov.2004 18:34


This protest should be done at a suburb mall. Consumerism is bad but the sprawlmart boxes and malls are the real enemy. Maybe some of these shoppers will go shopping at WalMart now or Clackamas. They might even decide to buy a brand new McMansion where wildlife once lived.

salvation inc midday report from BND 26.Nov.2004 14:18


on the streets downtown inside the zombie march of consumption.
The money is flowing and the capitalistic greed is mighty.
Some pictures...

smokes 26.Nov.2004 18:17

tessa bird

How serious am i taking this buy nothing day idea? enough that i ran out of smokes and refuse to buy a pack. beware, i am muching tonight.

more dumb liberal white kids following some rich white dude's magazine's plan 26.Nov.2004 19:18

happy brown bear

go keep harassing people of color with your holier than thou rhetoric, then you'll really see what critical mass is.

what the hell 26.Nov.2004 19:47

are you talking about?

Amazing. really. you bastard.
i was there at the protest. i didnt witness any people of color being harassed.
Unless you mean the consumers, all of them were harrassed indiscriminatly.
Dont use race to excuse your inactivity/indifference.
Maybe you could fill me in on where there was racial discrimination. If i saw it, i would have helped stop it.

LUKE 26.Nov.2004 21:02


damn that is one sexy british man. i want his sizziling sexy body pressed up against mine. everyone should love luke as much as us. smokin'.

political correctness or rampant consumerism--which is more tiring? 26.Nov.2004 21:04

msleah seventhhousesun@aol.com

C'mon guys. Gluing doors shut? Fake blood? Haven't you got anything better to do with your time? If anything, show a little compassion for those folks that are just trying to buy some Christmas presents, and put your dogma aside! It's sad how far we've come from the original idea of the solstice--the idea that it is a rough time of year, and we need to bring small gifts of food to our friends and neighbors, to help them through the cold months. It's morphed into this frantic carnival of consumerism, as we all know. But political correctness should never take precedence over compassion for our fellow humans. If anything, look upon those people who are frantic to purchase gifts with a bemused tolerance. I don't go to malls on the day after Thanksgiving--way too hectic, and I have the whole month of December to buy gifts for my family, so there's no rush. If someone else wants to stand in line at 4 AM to buy that perfect gift, I may think it's silly, but it is really none of my concern. Why not be FOR something with that same fervor that you are using to oppose? Bring food and/or toys to a family in need, volunteer for a bike drive (Community Cycling Center is having a great drive to give away bikes to kids, but when I went to the volunteer meeting last week, only one other person showed up!)--do something CONSTRUCTIVE and POSITIVE, but leave the shoppers alone!


wackat@hotmail.com wackat@hotmail.com

i told my friends we should do this and they ignored me. but yet they complain about gas groceries etc.

909 370-0773