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The Daily Poetry Movement

Palestinian Prisoners Brave On by Genevieve Cora Fraser. There is a picture that haunts me of israelian storm troopers holding a little girl up, her feet dangling above the ground, all eight years of her agony twisting her lips as she cries out in pain, her pants wet with piss that she released in fear. Will she be killed for neo con cult belief in ending all life for Jesus? Fuck Kerry/Bush! Reclaim democracy, take back the streets!
Palestinian Prisoners Brave On

By Genevieve Cora Fraser

Handcuffed, broken bones
Visible led to the court
To confront an Israeli judge
In support of brutal beatings
By prison wardens
He was just
Another Palestinian prisoner
One of thousands his story
Just another story shot at
As he squirmed face down
On the ground beaten
Bloody his hand broken
Repeatedly slammed
In a sadistic frenzy by Israeli
Jailors driven by his screams
80 days in Solitary
Confined to his thoughts
Followed by day break
To sunset interrogations
His hands and feet
Cuffed to the chair
Punched in the head and groin
The chair
Was shaken violently
As he screamed in agony
Hung from two doors
Swung open
To stretch him
Inquisition style
A Medieval torture
Rack could not be
More barbaric and cruel
But oh so ZioNazi
Brilliant in its
Ahmad Daraghmeh stands
Accused his frail face
And bony body broken
His crime - being born
A Palestinian caught
Resisting the daily
Torment inflicted
Endlessly by Israeli
Fast for Ahmad
And the Palestinian
Prisoners Children
Mothers Fathers
Held by Israel
For further torture
Fast in solidarity
With the prisoners
Experience if only
For a day or two
The hunger induced
In Israeli prison cells
And the Concentration
Camp existence Israel
Has relegated
The People Native
To the Holy Land
To a Purgatorial
Existence close
To the Gates of Hell
Flung open wide
By Israel-Zionist Forces
Determined to push
The Palestinians in

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