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The Myth of Voting

Time to Wake up!
The political views of John Kerry never interested me so I did not bother investing any energy into his campaign. Once I learned that he was a member of the "Skull and Bones", a part of the Illuminati, I knew that he was not a man to be trusted, despite his campaign promises; an anti-war Vietnam Veteran who spoke of killing the "terrorists" and sending another 40 thousand troops into Iraq.

The whole political party system - the Democrats and the Republicans - is no doubt one in the same. The whole voting process is a deceptive ploy, a very effective way to give us the illusion that there is democracy in america and that people have the power. People often become irate when they hear that someone does not use their democratic right to vote, but in light of the last two elections, what difference did it make?

Upon learning that Kerry was a member of this elitist secret society it became evident that he and Bush were "brothers" of the "Great White Brotherhood" that go way back, that have an ironclad pact between them, and an agenda to carry out. Knowing this it also became evident that Bush would remain president - despite whether or not he actually received the vote of the people - to continue putting into place the agenda to manipulate and control the world and its resources. I think that Kerry knew all along that he would not win the election.

Post election this all seems more than plausible after witnessing how quickly Kerry conceded and congratulated Bush on his win. Perhaps Kerry was hand picked to play the role of contender against Bush because he would put up a good fight, and graciously bow out right after Bush was declared winner, before all of the ballots had even been counted. Of course, a brother of the Illuminati would do this, as part of the pact, for the Brotherhood.

Already we feel small in the scheme of things, but against the Illuminati we feel even more insignificant. There is no fighting and winning when up against the government despite our continued efforts and failed attempts. People like Michael Moore are allowed to carry on, to again give us the illusion of freedom of speech.

But as a personal opinion re Michael Moore, I think that he has done some brilliant work on educating us about important social issues, but I am not sure which side of the fence he is truly on. I liked elements of his film "Bowling for Columbine" but feel that he missed the boat on the real reason for the school shootings, namely the psychotropic drugs that most of the kids involved in the shootings were or had been medicated with. Was he turning our attention away from the pharmaceutical companies and towards guns as the culprits a way to protect these murderous wealthy corporations? Lets face it, there is a big push to medicate and therefore placate the masses, to keep us dumbed down for fear that we will rise up! And there is a lot of pressure being put on these pharmaceutical giants in a growing awareness of the suicidal and homicidal nature of these drugs.

With re to his film Fahrenheit 9/11, I feel that he left out a lot of very pertinent information as to what really happened. What I find most disturbing and downright dangerous is his endorsement of what our govermentment has told us, that the "Saudis" were the terrorists responsible for the attack on america. Moore is enjoying a pretty big and growing audience. People admire and respect his work and believe what he has to say; he has influence. So his insistence that the Arabs are to blame is a very reckless lie to perpetuate. I cannot help but wonder if he may be allowed to do what he does and even protected in exchange for disseminating this racist propaganda.

I do not claim to know enough about the inner workings of the Illuminati to say what it is really all about, but I do feel that it helps answer a lot of questions re what is going on in the world. I am not suggesting that we lay down and become passive in the belief that we are powerless against such an enormous machine, but neither do I think that we possess the kind of power that it takes to fight something this big and monstrous. Not in the way that we want to anyway such as smashing the system and starting a revolution to create a new government.

What I do think is, despite whatever this secret society does or is, it has but one *true* purpose: to illuminate, enlighten and transcend, to help wake us up!, to help move us towards a personal and planetary rEvolution.

Let's face it, since Bush took office four years ago there has been a slow rousing of the masses. Thanks to him and his administration more people than anytime in history have taken to the streets in protest. It is said that the dreams with the most to teach us are the nightmares, the ones that really get us to sit up and pay attention. This administration and their tactics are quite nightmarish indeed, but it is causing people to sit up, to pay attention, and to question.

More than anytime in history, with rampant hunger, homelessness and violence against nature and the earth's inhabitants, we need a strong jolt to wake us from our slumber, to arouse us from our stupor and call us to the front lines. Perhaps the real task of the Illuminati is nothing more than the catalyst to help illuminate the injustices that keep us prisoners of a corrupt and greedy system. It becomes our goal then to protest in some form as a way to evolve towards unity with all living beings.
Where is the Rebel in Rebel Girl? 05.Nov.2004 00:15

Star Focus

Personally, I think it is dangerous to assume that great power renders others powerless. I also believe that Kerry most likely did win the election but it was stolen by the world's biggest hoodlum.

Enlightenment begins with clarity. One must not have illusions about the nature of the persons or issues facing the Planet. We are confused because we grew up thinking that a pirate is someone who wears a patch over one eye, has a hook for a hand, a parrot on his shoulder, and an unwholesome look. Hollywood taught us that criminals are easy to spot and that the good guys win. In contrast, my Ayurvedic teacher, Dr. Shrikrishna Kashyap, said "All black magicians are elegant."

We are so imprinted by Dragnet and Hawaii Five 'O and all the other entertainment that we forget basic lessons passed on for two thousand years about Lucifer as well as Machiavelli's observation that princes must appear to be doing what the people like and want. With professional politicians, you can assume that they have had a long time to perfect their photo ops and disguises.

Where does this leave us?

Our task is not to be deceived or deluded and not to acquiesce to the evil spearheaded by this administration. We are at a turning point in history in which instant communication and repercussions are possible and they are the main way to keep us connected . . . and to keep the pressure on those whose power depends in part upon their reputations. Eventually, the truth will out!

I am not sure that the power amassed today is unique in the history of the Planet. Maybe we have self-destructed before, but if we limit our view to recorded history, we have to see that the technology poses risks that not only know no borders but increase the urgency of clear and careful response NOW. What I mean is that while we have known terrible wars and plagues, we have not had the potential to destroy everything and everyone in a few minutes or hours.

The awakening that needs to occur may not happen on the level where there has been the most focus. . . or distraction. I do not think survival depends on the "moral" issues that allegedly separate the two parties. It depends on a commitment to right relations and this can only occur if decency transcends the temporary issues of job security and invokes conscience.

To carry off the abuse of power on the scale this administration has perpetrated requires the collusion of countless individuals in all branches of government from the visible members of the cabinet to the somewhat less visible members of Norad and various branches of the military to black ops and various other highly secret agencies engaged in activities that are totally prohibited by treaties and other international conventions. Our best hope is an endless stream of whistle blowers until legal action is possible against those who have deprived us of our heritage and subjected us to tyranny within our own borders by people who purport to be red, white, and blue.

There are good people who are completely sick to their stomachs of what is going on, but with the complexity and sophistication of power, we need countless Daniel Ellsbergs. In my estimation, Michael Moore is not Ellsberg. He is a satirist. If we expect more or Moore, we will miss the point. He is another Hollywood producer, but he works on a smaller budget than Spielberg. Maybe Michael Ruppert is closer to a modern day Ellsberg, but we need insiders not satirists.

How do we reach these insiders? We show our dissatisfaction by demonstrating, by holding peace vigils, by writing letters to the editor, by posting on the web, and by implementing in our own lives what we know to be right. By proving that cooperation works better than competition, we can change the major economic models that have created such havoc over such a long time. By proving that alternative energy is practical, we reduce the lust for foreign oil and the obscene profits that the oil administrations make for themselves and their cronies. By practicing non-violence, mediation, and social justice, we prove that well adjusted people do not need violence to protect themselves or further their agendas.

This is about change and from the perspective of many others in the world, America is retarded. We are the only country in the world acting out fantasies of world domination, the only country in the world profiting on the sale of weapons to every customer the arms brokers can seduce, and the only country practicing overt piracy in an age of international contracts and banking. We are also a very small country with not enough members of a volunteer service to successfully occupy one country much less every country in the axis of evil. Folks, control of the world by a mortal is impossible so politicians who aspire to such are delusional. They can be masqueraded as functional because countless handlers are involved in elaborate damage control, but they are essentially madmen, people who are intoxicated by power and unable to see reality in a historic context.

These people must be seen for who they are and then the support generated by masters of illusion and greed will simply fall apart. In the meantime, we must not give up. We must create the world we envision, the world that expresses our truth which is that everyone has a right to life on a healthy and safe Planet.

More info needed... 05.Nov.2004 01:40


Illuminati? Skull and Bones? Can someone please explain and/or point me towards some resources on these things?

My first book by Jim Marrs 05.Nov.2004 05:36

got me started on the Illuminati

Read Jim Marrs book "Rule by Secrecy" it is an easy read and widely available even in the corporate run bookstores. But attempting to understand something that encompasses many layers and centuries of secrecy is a life long study. I applaud anyone who is willing to search for the answers themselves by considering many well reasoned opinions based on facts. If you have a good internet connection the google search engine still is a uselful tool but it cannot be a replacement for well researched indepth study available through books.

Power 05.Nov.2004 08:16

peace rebel girl

In response to Star Focus's comment:

"Personally, I think it is dangerous to assume that great power renders others powerless"

I think that you have misread or misunderstood my definition of *power*. The sort of power that the government plays with is connected to money, manipulation and control. In turn, the government is shaped, molded and controlled by a bigger power, The Illuminati, which renders them as small as its citizens are.

If those who have been given power in the government fail to comply and start questioning they end up dead like Senator Paul Wellstone. This is not to suggest that we stop questioning. It's about what and how we question and waking up to the power that we do have, to start making the change from the inside out. Trying to tear down the system without first destroying our own personal accomplices in it is both naive and ineffectual.

We begin on a personal level, and also working within our communities to affect this change. Local voting on state measures is something that I do see as important, and a viable way to exercise our right to vote. Working on local issues, hunger and homelessness, and working for social change does comes from the Power of the People.

The ultimate power that we possess is in not supporting the Corporations, not buying into the lies that keep us imprisoned and the corrupt system alive and thriving. If we withdraw our financial power on a grand scale, things will over time collapse. It's sort of like the horror films in which the "monster" is killed by not feeding it what it depends on for its survival.

The power that we possess is immense, but it is how we use this power that matters. Burnout rate in activism is high because folks try and tear the system down without first having worked on a smaller scale. As above, so below.

You're on the right track, but. . . 05.Nov.2004 08:50

Hal E. Burton

Don't attribute to conspiracy what may just be a shared and wrong-headed world view.

Before you go down the "Illumanati" road, read C. Wright Mills "The Power Elite" for a simpler, clearer picture of who is in charge.

Remember the logical tool of Occam's razor -- the simplest explanation that doesn't raise additional questions is probably the right one!

election xplaination 05.Nov.2004 09:02

john doe

i expected bush to lose this election because the odds were 2 much against him

this win is surprising as the first president to be re-elected in 68 yearss i reconed would not be one tied down with a war in the middlle east

my new understanding of y bush won is cus the democrats allowed him to

it may seem foolish considering some fought so hard but wat i usually do is put myself in their position

they would be facing huge pressures from the media if they screw up any little thing like pensions and u.s jobs are going abroad and they can do nothing about it add to this the various insurgencies around the globe they have to deal with without upsetting voters

especially since their policies differ little from bush

i think they(the party elite of course) let bush win by not using all their resources like voter fraud

things like this is wat u get when power is centralised to 2 parties

as 4 the 2 party system this is wat happens in evey "democratic" country

its not really democratic but u cant hold unto power like a king did back in the good old days so whoever has power will have to opress the others like the sunni muslim did
to the shiite muslims in iraq

sadly real democracy is 2 expensive thats y u wont c it in anything called a country 4 now at least


Not so far apart 05.Nov.2004 09:35

Star Focus

Yes, Peace Rebel, I agree. I referred to power, not government. As you suggest, the people in the government are merely the agents of those who appear to be pulling the strings. Part of their power is predicated on the inability of others to figure out who they are or what they are doing. You have referred to Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, and even the Great White Brotherhood, but there are some other stories out there that are equally hair raising, like the Bilderbergers and most chilling of all: the Black Pope.

We are constantly finding golden boys appearing out of nowhere with no meaningful history being elevated to extremely high positions where they are unbelievably visible, but the power behind the power derives its power from several sources.

First, it arrogates to itself the right to deprive you of your money. It is not just the obvious and time honored taxation which is even commanded in the Bible ("Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's) but subtler forms of taxation such as taking another part of your earnings and pretending to invest them on your behalf in various other schemes and scams such as health insurance and retirement. So, whether we are talking about private insurance or a government health care plan, we are still talking about enormous organizations that are not merely skimming the top but denying patients the benefits of real medicine. Most medicine today is as fraudulent as the people in the government who have taken away our right to choose our own approach to wellness. This is a kind of disempowerment and it is a kind of taxation without representation. Moreover, to the extent that many people have to argue their way through every claim, there is immense fraud in the management of the institutions and an absence of exactly what is promised by elected officials and Madison Avenue promises. I.e., at the time of one's greatest need, one is not actually safer on account of being insured.

Retirement funds are a sort of deferred benefit. At a time of productivity, one is obliged to forfeit a portion of one's earnings. Someone else is allowed to invest these funds on our behalf but if they mismanage the investment or if the entire economy goes bankrupt, you lose what you earned permanently rather than temporarily. As Ralph Nader, one of your trusted politicians, said, and I merely paraphrase, it is almost impossible to bankrupt a company that has 20 million customers making monthly payments.

There are many sides to this. The employees of World Com that had investments had, in many cases, stocks worth in excess of a million dollars. I worked on Wall Street for 2.5 years when I first got out of grad school. I saw cashiers from Sears Roebuck retiring with pensions and lump sum payouts of half a million dollars in the mid-60s. This is what I mean by "deferred." At a time when these people were struggling to pay dental bills or send their children to college, they actually had personal assets of a substantial value but what has happened in the last 40 years is that very powerful people have now decided that those who had been making these sacrifices will not receive the rewards they were promised.

These people are clever. They bankrupt one company and then another so there are two million people here and then a million there, carefully calculated not to constitute enough dissidence to overthrow the power. In the meantime, we are "at war" but encouraged to spend. If you are anything like me, you get credit cards in the mail with balance transfer offers and no interest for months or even a year or more. You can refinance your house with negative payments, run up your credit card and then declare bankruptcy, and buy a car or furniture with nothing down and nothing to pay for 18 months, by which times, I might point out, the car has lost a significant portion of its value.

So, either the car was deliberately overpriced in the beginning or someone has a plan to own everything, including your home. In theory, you could own your home but be bankrupted by medical bills and have to refinance . . . and then the bank would own it. We do not seem to know who owns the Federal Reserve and we know next to nothing about Greenspan much less how he managed to garner so much apparent power, much more than a Supreme Court Justice.

This is the system and anyone who thinks it is viable is totally deluded. What we are seeing is "white collar crime" on a scale that is beyond the imagination of an ordinary person. It does not, however, stop here. The powers that be, as we know, can tax you and use the money to pad the pockets of Cheney's cronies at Halliburton, use your blood or that of your friends and family to police the pirating of oil, and they can arrest you without charges and detain you indefinitely without notification to anyone. How did it get this way? It got this way when the heirs to a country opposing taxation without representation fell asleep at the wheel.

This is the long and short of it.

None of this could have happened without at least passive consent. The point now is to withdraw the consent. I, for one, never agreed to the wars. I never agreed to use medicine based on pharmaceutical drugs. I never agreed to eat genetically modified food. I never agreed to my government's investing in biological weapons much less their sale to countries that start out as allies and end up impaled.

After 9/11, Bush urged everyone to spend money: shop until you drop. We now have more shopping malls than high schools, but it you use plastic, you are probably living beyond your means which means the house of cards could fall one day. Actually, it will fall and what you do may or may not matter because the issues are bigger than you and me, but it starts with you and me.

It is so important to support alternative everything. California managed to pass a freedom of choice in health care bill. Then, Gov. Gray went down and Schwarzenegger appeared. Now, people like John McCain are talking about an amendment to the Constitution that would permit foreign born Americans to run for president. While this may appear innocent on the surface, the next thing we know Prince Charles would be sitting in the Oval Office. He is, after all, tired of waiting for his mother to hand him the crown . . . and he is allegedly one of the Illuminati.

So, how do we deal with this? We have to understand that it is not just us or even a form of government or even a civilization that it at stake, it is all life on the whole Planet. People talk about survival and trusteeship, but they still drive gas guzzlers. It all begins with walking one's own talk and organizing the alternatives. As Peace Rebel says, local elections and community initiatives are important. I personally think a third party is also essential. Yes, it has been tried, but people have not had enough imagination or courage to wake up the sonnambulent.

Awakening has to be the next step. Awakening is what is most feared at the top. People like Bush try to manage huge populations by repetition of tedious one-liners that are easy to remember. They are counting on your laziness and lack of initiative. They do not want you to think for yourself; and he, in particular, is so obsessed with his own phoney brand of certainty that he cannot possibly anticipate the certainty that comes with real awakening.

Simply stated, Bush bought a counterfeit conversion and he thinks everything is easy because he never had to work or achieve anything to get where he is; but he has completely underestimated the antipathy that exists and its power to resist and restructure. It is time for this. An immensely arrogant and powerful British Empire laughed at Gandhi until it surrendered the Jewel in the Crown. The movement against the Vietnam War was led by a handful of people and supported by millions more. I personally believe the groundswell is larger and better organized now than during the 60s and 70s. Moreover, there are now people with government experience who are supportint the dissident movement, but I do not see nearly enough clear heads on the economic front. People are afraid of losing their financial security, but I am sure it is already lost. Only the illusion remains. There is nothing real supporting viability. Oh, many are still receiving paychecks, but the economy is already bankrupt. The Planet is poisoned. The medical system is a hoax. There is not much to lose except one's integrity. This risk too great for those with soul so the next step is to align our lives with our beliefs.

violet ray wavelength 05.Nov.2004 09:48

peace rebel girl

great comment Star Focus. thanks for taking the time to continue the dialogue. i think we are on the same page, on the same wavelength. i especially appreciate your conclusion:

"There is not much to lose except one's integrity. This risk too great for those with soul so the next step is to align our lives with our beliefs."

The drift of the economy. . . 05.Nov.2004 11:21

Hal E. Burton

Star Focus -- you should redraft this slightly and repost it as a stand-alone comment. I think it's that important.

You may want to consider the drift from defined benefit to defined contribution programs and the impending BK of the federal pension fund insurance group (the name escapes me now. . .)

Likewise, the war on Fannie Mae, which will likely result in greater privitization of home mortgages which will see the inflation and interest rate risk kicked back to the borrower in the form of higher interest rates (or longer terms -- deferring receipt of Social Security will be mirrored by 40 year mortgages). The reason that BushCo. celebrates rising homeownership is at least partly because more people are wage slaves. Those with adjustable rate mortgages (about 25 to 30 percent) are going to be in for a bit of a surprise when the fed meets next week.

You might also want to consider the wipeout of the entire S&L industry (a more nearly "people's" bank system). Credit unions are likely to be next.

This is class warfare, folks, make no mistake about it.

election 2008 05.Nov.2004 11:34

john doe

i forgot to say i dont think the republicans will ever get into office after bush

especially when republicans finds out he cheated in the debate

More info on Skull and Bones 08.Nov.2004 11:19

The Compassionate Conservatives TheCompassionateConservatives@yahoo.com

To Nova (and anyone else interested):

You might also be interested in reading "Fleshing Out Skull and Bones", a comprehensive tome which lives up to its title. This book can be purchased from Mad Cow Productions, which is based in Eugene:


On a tangential note, if you visit Mad Cow you will also see information about a book entitled "Welcome To Terrorland". This uncovers numerous disturbing truths about Mohamed Atta and the 9/11 cover-up, which when compounded with Daniel Ray Griffin's "The New Pearl Harbor" make it impossible for any rational American to deny the plausibility of the US government being complicit with the attacks.

not the saudis? 09.Nov.2004 16:51


so.........the illuminati blew up the WTC?
you said moore is spreading lies about the "saudis" being responsible, but you never said directly who IS responsible.
You raise good points tho. I just think the conspiracy theory tone of your article will turn skeptics away...