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Nader got 1 percent of national vote

Even though he was only on 35 ballots. His total vote was 399,742.
In 2000, on 43 ballots, he got 2.7 percent of the vote. Democrats waged an aggressive legal campaign this time to keep Nader off state ballots.


Cobb not listed in national results. He was on fewer ballots than Nader.

The Cobb website --  http://www.votecobb.org -- says that Cobb has 105,226 votes, but that doesn't include write-ins. Presumably the Nader total also doesn't include all the write-in states.


Unofficial Oregon presidential vote according to Oregon Sec. of State website

Michael Badnarik - Libertarian - 6,793 - .39%
George Bush - Republican - 819,612 - 47.25%
David Cobb - Green - 4,932 - .28%
John Kerry - Democrat - 889,827 - 51.30%
Michael Peroutka - Constitution - 4,924 - .28%
Write-in Votes - 8,362 - .48%
Total 1,734,450

No way to know, of course, but if most of those write-in votes are for Nader then he did a lot better in Oregon than Cobb. Also no way to tell how well Nader might have done if he had been on the ballot.

As of September, the Oregon Greens had 13,977 registered, so looks like a lot of them voted for Kerry, wrote-in Nader or didn't vote.  http://www.sos.state.or.us/elections/votreg/sep04.pdf
Nader & the swing states 04.Nov.2004 23:25

Lynn Porter

Looking at the electoral vote map at  http://www.electoral-vote.com, it appears that there were really only 7 states close enough to be considered swing states. Of those, Kerry won 4 and Bush got 3, including Ohio, which killed Kerry. Of the 3 that Bush got, Nader was on the ballot in 2, New Mexico and Nevada. (Not in Ohio.)

In Nevada, the score was Kerry 48%, Bush 51% and Nader 1%. So Nader didn't make a difference.

In New Mexico the score was Kerry 49%, Bush 50% and Nader 1%. Theoretically, if all of the Nader voters had voted for Kerry, Kerry MIGHT have won. But that's doubtful, because if Nader hadn't been on the NM ballot probably a lot of the Nader voters would have just not voted. Also, even if Kerry had gotten New Mexico's 5 electoral votes, it wouldn't have changed the outcome of the election.

So it looks doubtful that Nader had any impact on this election, except for making some people think about his issues. However, it could play out differently in 2008, especially if Nader can get a third party going in most of the states that would put him on the ballot.

Nader won 05.Nov.2004 19:02


In a different post nader won. In a way - Bush stoled again so he is illegal, again, Kerry quit so the person remaining with the highest count is Nader (not thanks to me I voted for the guy who quit let me be honest here).

It will never happen but if the Move on folks and many others played with this world wide it could be more than fun. I mean the whole world is laughing at the asshole nation anyway. As Captian Queeg said "let's have some fun for a change.