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Very simple proof the election was rigged

Why would they run the ballots through the counters more than once?
When I was a tiny little Pollyanne in detention I had to help grade the standardized tests. We'd put big piles of tests in the machine and in less than a second it would score hundreds of answers from hundreds of students. My suspicions of the election stem mainly from an assumption that the vote counting machines work in much the same way, with the machine reading the little bubbles that are filled in.

On CNN.COM I was checking election results. I was curious and concered about several measures so I checked the results and it gave a percentage of votes that are counted and then how many said yeah or nay. I then, of course, checked the presidential election and was quite puzzled by the fact that there were different numbers. The percentage of votes counted for all the measures and all the local races were the same.. but the percent of precincts reporting for the president was strangely higher.

I checked several other states and got the same thing.

I cannot, for the life of me, fathom why this would be, except of course that THE PRESIDENTIAL RESULTS WERE FABRICATED. It doesnt make sence to load the ballots into the machines twice. It doesn't make sence that the voting pricincts with the steal your vote machines would call in thier results for president and the measures in separate calls or data transmissions.

The other issue I'd like to bring up is the long waits at the polls. A friend of mine in PN had to wait 3 HOURS to vote. He lives in a very poor, therefore primarily democratic, part of Pittsburgh. Did this occur in equal proportions, if at all, in rich or primarily republican districts or the rural folks? With corporate media analysts predicting a record setting turnout months ago, why wasn't more done to prepare the polling places for more voters?
Compelling 04.Nov.2004 21:05


This is a question that could grow wings..

Those numbers might actually be right. 04.Nov.2004 21:20


it could be that alot of people just came out to vote for president and did not bother to vote yea or nay to anything else on the ballot.

If you want some convincing evidence of fraud, go to the post several posts below yours that starts out True Florida results - the raw data. We double checked the numbers with the publically available data.

Who fucking cares? 04.Nov.2004 21:43


Go down to Democratic Party headquarters and demand a recount

pricincts reporting.. 04.Nov.2004 21:44


the numbers i was looking at was the number of pricincts that reported thier results on certain measures.

Yeah 04.Nov.2004 22:03


The number of offices reporting would have no bearing on the number of people declining to vote on any given measure... I wonder why this person is waiting until now to bring this up? Instead of when the evidence was still online?

I've haven't even looked very hard 04.Nov.2004 22:11


But I have seen enough already to know the election was rigged. This is the second time, so we shouldn't be surprized.

OUR DUTY 04.Nov.2004 23:15


PEOPLE....We had BETTER stand up and do something this time. We cannot let these BASTARDS get away with this again. Stop being scared, and say it LOUD!!!

Wait A Minute 05.Nov.2004 00:32


Didn't Kerry and the DNC hire 10,000 lawyers to validate the accuracy of votes? Let's not get carried away...

Nice try "Bill" 05.Nov.2004 01:43


Now head back and report to Rove.

this is 05.Nov.2004 01:47

a very

good question

the corruption of the vote 05.Nov.2004 07:00

greg snyder

Thanks, Pollyann, for the interesting information. It seems very plausible that fraud could easily have occurred by the mechanism that you suggest. The conservative forces that control all three branches of the federal government and most state governments now may be able to allow manipulation of election processes and results when they think that their candidates may be in trouble which could have happened when John Kerry was looking like a very strong contender. They have the power. There was nothing to prevent them from doing something like that if they wanted to do so. Why else would the numbers be so different? It bears investigation, but will such an investigation take place?

A lot of people believe that manipulation and corruption of the vote could not happen here in the United States, that it is only a process that really ever happens in "the banana republics", which by the way is usually supported by covert activities of this government in those places. But it did, in fact, happen in the 2000 election in Florida where the vote was manipulated by disenfranchisement of a big section of the black vote, by intimidation and impedence of voters at the polls, barring people who should have been allowed to vote from voting, faulty or broken equipment or voting systems, lost ballots, etc.. All of these things are common practices in banana republics. And, I would not at all be surprised that they expanded in the 2004 election to states other than Florida. Ohio perhaps? Who knows. But I believe it is definitely very possible.