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protest push witnesses?

i need a witness
hi! i am looking for witnesses to a (sorta minor, but non-the-less unnecessary) push the ppd gave to me as i was trying to cross the street during the 03 november protest. it occurred between 6-7pm around 2nd or 3rd and burnside. the "walk" light was on and i was trying to exercise my rights and cross the street when the bike cops blocked my path and an officer bryan hanzeker blocked my way and using unnecessary force pushed me back to the curb. i am a small woman who was wearing grey stipped pants and a black hoodie. i had a crocheted hat on also. one woman with brown hair wrote his badge # on my hane in blue sharpie. you messed up on the "9" and made it an "8" but corrected it so i could read it. thanks! i am filing a complaint and would like some witness support. please respond if you were around and remember. lets keep the pigs in check with every little thing they do to infringe upon our rights!! you can reach me at  cinnamongrl88@hotmail.org or respond here. thanks. in solidarity.
Good Luck 21.Nov.2004 19:25


I didn't see it. However, I myself saw a dozen or so other situations with the PPD where very much the same thing occured. Recourse for these situations isn't very strong, but I think it is important for everyone that had an police encounter like yours, NOT give and inch to the ignorant foot soldiers of oppresion and follow up. Be a thorn in their side.