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Nader: Kerry Missed the Opportunity

Roadmap for Differentiating From Bush Was Clear
Urges Democrats "Become an effective opposition party"
Nader For President 2004
November 4, 2004

Washington, DC: The Nader/Camejo campaign repeatedly and vividly provided John Kerry with popular issues that it could have taken on that would have differentiated him from George W. Bush and allied him with swing voters and non-voters who found no reason to vote. Today, Ralph Nader urged the Democrats to "become as tough an opposition party as the forthcoming Republican efforts to crush them and stand up for peace and justice at home and abroad."

During the campaign Nader/Camejo went so far as to send staff members to Kerry's headquarters carrying ten silver platters each with a method of how to beat George W. Bush. When Nader met with Senator Kerry he urged him to speak out with him on three issues Kerry said he believed inó ending over $200 billion annually in corporate welfare and tax diversions, prosecuting massive corporate crime, fraud and abuse which has looted or drained trillions from pension holders, 401K plans and workers, and supporting worker rights to a wage they can live on and to organize trade unions. Nader's pleas fell on deaf ears. Kerry turned his back on the traditional base of the Democratic Party that he took for granted and sought to woo conservative swing voters with messages that mimicked George Bush.

The Democrats need to become an effective, bright-line opposition party that plays strong defense against the worst of the Bush administration's policies and plays offense to shame and weaken the Republicans. The upcoming escalation of the war in Iraq will be the first opportunity for the Democrats to distinguish themselves from Republicans," said Nader. "During the next four years the Democrats need to begin to build a coalition of the economically deprived and disrespected. These include 50 million low wage workers and their families, small farm and rural families. This is a winning coalition that can compete with Republicans throughout the United States especially in the Midwest and South.
Nader noted that in this election Kerry lost the support of his base. Youth did not come out to support him in large numbers. And, 44 percent of Latinos voted for Bush, as did an astonishing 42 percent of those earning under $30,000, 40 percent of those with union members in their households and 36 percent of union members. Nader noted:

If the Democrats do not stand for the issues that affect the daily lives of these people, many will vote on whatever issue of the day the Republicans can dream up to distract attention from their cruel corporate interests against the people. This year it was a vague hypocritical morality message, and a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage; four years from now it will be something else but this only works if the Democrats continue to take off the table the mainstay economic, peace and justice issues.

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An Idle Thought 04.Nov.2004 21:35

Catalina Eddie

I feel sick that the boy emperor is getting four more years to screw a nation that for the most part deserves very much to be screwed. I'm not talkin about Iraq.

If there was a bright spot in this disaster it was that somebody lost, and I'm taking a real perverse satisfaction that it was the Democrat Party. They dissed me. They dissed you, and they dissed the one Democrat that might have turned this nation around.

I'm hoping this election will be its demise. Then the JFKs, Hillarys, Teddys can move into the party they belong in, and the Dennis' and Cynthias can come and join us in a progressive movement

(I hate that term actually. It's like calling ourselves the Good Guys. We are, of course, but let's not flaunt it).