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A call to economic action.

WE MUST BOYCOTT ALL THE MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS OF BUSH'S CAMPAIGN !!. They won't take notice of a few protests.. but they sure notice 100 million people not buying their products !!!
While I believe that protesting in Portland is like preaching to the choir, hell, WE voted for "other than Bush" by 70% .
I hear a few people saying. "Let's wait until 2008, and then maybe " .. Well, what are you going to do for the next 4 years?

-When you loose your job because it was shipped to India... .. "oh well, maybe we'll just get someone better in 2008"
-When homeland "security" arrests you for something you wrote in your LJ... what then? "well I guess we're fighting terrorists".
-When you're drafted to fight in the Middle East ... "Well.. democracy worked, he was voted president"
-When Roe v. Wade is overturned... You're banned for mentioning gay rights? what's next? ... " I guess I should write to my representative now."

We are supposed to be a balanced governing body .. the Republicans have full control of the House, Senate, the Presidency, and soon the Supreme Court. .. Bush said himself " I will work with any Democrats that agree with me".. and those who don't agree?

I not saying to riot, or march in protest.. Bush's campaign was given 100's of millions of dollars by American companies to win the election. If we don't agree with Bush, we obviously don't agree with these campaign supporters either, if they're the one's wanted him to win. Why should you be giving your money to giant corporations who'll just spend that money to elect a moron.
WE MUST BOYCOTT ALL THE MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS OF BUSH'S CAMPAIGN !!. They won't take notice of a few protests.. but they sure notice 100 million people not buying their products !!!
For a list of contributors and other info visit  http://boycottbush.org .
Another list  http://www.opensecrets.org/overview/topcontribs.asp?cycle=2004

If you have money in a major contributors bank, GET IT OUT.. find a non-republican friendly bank..
Buy your things "not at Wal-Mart" ... change cell phone providers,
Buy your gasoline at stations that don't give 10's of millions to Bush.
support the major corporations that contribute to the party you want.

Hit them where it really hurts .. the wallet.
Actually, you have it totally right 04.Nov.2004 20:07


If the community took the canvassing energy they used building up to Tuesday and continued to canvass our neighborhoods encouraging those neighbors who are of like mind to boycott all major corporate products starting now, those companies would start feeling it mighty quick. It doesn't take that much for them to go "huh". they are profit oriented on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Managers get audited by their managers daily and weekly.

Believe - use the same force to convice others to stop shopping except for local/sustainable and we will get results SOONER than later. What do you thinnk?? Do we have any energy left for this, cause this can work.

From a stranger 04.Nov.2004 20:22

Circle A ranch

I'm not an anarchist or an activist not now anyway just a middle class guy feed up. So after the "election" I looked at all outstanding orders and cancelled everything on order. Don't get me wrong I'm still a 'sinner' of stuff, but nothing from the USA - at least as little as possible food water if local.

Time to sell off and convert to Euros. Eat shit and Die United Shame of America you are in for one ass kicking now. Who are you going to blame? The Fascist control all the branches of government. Old boss same as the new boss. If one looks at the map of red states vs. blue peace loving people states, one can not help but notice how the blue states are the literate states and the red states lead in cow farts. Four More Wars is more like it.

I am in total agreement 04.Nov.2004 20:43


My wife and I were commiserating this evening and trying to figure out what we could do to really hit the bastards where it hurts when we said... WALLET!! We need a simple way for people to come together and unite against the 43rd reich. People also need to realize that their retirement plans and 401k's more than likely contribute to these companies. Maybe we can enlist MoveOn.org to help us?

; 04.Nov.2004 20:47


yes.money runs everything here,so lets make them lose money.they wont be able to take it.tell artists who endorse products to drop them.write to magazines and tell them to stop ads.they wont listen, but sustained action may eventually break them.lets emphacise this to the public .the public is hung up on money.i will never purchase any mainstream product ever again.better yet ,dont spend as much money ,use our anger as an excuse to save our money.frick them.you aint gettin none of my support you american capitalist freeks.tell them.use 1 800 numbers that you see in all forms of media and advertisements and tell them to stop the torture of peo[ple in the usa and worldwide.wear down their souls.pretty soon the mainsream will reach breaking point.maybe it already has judging by their slavish devotion to bush.total alcoholic dysfunctionalism.thats america.toxic alcohol is accepted but cannabis plant is demonized.thats a perfect symbol of tyher utter backwardsness of too many people .evil is personified here.excuse me now, but im slightly nauseated now

boycotting is not easy... 04.Nov.2004 22:08


...if people can't find the things they need without having to buy it from the a corporation. Like, I want to buy a nice, used towel but the Goodwill, my main source for used goods, doesn't sell any. It's one thing to boycott (and I've been trying to boycott corporate goods for a year now with no sucess) but maybe the community needs to start making goods available so people are more successful at not having to go to a corporation and buy it. I mean if I can't find something as simple as a towel, I don't know how good 'boycotting' is going to be for other people.
By the way, does anybody know where I can get a 'non-corporate made' towel (new or used)?
I actually live in Corvallis but I take an occasional bus trip to Portland or Eugene.

resources for finding locally-made things 05.Nov.2004 01:58


Yeah, it's a problem that resources aren't very good for finding things locally. I see portlandgreenmap.org is no longer active. The Chinook Book is a great resource for finding local businesses, as well as the Portland Green Pages directory and the ReDirect Guide. I wish there were better sources. Wait ... maybe there is. Somebody help me out! I've been searching for awhile but this is the best I've found.

Definitely you should not need to buy your food from corporations (Whole Foods, Safeway, Fred Meyer, Albertsons). We have here People's Cooperative, Alberta Cooperative, Food Front, and if you really really need a BIG BIG store (not a cooperative, kinda corporate) then New Seasons is at least locally owned even if they carry about the same stuff as Fred Meyer. There are also ways to buy directly from farmers (CSA's) and you can grow stuff in your yard! If you don't have a yard, you can still fill a box with dirt and grow food in that. No kidding!

Chinook Book:

Portland Green Pages:

Guide to buying recycled in the Portland area:

ReDirect Guide:

People's Food Co-op:

all night party 05.Nov.2004 09:32

howard the duck

as some of you might recall, in 1976 I ran for President under the auspices of the All Night Party. at this time of your national disgrace (believe me I landed on this planet of you hairless apes, and it isn't MY fault!)...at this time of another election being stolen, I couldn't agree more that you need to hit these vultures where it hurts them.

Captain's suggestions are all good. and I add my own: party down with your friends! don't EVERY go to malls, to corporate chains, or use mega-conglomerate products. get your good local fixin's at a farmer's market, health food co-op, and your growler of local micro-brewery Ale, then stay up late with all your friends and lovers! dance the night away! it's time for a love-fest, America! a plastic-fantastic explosion of flower power and sex that will forever demolish the "faith-based" idiots.

who the hell is going to line up for Torquemada's chamber of self-inflicted damnation, when they can fuck all night with the beautiful people! buy local, make and drink the best wine and beer you can, and make out, make love, make it happen.

Get down America, join the All Night Party! maybe a wise-ass duck from another planet is what you need, after all.

Plan the Boycotts 05.Nov.2004 17:14


There are some major Republican contributors in Portland who sell things directly to the public.
After starting a little research this year, I found that City Liquidators, Jakes Restaurants, McCormick's Restaurants, and Standard TV and Applicances were obvious choices. These are fancy restaurants but the boycott would also be supported by a lot of wealthier types.

Remember how many allies we have out there......Kerry won 75% of the vote in Multnomah County. We can damage these businesses. I found that my husband's doctor gave money to the R's and so he found another doctor who didn't. I called these businesses and told them why I would no longer support them. Many businesses here are earning a smaller profit margin as the economy is so bad here.

In the meantime I am buying everything I can used or local and we are moving investements overseas. But there is a moral problem with this. If the economy gets worse, people on the margins and families will suffer more. What do other readers think about this? It is already heartbreaking to see families struggling so to have a decent life.

Is anyone interested in taking on this project? It just takes some research and leafleting.

Another Business to Boycott 05.Nov.2004 17:20


Don't forget Lands' End. They forced and tricked their employees into watching a "Motivational Speech" by Rudy Guilliani this fall. Turns out it was a pep talk to vote for Bush. When I sent them a letter to complain, they never answered. So now, friends, let's put them on the list. If you think this is only upper middle class types who shop there, remember, many of these types were in that big big anti war march in March 03. We can make Lands'End hurt.