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time to secede?

sure, why not, time to secede.
New Map
New Map
How's this for a new map of north america
.. 04.Nov.2004 19:54


Okay, let's try this, might be better. JPG map.
New Map - take 2 (jpg)
New Map - take 2 (jpg)

the map 04.Nov.2004 20:55


here is what we are looking at..
county by county map
county by county map

Kwanesum Cascadia! 04.Nov.2004 21:04

Alexandros of Cascadia

Kwanesum Cascadia! (Kwanesum is Chinook for "Forever" or "Long Live"

This is our time to Rise Up! Now that we have had a second election stolen by the narco-petro Christo-Fascists what are you waiting for??? Do not let the fascist sheeple and brownshirts tell you "get over with it" or "move on" or "this is a mandate of the people". This is the time to be in RAGED!!! This is the time to Awaken! Did you get seduced by the democrats and their false hopes that Diebold would work for them? Did you think your vote under Fascism would really count? Historically there is only a few ways Fascism is removed and elections controled by the elite is not the way! Rise up Cascadia! ... Wake up Cascadia! ... Stand on your feet Cascadia! ... Revolt Cascadia!

Collectively We, Cascadians, MUST tell the Fascist Amerikans "We want out!"

read how the Christo-Fascists stoled this election:


Cascadians we must come together ... meet in the bookstores, coffee shops, pubs and parks ... talk to your friends and neighbors ... tell them of Cascadia ... Repeat this "I am a Cascadian" and repeat it in groups of Cascadians

a friend wrote this about Cascadia:

Klahowya ("greetings" in Chinook Jargon the trade
language that once marked an unique aspect of Pacific
NorthWest life and still remains in place names, can
still be found in slang and spoken by the elders in
both the First Nations or Native Americans and the
peoples that have resettled here within the last
hundred years).

Cascadia is geographically the Columbia River
Watershed and the area around the Cascade Range.
Cascadia's farthest extent is from northern California
to the Alaskan Panhandle and from the Pacific to the
Continental Divide. Cascadia Minor tends to be the
states of Northern California, Oregon and Washington
with the province of British Columbia. The Scottish
naturalist David Douglas named the Cascade mountain
range after the powerful waterfalls that carved out
this land and gave it so much biomass.

Cascadia may or may not ever be a nation-state as
others have pushed for, but She is a bioregion. Some
may ask if this idea is another "breakaway" movement..
well that is really up to Cascadians. The term
"Cascadian" can be found back the era of the Civilian
Conservation Corp (CCC) for the art style in the
Pacific NorthWest. This art style of the CCC build
was examplified in monumental structures in the
Cascade Ranges like Timberline Lodge that emphasized
and blended into the natural surroundings. Cascadian
style was characteristically rustic, natural material
and massive with themes being focused on Nature local
or cultural imagery. The movement to form the state
of Jefferson in the mid 20th century may have
contributed to the idea of political separation. The
Jefferson State movement has been consistantly an
movement against domineering urban centers. Oregon
Govenor Tom McCall in the 1970s was so fed up with
southern Californians moving to Oregon and
contributing to suburban sprawl said "Come and visit
us again and again, But for heaven's sake, don't come
here to live." There was even talk of building a wall
on the Oregon-Californian border. In the mid 1970s
Ernest Callenbach envisioned an emergence of
environmental awareness that would lead the Pacific
NorthWest (Northern California, Oregon and Washington)
to form the country of Ecotopia in his utopian novel
of the same name "Ecotopia". The 1990s David McCloskey
formed the Cascadia Institute. McCloskey describes
Cascadia as "a land of falling water". Cascadia today
translated back into Chinook Jargon would be "Tumchuk
Ilahee" (literally "waterfall land").

When one places a map of the Columbia River Watershed
over a map of the territory where Chinook Jargon was
once spoken as the lingua franca there is a
surprisingly strange overlap. Chinook Jargon was not
just a langauge used by Native people, but a was a
merger between all languages spoken in the region.
Today if survives among some of the Native People as
well as in thee place names of the region and in the
slang of the English of the region. Cascadia is not
just a physical place, but is a common reverence to
Nature as well as a merger between the different
cultures that have left their impact on the land. To
top this off the same territory has other bonds that
unite people culturally and economically such as
weather, timber and salmon all these stemming from the
confluence of the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade
Mountains. These two dominant geographical features
play major roles in not just the geology and
biodiversity, but also in the mentality of the people
that call Cascadia home. The mixture of marine,
alpine and even desert climates stirs a profound
reverence towards Mother Nature as well as a dark
humor that many called Northwest Noir. It is a land
where plaid became part of identity as loggers, tree
huggers and Grunge rockers. This is a land where
mythology still continues in both landscape and story.
Where a Sasquatch (Bigfoot) still lurks behind trees
or mountains and where the legend of D.B. Copper is
still a mystery that does not wish to be silenced. A
land where volcanoes are not feared, but revered as
sublime violent acts of Mother Earth. Cascadians are
varied in background and divided thoughts, but yet
hold common beliefs that the forest, mountains and
Pacific is part of their bodies. The pitch of the
fir, cedar and pine is the same substance that runs in
our veins. The moss, soft soil and bark are the skin
to our Mother. The smell of the fallen leaves after
the first frost intoxicates us. Dark grey clouds give
us a motherly comfort. Rain is our brethren in battle
against new comers that wish to steal more of our way
of life or the land we revere.

Historically a nation is a group of people with common
symbolism such as language, culture, religion and etc
that unify them as a group. The group identity called
nationalism emerged out of the Industrial Age as a new
form of political group identity and as a result has
became chauvinistic in many respects to any other form
of group identity. Nationalism with all its chauvinsim
has become yet another stumbling block to finding
harmony between people and Nature. As an emerging
identity "Cascadian" may evolve into a "nation", but
the terms "national" and "nationalism" are limited and
chauvinistic in their regards to the Cascadian love
for diversity. Cascadian identity could be called
regional nationalsim or even eco-nationalism. Yet the
term of "nationalism" has a legacy of hate and
misguided ations. Many of those who look to Nature
have taken to a new approach. This new approach to
identity through diversity in thinking, in human
experience (cultures, histories and commonality) and
ecology is bioregionalism. "Bioregions are geographic
areas having common characteristics of soil,
watershed, climate, native plants and animals ... A
bioregion refers to both the geographical terrain and
a terrain of consciousness -- to a place and the ideas
that have developed about how to live in that place."
Peter Berg. Out of the shared and merging experiences
of the people that have come to be called Cascadian
there is a hope of a new synthesis of thoughts and a
new reverence of Nature that wil be called Cascadia.


another flag and one of resistence 04.Nov.2004 21:50

Alexandros of Cascadia

another flag (from one I designed for Cascasdia over 10 years ago) and a quick simply flag of resistence.. fly them high.

Dia in the Sky is refering to the "Dia" from "Cascadia" when written on the Amerikan flag with "dia" in the blue field. Dia is also Latin for Goddess.

Goddess Bless Cascadia! May God curse Fascist Amerika!

Tumchuk-ilahee (Cascadia) Stik Sail
Tumchuk-ilahee (Cascadia) Stik Sail
Dia in the Sky
Dia in the Sky

march on Salem and Olympia! 05.Nov.2004 00:00


We need to organize, grow (within the next few days or weeks) and march on Salem and Olympia!

But before we do that we need to make peace (I know hard to believe) with the police and National Guard. I would recommend we meet with the police unions and "breaking bread" and share concerns about how this Fascist Regime has cut their funding, armed criminals with assault riffles, pushed drugs through their drug wars, undermined the unions and used the police and National Guard as ponds in their Class Warfar!!!!!

I love the map 05.Nov.2004 01:16


I love the map, but Cascadia and Canada should be forest green and the sickos (Jesusland or Republic of Gilead from "The Handmaiden's Tale") should be ... hmmm .. well a puke green but green is taken... white like the racism they preach? Or maybe blood red, but that suggests communism.. hmmm.. can't use imperial purple, because they might think its "gay"... ok a sick pale white might fit. or just leave it .. its perfect too

ick 05.Nov.2004 02:32

yuck yuck yuck

So if this is not really a northeast-vs.-midwest thing but an urban-vs.-rural thing ... why the hell do all these rural people think "terrorists" are coming to get THEM? Even REAL terrorists only ever hit targets in BLUE territory.

Is it just racist macho bloodlust? Are these people just EVIL?

ick 05.Nov.2004 03:28


yep I think racism and religious chauvanism mixed with blind fear and hierarchal thinking. Sheep waiting for their sheep-skin clad wolf leaders to take them to a clearing.

there is a hitch 05.Nov.2004 07:10

greg snyder

It's a great idea. However, there is a problem with it. There are people here who vote for conservative candidates, who are supportive of the way things are going, despite the fact that one day it's going to turn around and bite them too. To secede, all need to be on board. The only viable option is to leave, find somewhere else in the world to live, which I'm sure would suit the powers that be just fine. I'm considering it. Just waiting a bit to see what happens and to see just how badly conditions worsen. But my threshold will be low. Don't know where I will go or when. But when I go, there won't be anything for me to miss or be nostalgic about here.

Alternative Americas 05.Nov.2004 10:32


I own an excellent book, probably out of print but maybe available somewhere, called "Alternative Americas", an informal history by the "grandmother of the counterculture", Mildred J. Loomis. It describes various decentralist, anarchist and alternative communities dating back to the 1800's. These groups of people came together and created the kind of society they wanted on a micro level. Many of these communities thrived for many years.

This would be a good way to start, and then start secession proceedings. I'd love to see this happen in my lifetime. Whenever I hear that chant "Not My President, Not My War", I think "Not My Society, Not My War". This is not the kind of society I want to live in.

Some Libertarians have come up with a good concept, the Free State Project. Personally I don't agree with many parts of the Libertarian ideology, although I agree with some of it. However, I think their idea of getting a large number of people to reside in a particular geographic area in order to transform it, is a great strategy. Check them out at www.freestateproject.org . We could consider doing something similar to this.

County by County Map?? 05.Nov.2004 10:42


In that County by county map, why is Mult County gray?? Does that mean Ralph won PDX? And how come there´s that other gray fleck in the middle, somewhere in the deschutes forest?!?!

Republic of Cascadia 05.Nov.2004 14:58


"Not My President! Not My War!"
Official site of the Cascadia National Party FYI.

There are others-please keep posting!

So true 05.Nov.2004 17:30


In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
who, squatting upon the ground,
Held his heart in his hands,
And ate of it.
I said, "Is it good, friend?"
"It is bitter—bitter," he answered;
"But I like it
Because it is bitter,
And because it is my heart."
- Stephen Crane

Substitute "Bush" for "a creature" and "heartland" for "heart" and you've pretty much got it.

what we must do: Cascadia 05.Nov.2004 21:41

Alexandros of Cascadia

what we must do:

1.) We MUST this weekend bring the idea of Cascadia and breaking off from Fascist Amerika to consciousness of the general population and by Monday have it be the only conversation in all of Cascadia. Also we must bring the fact that the election was a farce (print out artcles or give websites about this like blackboxvoting.org) and this MUST be part of this dialogue of Cascadia! I would recommend the same if I was in the other "blue" states for their awakening of regional identity separate from Bush's Amerika. This should be done with massive "spamming" and like ACT (American Coming Together.. and if any are reading this well .. you have lists of democrats now who we can bet are disenfranchised :))) I would recommend to the less shy to feel free to talk to your neighbors or that person in the parking lot with a Kerry bumper sticker (this ofcourse should not be limited to democrats, but right now they are more visible). Our goal is simple in this part "To get it to the forefront of every conversation". The goal is the create critical mass. And if you are inclined to put up sighs or wave (any of the Cascadian flags) or create pamplets or print out leaflets talking of Diebold, secession, Cascadia and Cascadian awakening or get on radio talk shows or whatever. The goal is dialogue, awareness, education, generating a new paradigm.. an new group identity with a new future! If this works then Monday even the sold out local media will have to mention it, because everyone will have to talk of it.


a.) becareful of dismissive comments like "it will never work" or "you are just have sour grapes" or any the other Phucting dismissive onliners comments that the sheeple spit out. Do not let it down and ignore the jerk and continue on as if the jerk just passed gas.

b.) the Fascist might orchastrate a "national" crisis like a terror alert or even a terrorist act which MUST NOT stop this conversation of Cascadia, secession and election fraud. If this happens the corporate media and authorative figures will make lots of appeals about "healing the nation". They will dismiss any movement to liberate us from the fascists as small and trivial. news personalities will make light of Cascadia or joke that they (we) are wackos. If any think is even in the corporate media the overly paid fascist mouth-pieces (we call news reporters) will end the story with dismissive comments or laughter.

2.) we need a time and place (while there is the energy and motivation... maybe Friday) to have people gather. My idea it a event. here is my suggestion "the All Bush flip off". This must be done through out all Cascadia from Bellingham to San Fransisco and it must be done at the same time. For convience I will use Portland as a example ... Cascadian or disenfranchised Portlanders (remember all the Kerry supporters on Portland's Waterfront) go to either the Waterfront or Pioneer Square and put up a image of Mr Bush (maybe Cheney too) and in one big massive group give them "the finger"! And take pictures from the images perspective of all gathered flipping the Fascists off and send it to the White House. The goal of this is NOT just to give them the collective "finger", but the real goal is to get people physically together to talk of Cascadia, Cascadians and our future! At the same time this should happen in other communities.

From this we can expnd to bring in more Cascadians and eventually we shall march down to Salem or Olympia (for San Fransisco .. I guess you declare yourself the new administrative seat of South Cascadia) and we demand secession NOW!

Before such an event happens we need to bring the police and leaders into our movement. We MUST find out issues that the police and state employees have against the Fascists.. and they do whether they recognize it or not. We need to teach them of the budget cuts, union busting, veteran cuts, issues related to them not being able to effectively do their jobs. We MUST appeal to them as fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers who have the same concerns as all of us do over education, safety, environment, cost of living and so on and so on.


a.) do not let the professional politicians nor charasmatic public figures usurp OUR movement. Especially DO NOT LET some dump as democrat politician tell us that we must "heal" our community or "this will take time" or "I promise you this...." or "I am with you..." ... this MUST be the PEOPLES movement!!! not a time for local celeberties... infact if you see someone who is a public figure look beyond them, smile and go hug the unrelated person behind him or her. I hate how these personalities (remember we are counted as nobodies until they need your vote or buy their product) steal the lime light of the people, of causes, of public attention. We have no time for them and no need for them. Now if they come to be a "nobody" like the rest of us and are honestly there to flip off Fascism and to awaken Cascadia.. then they have my blessings.. and I hope yours too.


I'm ready to immigrate 07.Nov.2004 06:55

christoprisoner Ifukedbushsgirls@hotmail.com

I'm stuck in the heart of Jesusland; Texas, and want out. Should idiots like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell be deciding how I act and think? Should I support the village idiot from Texas who has stolen the presidency and is leading the country to ruin? It has become apparent to me that much of the country should be renamed "The New Fascist States of America" and the enclaves of remaining true Americans found on each of the coasts should secede from this crappy world being dictated to us by the Fascist Republicans and unite as the remaining true American states. Secede now, revolt if necessary!!

Secedia 11.Jul.2005 21:41


Does everyone get to vote?
How many secessionists actually own land in which to secede with?

North Dakota has a lot of cheap real estate.
Why not buy it all up and move Cascadia there?