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So why arenít we celebrating the election victory?

Oh, am I supposed to feel sorry for you because you lost your football game.
I'm I supposed to be crushed because the real Bush won and not his impersonator?
You Lost! You allowed the liberal to completely use you. You allowed them to deliberately shut down Anti-Global, Anti-War, independent labor, split the Green Party, go after Nader with a massive campaign and millions of dollars. You allowed Soros and his minions to completely roll this movement,
use our sites as a platform. YOU LOST! You have no excuse, we have been yelling, screaming, ranting, and arguing with you people for much more than a year. Even when all your arguments and excuses failed, even when we told you Kerry was doomed you still continued to push Kerry. Why? Because you listen to liberals. Who want to keep this movement within the narrow confines of Democratic Party control. LIBERALS LOST! Because they don't want the poor vote, the minority vote, the workers vote. They want to keep them just as disenfranchised and out of the loop as the Republicans. Liberalism officially died November 2, 2004 R.I.P.

WE WON! The half million people and thousands of untold write-ins who vote for Nader (yes, Cobb too) Kept resistance alive even though the fucking liberal threw everything they had at us.

There was another election one day before ours that might prove to be even more in important than this spectacle.
Tabare Vazquez, a Socialist physician who leads the Broad Front coalition comprised of progressives, Socialists, Communists and former Tupamaro guerrillas, has been elected as president of Uruguay!
While this is a broad coalition and Vazquez is calling for a "Cautious Revolution" Its ranks include former Tupamoro urban guerrillas who have blown up banks and assassinated the elite, not exactly a bunch of kumbaya liberals.
This is a big thing, Uruguay is the most middle-class country in South America. Undermining the long held and widely believed theory that the middle-class won't opt for social and economic progress It should bring great joy to those leftist who have been hoping for revolution in Argentina for the last two years, this is the next best thing. Can we even remember how jubilant we were when the people of Venezuela beat back the coup attempt? Hugo Chavez!

This isn't the end of the world, this is the beginning. The hatred of Gorge Dubya Bush and his policies will bring millions of people into our movement. This global Movement.

Kum-ba-yah, Liberals, Kum-ba-yah.
Greens won? 04.Nov.2004 19:18

Shosh s_biggers@msn.com

I see little in the way of gains for the Green movement. Sure, some Green candidates gained office across Oregon and the nation... but I think the losses far outweighed the gains.

But, of course, we can change that! Check out Portland's local Pacific Green Party chapter: www.pdxgreens.org.

I swear 04.Nov.2004 21:15


I will never vote for a fucking democrat ever again. What a scam!
Sign me up Greens