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Cascadia Resistance Movement

In the coming months we will use this website to organize resistance to the bush corporate war machine. Do not Despair, Organize.

In the coming months we will post actions to help people stop collaborating with the corporate takeover of the world.

Here are just a few of the events that we are discussing and organizing now.

  1. An event in which the war resisters league tells people how to stop paying federal taxes. Including ideas for pre-tax contributions to local community non-profits who benefit the resistance and the people of Cascadia.
  2. An event to openly discuss the legal ramifications of helping Cascadia cecede from the facist america.
  3. An event to help people reorganize their lives to stop collaborating
  4. Helping us organize from the neighborhood up... to better respresent the will of the people.

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A brainstorm on protest & action strategy
Many people have written expressing their frustration with the Nov. 3 (and other recent) protests, namely the extreme control the police have over the crowd. They wield this control with ease, despite our often vastly superior numbers and (hopefully!) superior intellect.

This is an attempt to start a dialogue to address this problem.

If the police have a plan and we don't we're clearly fucked, unless we're all in a remarkably good and clear head space. Unless we are content being corralled on the sidewalk, split into 6 groups, and eventually semi-dispersing due to mass confusion we must come more prepared to deal with the police behavior. It's so sad to here the chants, "this is what democracy looks like" and "whose streets? our streets" when the reality is so clearly the opposite!

Being prepared for the police involves several components, which I detail below: