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Newly registered inauguration protest site: j20pdx.net

I just registered j20pdx.net for collaborative organizing of actions for the inauguration in portland. I'll have a basic framework up soon. Could definitly use web help and ideas.
Alrighty since I haven't heard of anyone else doing it, I bought a domain for inauguration protest organzing in portland. Taking initiative darn it!

I know basic web-design could use help or even someone to bottom-line the page's design!

I will probably just set it up as a bulletin board or indymedia like setup where anyone can post.
Writers interested in working on it would be great. I just wanna see webspace where people can share ideas and meet.

Graphic designers good too.
Money would be useful for a temporary voice mail for a j20 hotline?

Obviously help organizing around the inauguration is the most important thing -- more details when the page is up....I'm going to create listservs, etc. as well....hopefully other folks are interested in more face to face planning??

j20pdx.net - nothing there yet.
me: verytemppdx__at__yahoo.com

P.S. you can check out some of my basic ideas (which obviously are mine alone - I'm not trying to lord them over folks, I just wanna see something happen):
A brainstorm on protest & action strategy, in the context of the pdx nov. 3 actions...