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election fraud

Does anybody know if this is true?????

Does anybody know if this is true????? negative 25000 votes in ohio county.
sure 04.Nov.2004 17:58


Gore got -16,000 votes in one county in Florida in 2000 before it was allegedly corrected. But the question has always been what are *people* going to do about this because the democratic leadership will do nothing.

just 04.Nov.2004 18:26


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Haven't heard anything 04.Nov.2004 18:47

disenfranchised progressive

I've combed the net looking for articles about this and couldn't find anything. It could very well be true. I am in Ohio and the provisional ballots here have yet to be counted and my vote was on one of those provisional ballots. Atleast with the high Democrat turn out in the polls more left leaning politicians have been elected locally. Also, Cincinnati voters voted to get rid of a law which made discrimination against gays and lesbians legal. This discrimination law flushed progressives out of town. This is a shame because as you can see by the elections, the Cincinnati vote was pivotal in ousting Bush. The conservatives here are running riot and there is hardly anyone left to stop them. Please air drop progressives here as soon as possible, (ha, ha).