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Police and protesters

Recap of last night
I went out to protest last night. Some of you will think that there was no point. "We're stuck with Bush."

I went because I felt it is important that the rest of the world knows that a lot of Americans are not okay with the situation. I was hoping to see more people out there. I hope that they were too heart broken to leave their house. I know it took a lot for me to get out.

The cops have been doing their homework. They were effective in keeping control. They had preplanned maneuvers to keep protesters on the sidewalks, they had control of the traffic lights and were able to break the group up into smaller more manageable clusters, and they effectively prevented up from moving onto a bridge.

The bridge was my biggest disappointment, if we took a bridge one of the 8 helicopters circling last night would have given us national news coverage. Instead this morning all I can find is local news claiming 100 people were there, when in fact the number was closer to 1500-2000. The problem was we were so spread out over so many blocks. Again we needed to take and hold a street. In the end the voice of thousands was diminished to the whisper of a few "fanatics".

"Silence is Compliance"

Sucking it up and hopping for better luck next time is not enough. I think we all felt that Kerry winning would have ended a nightmare. Most of us were not prepared to deal with any more Bush.

Bush kills 101,000 people in Iraq and we reward him. Just because half of America thinks this is alright doesn't mean the rest of us should support it by doing nothing. It is not time to come together and "heal the divide". Murder was not acceptable before and it is not acceptable now.

The big question now is what can you do?