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Ideas for rude signs/bumper stickers

Quit being so docile!
"Take a Math Class, Wingnut, 1% Isn't a Mandate"

"Freedom From Your Religion"

"No War But Civil War"

and my favorite:

"If You Don't Believe in Evolution, Why'd You Vote For A Monkey?"
How about this one? 04.Nov.2004 16:56

agent xg

"Better Progressive Than Oppressive"

Stickers 04.Nov.2004 17:33


Is there a spot that we can upload pictures to?
Stickers printed on home machines could be easily, quickly and cheaply produced?

A single sticker sheet for labels is about $0.20. Once printed a spray can of clear coat will protect it from the weather.

here's some more 04.Nov.2004 18:12

neener neener

"Better Progressive than Repressive"

"Reality-based Vehicle"

Or 04.Nov.2004 18:32


"Let the War Crimes Trials Begin"

more 04.Nov.2004 18:43


rude? how about

have you slapped a christian today?


apocalypse now, not later


how's my president? call 1-800-asshole

Here's another one 04.Nov.2004 18:55

I saw this on a flyer

"Give the pretzel another chance"

and... 04.Nov.2004 19:08


'The right is so wrong'
Or, perhaps:
' The right is dead wrong'
"we are not so right"
'we are not even half right'
'hardly half right'
And specifically, for those who at least attempted to gain a foothold:
''We are so blue'
'world majority'
And indulge me in this thought, (even though it's out of the box)
half empty, half full...

To Torch re uploading pictures 04.Nov.2004 19:24

IMC fan

Torch, you asked of there's a spot to upload pictures. Yes.

Anytime you publish here, either an original article or a comment to to an article, you have an option to "upload media files." This includes pictures.

Click "publish" or "add a comment on this article" then scroll down to "choose file attachments (optional)" and click "browse." Upload your picture file. Voila!
Click Publish
Click Publish

a few 04.Nov.2004 20:27


i fear god fear christians

burn the rich
liberate the rich from their money

my other president doesn't kill innocent children

america's worst patriot

my other car has john ashcroft in the trunk

Free Cascadia 04.Nov.2004 21:24


Free Cascadia


Free Cascadia Now!

Dia in the sky
Dia in the sky
Free Cascadia Now!
Free Cascadia Now!

We actually have this one 04.Nov.2004 21:29

Not Rezzers Anymore

On our car for years we have posted a bumper sticker that was found at the Left Bank in Seattle:

"Please God, Save Me From Your Followers" - the ones who get it know, the others are just dumb.

the flag 04.Nov.2004 21:34


simply the Cascadian tree flag

blue for the Pacific and the sky (when it is not over cast)

white for the clouds and snow

and green for our forests

or.... 04.Nov.2004 23:12

disenfranchised timber wolf

Gail Norton died for your sins

....well, we can hope at least

printable poster 05.Nov.2004 00:44



. 05.Nov.2004 07:14


"If you don't like fascism, then leave!"

- 05.Nov.2004 16:01

Alexandros of Cascadia

Cascadia love Her or go to Fascist Amerika!


Goddess Bless Cascadia! May God curse Fascist Amerika!


Kwanesum Cascadia!

an indebt society is an enslaved society 06.Nov.2004 22:38

Alexandros of Cascadia

An Indebt Society is an Enslaved Society

Send Cheney and Halliburtan your bills and the amount you owe on veteran and student loans to:

c/o Richard "Dick" B. Cheney
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

an indebt society is an enslaved society
an indebt society is an enslaved society

Another bumper sticker 29.Nov.2004 19:52

Phil from where 3 states that don't execute meet

Welcome to Saudi America