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9/11 and the Election: A Few Thoughts

Given yesterday's events, despair is understandable. I've certainly experienced some myself, but after considering the recent progress being made in the 9/11 movement, I'm attempting to turn that despair into some real resolve. Damn if I'm an optimist.
Some great strides were made during the last few days:

1. Although Bush continues in office, before November 3rd we existed without a spokesperson for our movement in the government (legitimate govt. or not). Cynthia McKinney has won back her office as a Democratic Representative for Georgia and is fully behind the 9/11 Truth Movement, as you can read from her very recent article, co-written by Catherine Austin Fitts, titled:

Day of the Dead: The Haunting of the White House

2. Michael Ruppert has busted through the Clear Channel barrier. Monday night Ruppert was on the Mike Malloy Show on AirAmerica, interviewed to great length about 9/11, Peak Oil, War Games, etc. According to the interview, Ruppert recently met with two writers from Harpers who are doing a review of Crossing The Rubicon, CSPAN listed Crossing The Rubicon as number 5 of the top political books of 2004 (I'm still searching for this reference) and a NBC affiliate in North Carolina recently interviewed him.

3. Unexpectedly, Eminem came out of nowhere with his excellent video "Mosh" by Guerilla News Network's Ian Inaba (GNN has been a big help in the 9/11 Truth movement) which highlights press clippings in the background at the beginning of the video that state in big bold letters "Bush Knew".

Mosh video:

4. Progress is being made with the new criminal investigation sponsored by 911truth.org and 9/11 CitizensWatch. On October 28th, the NY Attorney General's Office accepted a complaint and petition with extensive signatories, including surviving family members, actual survivors and a Ground Zero triage physician. The complaint demands that the AG open an inquiry and/or grand jury investigation into criminal actions on 9/11:

Petition and Complaint Info:

5. Green Party Candidate Craig Hill, during a Senator Candidate debate on CSpan2, spoke openly about the administration and 9/11 complicity.

6. The Philadelphia Daily News reported about an apparent 9/11 "black box" cover-up. This may be a red-herring, but it's been getting press and drawing attention to the idea of a cover-up.

As the legendary Joe Strummer of The Clash wrote in their song "I'm Not Down":

And I have lived that kind of day
When one of your sorrows will go away
It goes down and down and hit the floor
Down and down and down some more
But I now there'll be some way
When I can swing everything back my way
Like skyscrapers rising up
Floor by floor, I'm not giving up
Here's an Upside 04.Nov.2004 17:53


The interest in the Bush administration and complicity in 9-11 will remain on the front burner. Also, with all the research conclusively connecting the Bush family with funding and profiting from alliances with Hitler will only become more relevant in a second term. Then there are those lawsuits from the WWII forced labor camp survivors against the Bush family. I could go on but you get the drift.