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November 4, 2004 -

This month's GREEN FLAG SCHOOL: Aldama Elementary -Los Angeles, California

Students and staff at Aldama Elementary know that Integrated Pest Management
and good Reduce, Reuse, Reycle practices go hand in hand. The Los Angeles
Unified School System passed IPM and RRR Policies for their schools, but it
is up to the school community to develop and enact a plan to make the
policies work. In coordination with California Safe Schools, a CA based
national non-profit organization, Aldama has created and implemented several
successful strategies to support their environmental policies.

To enhance their Reduce, Reuse, Recycle policy and practices, teachers and
teacher aides reward "good money" to students observed picking up trash
around campus. Students also receive good money from the plant manager for
helping sort and clean up trash during lunch. The "money" is dropped into a
box in the office throughout the month. At monthly assemblies, a raffle is
drawn from the box, and students are awarded prizes.

Students know that having less trash on campus means having less pests! They
also know that it's easier to keep pests away than it is to get rid of them
once they arrive. Through the "Good Money" program, students and staff both
keep the waste stream clear of recycleables, and proactively engage in the
integrated pest management program. Special thanks to the hard work and
support of Aldama Principal Martha Powell, Vanessa Cross, and the Aldama
Facilities Team!

Education of the school community regarding IPM and RRR are essential in the
implementation of new policies. The creative artwork of artist Michael
Bruza, supported by California Safe Schools, provides schools with fun and
professional posters depicting basic principles of IPM and RRR. Aldama also
now has IPM messages on their milk cartons to continue to educate and engage
students. These public awareness tools and Aldama's proactive work will
ensure IPM and RRR success for years to come. Visit
 http://www.greenflagschools.org to view a picture of some of the Aldama
Green Flag participants!

LA Unified Integrated Pest Management Policy and the LA Unified Reduce,
Reuse, Recycle Policy visit: www.laschools.org

To view samples of the milk carton designs and Michael Bruza's educational
posters, see the California Safe Schools website. www.calisafe.org

For more information on Green Flag Schools visit: www.greenflagschools.org


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