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"C'mon you guys, cops are just doing their jobs"

I kept hearing this cliche all night. Like we should leave the cops alone or something.
Bush is just doing his job, shouldn't we leave him alone? If I hired my friend to assasinate people randomly, he'd only be doing his job. You display an obvious fallacy in this. When money changes hands, the immoral doesn't become moral. Don't be dumb.
Sucker punching pregnant women? Just doin my job. 04.Nov.2004 16:09

Quit your job.

Pepper spraying at an illegal length infants in the eyes, just doin my job. Arresting you for walking in groups of five or more, just doin my job. Putting on a white hood and stringing you up, just doin my job.

is that fucking cop that peppersprayed 04.Nov.2004 16:42

little babies

still on the PoPo or did he go with Jason Sery to the church of fundaloonies to "teach"????

Police are not fundamentally bad. 04.Nov.2004 19:14

Shosh s_biggers@msn.com

Police are meant to protect the community and its citizens... That is their JOB. Their powers have unfortunately been expanded and abused, resulting in the violence seen on Nov. 3rd and countless other nights. Police are NOT inherently unjust. We must work to make the Portland Police serve the people... We have a new mayor, let's put him to task!


Potter 04.Nov.2004 20:26

He's our mayor :)

Ask Potter to come out at a march with us. I don't know him, but I would guess he's also not happy that Bush is continuing as president.

That would be so cool.

I don't think that 04.Nov.2004 21:11

Tom Potter

will sit on his ass like Vera Katz did and he will effectively bring changes she wouldn't try!