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Kerry won? Read this

Did Kerry really take New Mexico and Ohio?
Please follow this link:


The author of this article is the journalist largely responsible for reporting the chaos in Florida in 2000.
spread it and stand up and ask questions 04.Nov.2004 15:30


dontcha love it when other countries have better reporting on whats going on in our own country then we do  http://www.scoop.co.nz/mason/stories/HL0411/S00072.htm

Keep focus, Understand the system / the Constitution 04.Nov.2004 22:29


Don't forget the scoop article about Diebold is a satire (BS Newswire). Keeping focus is always a challenge. :)


And don't forget how the system works. (Click the link and read the other article by Patriotlad too.)

John Forbes Kerry has not yet won anything, and he has not yet lost anything.

Period. He was not on the ballot for any kind of a direct vote. Period.

When the Certified ballots of those Electors for President are tabulated in

the view of the House and Senate, then Kerry or Bush will be OFFICIALLY the

winner at that time, and not before that date certain. Period.

The Electors do the voting. That's the way it works. They have the power because they have the sovereignty.

Nothing else is germane, and even if Electors die before being called to their State legislature to mark their official ballots, there are mechanisms in law to replace them according to the voting of the general electorate in that State with the winner-take-all method.

In the case of Florida, if the so-called popular voting fails or cannot be ascertained by a lawful count of all ballots of all the types permitted by their election laws, then the State Legislature -- by its constitution -- retains the right to select its own preference for the Electors and to appoint them.

This was not done in 2000 because the newly-elected Republican majority there was too &*%)&(^%%$)*&*)&^)^ chicken to do their duty under their own laws and constitution.

The Patriot