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Corvallis CM Arrested on Friday

Friday october 29th 13 Critical Massers were arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct, impeding the flow of vehicular traffic. This is a call out to anyone with tips of what to do. (in interest of continuing the fight for better worlds after tuesdays selection)
13 bicycle riders were arrested last friday by Corvallis police in four squad cars and one SUV after receiving 911 calls about a group of bicyclists riding in the street, hollering and throwing objects at cars. being a relatively small group, we quickly determined that no one threw anything, but its besides the point because the 911 calls are hear say. Any help on what to do about this is very welcome.

So far we have some ideas and also plan to use this event as a springboard for several issues regarding bicycles and police in this "Bicyle Friendly Community."

Do they have to specify which traffic we impeded the flow of?
Can you be impeding the flow of traffic at 10 miles and hour? When there is no minimum speed limit? With a passing lane? Would sow moving vehicle triangles have made a difference?
Were planning to all plead not guilty and go to jury trial.
Would it be useful or detrimental to put any hypothetical "impedance" or dely of automobile traffic into perspective? (Any delay affects 0.01% of the population once a month, making their 2.5 minute trip take 3 minutes when it would be taking them 30 minutes without the privilege of a car. perhaps a better wording anyway?)
What about reviving the idea that the road is part of the commons, the whole thing about cars being that they are too murderous for anyone without a car to use what is theirs to use, the road?

This other stuff doesnt really have any bearing on the legal, Disorderly conduct, stuff as far as i can tell, but they aer important issues we wish to bring up. Our city makes a fair deal of noise about how bicycle friendly it is.
> Recently, a man was beaten to death by 3 teenagers who had attacked him a week earlier when he defended himself with a knife, cutting one of them on the hand. He reported this to the police and pointed out his attackers and told thepolice he feared for his life at the hands of these kids. The police did absolutely nothing in response to this and now there are 3 more recruits for the prison industry. This event puts 4 squad cars and an SUV in bad lighting, no?
> The standard Bike Lane = Bike Ghetto rhetoric and the poor maintenance of bike lanes (in a "bicycle friendly city") is also an issue we wish to bring up. Doesanyone know of some Himmler quote about the Jews being safer in Ghettos when living in an anti-semetic culture like germany? Such a quote would make an amazing sign/debate point etc.
> the fine or riding without a bikelight in Corvallis is $94. in a "bicycle friendly city." we are promoting a resolution to change this to a $30 fine and a policy where the police officer gives the person a legal bike light when they give the person the ticket.
> The usual: police ignoring cars threatening CM only to stop CM and issue tickets. In a "bicycle friendly city."
> The "sustainable" OSU campus is building a five story parking structure and pushed one bike lane onto a sideway patchwork made of 25 different lays of concrete and asphalt over 25 years without any ramping up/down driveway curbs. A portion of the money spent on that parking structure could have built a new bus line or endowed a massive campus bike program.
> Humanizing, explaining, and educating about the existence of Critical Mass in the Corvallis community.
> Opening up the discussion of bike transportation as one of the few choices available in the coming years etc.

Any imput on any of these things is very very welcome, but our court date is nov 18 so comments on the police/disoderly conduct charge are especially appreciated.
thanks, in solidarity, CCM
a few ideas 04.Nov.2004 20:10


One cool thing is it might be an opportunity to get the word out about Critical Mass in Corvallis. You could put up posters explaining what happened and asking folks to show up for the court date, and include dates and times of other critical mass rides (could do this in an incognito way with tiny posters or a more "out" way using bigger paper). You could even advertise a meeting to discuss it with the public, and hold it in some public visible place. i don't think you should have to get a ticket to get a free bike light. we should have it as part of our city budget to give out free ones in exchange for something like an hour of work at a community service or some such.

More ideas 05.Nov.2004 08:17

LoisK loisk@peak.org

My 19 year old daughter was one of the ticked bike riders. Fact is the citations are not accurate, and the violation claims of disordly conduct inappropriate. Worse they should all get is a ticket for not riding in the bike lane.

Herb made a good point about flyers, and I'm willing to pay for them.

charge reduced 05.Nov.2004 12:02


The Disorderly Conduct charge has been reduced to a "violation." A violation of what, who knows. . . ill keep updating you all, well, Herb anyways.

Just another scare tactic, desired response: whew, only a violation, well well just pay the fine and get it over with.