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New Map of North America

Funny, but not far from the truth
We need on more thing 04.Nov.2004 14:49

Dylan Carmody

We need to keep Iowa part of the United States of Canada. My reasoning is this: Iowa is the largest producers of corn and soybeans in the US, we need these crops, and Iowa has voted for Democrat presidents in most past elections and it still hasn't been called for one candidate.

No 04.Nov.2004 15:14

A Canadian

We don't need all those right-wing Democrats up here, we've enough right wingers up here already.

More No 04.Nov.2004 15:15


By which I mean that by Canadian standards, the Democrats are right wing, and the Republicans are screaming off the deep end crazy.

it wishes it was... 04.Nov.2004 15:16

this thing here

well, it loves to think of itself as jesusland, but i for one sure as hell don't see much of jesus in the navy blue suits who run this land. so many false prophets wearing on their sleeves a religion they couldn't even hope to fully grasp selling themselves to suckers who should know better...

who would jesus kill? who would jesus bomb? who would jesus occupy? who's sons and daughters would jesus send off to war?...

thus the more it is the opposite of jesus, the more fiercely it clings to it's delusions...

Another Change 04.Nov.2004 15:19


Give So-Cal back to Mexico, No-Cal and So-Ore are part of Jesusland.

Difference Between Canadian Liberal Party and Our Liberals? 04.Nov.2004 20:37


I've got a question for the Canadians. In Canada right now there is some moron Attorney General named Michael Bryant trying to push through a ban on a group of loosely-related breeds of dogs that he called "Pit Bulls" (includes dogs that are not Pit Bulls and have no record of harming anybody). He has no interest in facts and when the American Kennel Club wouldn't support his witch hunt and give him what he wanted to hear, he blew them off. This is in Ontario. Friends tell me that it is likely to happen because the "Liberals" are in the majority up there.

So what is the difference between our "Liberals" and the "Liberals" in Canada?

So-Cal 07.Nov.2004 15:58

Born Here


How about send the people who don't belong here in So-Cal who came here illegally from Mexico back to Mexico! Since apparently most of you just want to run America into the gutter. If you don't want to live in this country, by all means please go back to where you came from!

Also in So-Cal 07.Nov.2004 16:23

recently moved to so-Cal

I'm with you. I never had any beef with the Mexicans until I moved to the LA area. That's when I realized that all of my Mexican neighbors were rude, ignorant, and dirty. I don't get it, they refuse to learn English And their kids chronically ditch school so that they can around the neighborhood wearing their wifebeaters. What the hell?