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Ban Machine Voting

let's start with Oregon.
should we not start with our state government? let's make sure electronic voting machines never fuck up our local elections, and make oregon an example for the rest of the country. we need to organize a protest specifically focused on voter fraud and to pressure our politicians to support banning the machines here. any ideas on a good time to do this?
A good time... 04.Nov.2004 16:39


That was two years ago. Do you labor under the illusion that they would allow another election? The terror is coming and with it goes ALL of our cherished myths like freedom or democracy.

Fight E-voting 04.Nov.2004 18:21

fellow fighter

It is a worthy effort. Even if we fail at first it is better then giving up on the peoples choice of government administrators. Yes, I called them administrators, that is what they should be, not rulers.

Time for Civil Disobedience 04.Nov.2004 18:32

no more fake voting

We need to stop the fake voting machines. Who voted for HAVA anyway? Those thugs need to be held accountable for this theft of our vote.

No more lining up on election day to give credibility to these phoney "secret" non-auditable
black box voting systems.