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Nov. 3 Post-Election Rally Pictures, part 2

More pictures from the rally
This is part 2 of 2
Great pictures 04.Nov.2004 19:10


Thanks for the great photos, Chris.

Finally 05.Nov.2004 01:48

some kid

some decent pics of the step-quasi-takeover-thingy. So many were being snapped I figured a few had to surface from non-cops. What's with the copyright? Not to be spread or something? You can't own an image. An image belongs to the concious that experiences it.

To "Some Kid" 05.Nov.2004 19:35

Chris Leck

I'm glad you like the pictures.

The copyright does not mean that the pictures cannot be used or passed around. It means that they cannot be used *commercially* without my permission.

Sometimes images get lives of their own. Sometimes they are burned into the public's conciousness. However, creative works -- such as photographs -- generally are the property of their creators.

Pix and Sharing 06.Nov.2004 07:12

A. Nuther Pixster

Thanks for putting up these great shots, Chris!

A good way to affirm non-commercial sharing while preserving commercial rights is to use the Creative Commons license designation instead of the traditional copyright. See www.creativecommons.org Also, creative commons doesn't charge for registration, like the US Guvmint.

Thanks to all those who went and deomonstrated, on behalf of those of us whose physical limitations make demonstrations out of reach.