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Motorcycle Cop

Protesters that were run over.
Motorcycle Cop
Motorcycle Cop
While walking on Burnside last night I witnessed a few protesters get run over by a police officer on a motorcycle. The police were effectively moving the protesters onto the side walk off the street when a motorcycle cop revved his engine, diverged from the "funnel line" and effectively rammed into several protesters.

I was able to get one photo of the officer. His name is Adrian, In case anyone needs it for legal action.
it figures 04.Nov.2004 16:52

this cop

is my neighbor and he beats his wife and kids unmercifully! Terrible!!!!!

Hmm. 04.Nov.2004 18:21

Time to Mobilize

If you accusations are true, and he beats his wife and kids, then report him.

if the cop in the pic is who I think it is 04.Nov.2004 22:54

at my church

we've all heard about it..behind their backs, of course..so it must be TRUE!!!!