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FBI Raids Home Of Animal Rights Activists

Hugs for Puppies = Latest Terrorist Threat???
WEST PHILADELPHIA - Animal rights activists tell NBC 10 that the FBI targeted their home last week.

Armed anti-terrorism agents with the FBI's joint-terrorism task force raided the West Philadelphia home.

"I think that the agents with guns and dogs in a house for a group called Hugs for Puppies is pretty much overkill," said Kate Zaidan.

The agents entered the home with guns. They got seven people out of bed and made them leave the home.

"A guy with a gun comes in my room and tells me to get dressed and come downstairs so they can search through my belongings," said Jason Fults.

Fults and Zaidan are two of several environmental and antiwar activists who live in the house. They say the agents were looking for Nick Cooney.

Cooney is an animal rights activist with Hugs for Puppies.

A search warrant shows agents were looking for computers and hard drives related to protests of companies doing animal testing.

"We'll go to their office and hold demonstrations there," said Cooney. "We'll go to the homes of executives and hold legal demonstrations at their houses."

Cooney said he feels the raid is retaliation by the companies for going after them.

The activists said the raid is an example of abuses of the Patriot Act.

"Not only is it not okay to dissent, but it's not okay to live with or be friends with anybody that's dissenting either or you can expect armed government thugs to come in your house and take your stuff," said Fults.

The FBI in Chicago conducted this raid. A spokesperson would only tell NBC 10 that this is part of an ongoing investigation.

The activists in the home said they have hired civil rights attorneys.

FBI Helps BuSharon bomb animals in Iraq and Afghanistan 02.Dec.2004 16:28

anna hridaaya

The FBI has been the agent of slaughterhouse dollars, pharmaceutical
animalabusing lab bucks, the fur industry, and every other animal abuser
.. and has stepped up the harrassment recently, using your tax dollars
(if you pay them) to infiltrate and interrogate.