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We were not Defeated

I have been reading a lot of posts on here about the election and about the rally last night, but I have a differant veiw of it all.
Now, I feel the need to tell everyone on this website and in the "United" States that WE did not lose anything!
As far as all of you go that still believe in Kerry and believe he won, HE CONCEDED BEFORE ALL THE VOTES WERE COUNTED when you do that you lose and what gave him the right to do that in your names anyway? Now don't get me wrong, I am not trying to insult the people that are still saying that Kerry won; far from it in fact I am trying to ENRAGE them and open eyes to what this government looks like, what this government has always looked like.
This government has never EVER represented you (unless you are a rich, white male) and working within the system, while sometimes a valid tactic, does not work in the large scheme of things (you know the one where we are actually free?).
Pepper spray was deployed THREE times on a PEACEFUL PROTEST last night, I was caught in it twice and am still not blind enough not to see what is going on around all of us.
I will leave you with an analogy that was used by a friend and comrade (not exact quotes) "its like the way they cook frogs, if they put them right in the water that is hot enough to cook them the will jump out, fight back but if you put them in cold water they will just sit there while their body temperature rises with the water around them and not even notice until they have been boiled to death."
Love and solidarity always,
The Repuglicans were right! 04.Nov.2004 13:52


Kerry is a weakling who could not stand up to adversity. He caved in. I am ashamed of voting for him.

Now what the fuck are we going to do?

A powerful and well financed coalition must not waste one minute getting the next campaign organized.

campaign? Money? 05.Nov.2004 12:32


I honestly hope you were being sarcastic about that. I mean anyone who looks at all of the facts objectivly knows that there is no such thing as equality in this country and anyone who has ever read the definition of democracy know that thins is not one. All you have to do is know the facts its not that complicated.
As for what we do now I think we need to become closer than ever as people and continue this fight for our real freedom and happiness as a cohesive group. On that token I think that the only way to breed love and honesty among others is to have it for yourself. I have it and so do my friends/comerades. This closesness is imparative because when their (the U.S) government fight back against us they will use the same tactics that they use against other countrys; first they will try breaking us economically, and if we let them sucseed they will murder us and use our fight against future genorations.
So we need to make sure that we know how to take care of other people and ourselfs in an effective way; Basically we need to be, either right now or ready to be, self and community sufficint. I will take care of as many people as I can because I love you all, but that is not enough.