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A rant for the day

The ranting and musings come thickly at 330 am
I just had the most chilling vision of what it must be like in the
cages. You know the ones I mean, the ones that are like dog kennels
with razor wire on top. At least some of the day is spent kneeling
with arms lashed behind, I've seen the pics, so have most of you, of
Guantanamo. Bound, caged by a man who doesn't know why he's there,
just that he has to be. Sound like anyone is winning?

Being bound like that would give one much too much time to hate, and
think, and hate. Think about this a moment. Osama was pissed by
bombing he saw, battles he fought when hung out to dry by guess who.
But he was free. I am not condoning his acts or in any way trying to
minimise their utter criminality, he claims 9/11, he burns. I am
however trying to illustrate the pressure cooker kind of baking a mind
in a bound body might endure- and what a hard thing it could turn out
to be.

I can imagine being an innocent man (At one point, 70% of the inmates
of Abu Graib were) in that place for a week, a month, a year, in the
silences between screams and the footsteps of the guard, the sweat
dripping down his splotchy white and red face.......I don't know, it
might break me, make me move to Jordan or something, but I suspicion I
would get angry instead, and angry in a very cold, determined and
implacable way. Osama, hell. Sooner or later his way evil cousin
gonna come callin....

gods! I do not know how to live in this world. It makes no sense at
all. That so few could attain the position to - well, defy the very
laws they enforce on others in plain view of God and everybody with
impunity in a country like America-oh that's right. That place
doesn't exist. It's a dream now, a kind of religion. A belief in
something better. Maybe we shall live to see it you and I....maybe
not. That's not what is important- but it's Really Important that
SOMEBODY does, someday, and for that we fight on, as we can. Someday
there will be a world society built on principals of social justice.
For now, there are those who have not, those who have some,and then
there's that base that man mentioned.

Jeeze I am like someone from my great grandfather's day talking about
Wilson- "that man!" "That Man in the White House" was the long
version I believe. I dont even want to say the name, it is a foulness
on my tongue. I cannot wish him dead, nor would I, the whole deal is
to stop the killing, not add to it. But jail? I could see that. I
really could.

If I take a loaf of bread to avoid starvation, out of desperation, I
would be arrested and charged, maybe fined. What would happen to me
if I invaded another man's home and took his life and maybe his food
and his dog and his car and just walked off with em? I'd get a lot
longer sentence for that. Now multiply that 100,000 times. How many
years does that buy? Well, how many years are our GRANDCHILDREN going
to be paying for this war , and how many of our CHILDREN will be
sacrificed to Mammon by this time next year?

Tick tock...Tick Tock

Afganistan...Iraq- Iran!

Enie Meenie Minie, Moe?

To which will little Johnny go?

No, I don't sleep as much as I used to.

I think these numbers are of course unrealistic, but: 100,000 x 30 (20
years + Gun Enhancements of what, 10 more? I bet that is light) =
3,000,000 years. Yeah, that'll do. Now, where should we house him?
Not in a regular prison, it wouldn't be safe. Well, maybe we could
put him in a place like they got Noriega- wherever that is
full transcript of bin Laden's speech 04.Nov.2004 19:48

just a bug in your ear

Here's a link to the Aljazeera website and their translation of the full transcript of bin Laden's recent speech. I will not comment on it, other than encourage people to start opening their eyes to the corruption of our media in this country and the suppression of facts and truth. Investigate international news sources and if you haven't already, start questioning what's going on with our media. Become educated and seek out the truth from wherever you can, from as many sources as you can, and spread the word. http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/79C6AF22-98FB-4A1C-B21F-2BC36E87F61F.htm