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Secession. The time is ripe. Arise Pacifica!

The northwest had a secession movement in the past, but now there are resources and people enough to do it.
Forget trying to change the U.S. government. How will Cascadians ever be able to vote over the powerful Texas oil robber-barons & the Christian Right South? How can we ever stop the US Forest Service from facilitating the rape of our forests, when the rest of the U.S. is mostly deforested already, and the U.S. economy is *anchored* by the home building industry, which literally depends on subsidized clearcutting of our forests? Why should we be exporting the wealth of our land and the skills of our people for the benefit of the criminals in the District of Columbia (aptly named after that early exploiter)? Seattle, Portland and the other Pacific/Cascadian population centers are quite unlike the rest of the "US-Americans." Our people are predominantly pro-environment, pro-human-rights, and not interested in the establishment of a US-Christian empire based on fossil fuels and military domination. We're educated, willful (in every sense of the word!), strong, connected (politically, ethically and technologically). We all know that the Pacific Northwest region is special, and that people who live here are unlike the rest of America. Let us recognize that overtly!

Cascadia is a term that has often been used for this region, but I believe our region also extends further south, perhaps as far as San Francisco. It is not strictly Oregon and Washington and Northern California, but the coastal regions of those "states." Thus I term it Pacifica. Alaska might be considered part of the region geographically, but Alaska seems to be firmly on the "Right bank" in US politics. Western Canadian B.C. is certainly part of this region, but I could not say if the people of B.C. would be interested in joining us.

Let us secede. Let us recognize that this region is being economically and culturally raped by the rest of the U.S., and put a stop to it. Let us establish a true American nation, one that is not a superpower through military domination but rather a world leader through cooperation and fair trade with the rest of the American nations - Mexico, Canada, and the peoples of Central and South America; and indeed by recognizing the special role and cultural riches the First Peoples of this region still carry. We will still be Americans, but will no longer be part of the failure that is the U.S.A.

By secession, we will gain strength in our independence and self-determination. We will also weaken the U.S. war machine. We will remove our sons, daughters, fathers and mothers from their Army. We will stop freely feeding our resources to the ever-wider maw of the Eastern cities. We will take away the jewel in their crown that is our land. The time is ripe. The rulers in Texas and D.C. have their resources and attention invested in global war mongering. They're smug and contrite in their recent victories. They assume the Pacific people will just sit back and accept the Republican power consolidation and race toward the 21st Century version of fascist miltarism. Secession now, while the time is right!

Good idea...now can someone featureize all these good ideas? 04.Nov.2004 11:46


This is an excellent discussion of where we need to go from here. It should be included in a feature that brings together all the good ideas that were posted in the last 24 hours. We need to focus on creating the world we want and ORGANIZE!

Lets collect the articles and put them up as a feature so others can see how powerful these actions could be.

Ideas from the past are the path of NOW 04.Nov.2004 12:10

Dylan Carmody

The idea of Cascadia has been around for a while and is an excellent idea. i don't think that most of the young people of Portland and the NW realize how different our cities are from the rest of the US. i am a young man in Portland and have traveled throughout the US and lived in multiple states and the Pacific Northwest is unlike anywhere else except maybe New England. Perhaps Cascadia should join New England in common cause to cast off the Republican weight of the lower half of the USA and make our own country.

constitutionally impossible 04.Nov.2004 12:18


back to reality.

The Constitution is not part of the question. 04.Nov.2004 12:39

@ boston

Bush has thrown out the Constitution. There is no US Government. Go forth and multiply.

what to do 04.Nov.2004 12:42


You're right: most Portland-born people don't realize what the U.S. is like outside of Cascadia, and in this case, ignorance is truly bliss.

I was raised in Florida and was always the token radical. That's the real work, folks. However, I was glad to come here as I put in my 35 years being surrounded by conservatives. Portland is a blessing. We need to keep the Portland movement strong and find ways to grow it.

I have no answers. We may truly be on the Titanic. Tom Robbins would say the only real question is how you want to go down.

O.k., we can't succede, but maybe we can take over our city government and try to create the kind of place we'd like to live in. I think that each workable model that is more egalitarian catches and spreads.

Secession is possible 04.Nov.2004 12:53


I picture 3 regions within the free state, Pacifica, which stretches south from Big Sur to the Siskiyous, and east to the Sierras, Cascadia, and Olympia, consisting of mainly the Puget sound area.

We can do this thing, if we want. The idea needs to spread and grow, like any meme. But I agree with the original poster: this is the time.

constitution? 04.Nov.2004 13:13


Oh, ok so we are going to forsake our happiness and dreams because some racist, sexist, classiest, dead guys said so? I mean come on. I really think that cascadia is a dream worth having (as if a dream not worth having can exist anyway) and even one worth realizing, but as long as many people believe the way that previous poster does without ever looking back to reconsider what it is they believe in it can never happen.
We must change people's hearts and minds before we can save their land.
Love and solidarity always,

I agree. It's time for Secession 04.Nov.2004 13:21


I agree. It's time for Secession.

Ecotopia 04.Nov.2004 13:57


for anyone who wants to replenish and nourish their idealism in these heavy times , i would suggest that you seek out an old story from the 70's entitled ECOTOPIA , or better still the more difficult to find prequel ECOTOPIA EMERGING.
these are interesting tales because the author was inspired by a real world event that took place right here in southern Oregon and northern California back in the 30's and 40's. the event was a move by some rebelious types to establish the " STATE OF JEFFERSON " and withdraw from the union !

>sigh< 04.Nov.2004 14:01


as much as its "dont tread on me" its also "united we stand, divided we fall". what needs to stop is the competition between the parties. the we're right they're wrong and all the other self-righteous indignation that spews forth from both sides. everyone needs to chill out for just a sec. so life didnt turn out the way we said it should, stolen election or no. life doesnt always turn out the way we think it should or shouldnt. the one one thing we do have control over however is how we react or respond to what life brings us. One thing is for sure, i have never been more interested in politics and have never had more of an appreciation for my rights and freedoms granted by the constitution, declaration of independence, etc, than since GWB "took" office, and i must say, and i'm sure you'd agree that its definitely an exciting time to be alive.

peace and love to all!

p.s. anyone interested in pushing a bill through congress? electronic voting machines should not be allowed to tally votes if there are known security issues and do not generate a verifiable paper trail. that one's a no brainer. if a product has defects, it is recalled. defective electronic voting machines should be illegal.

Reality vs Fantasy 04.Nov.2004 14:47

Maximillian anaxamaxan@yahoo.com

Questions of military consequences aside, even if secession should fail, we could gain significant worldwide attention. If we can bring it beyond the stage of protests and occasional vigils, if we can "frame the discussion" as a question of not whether we *should* do it, but rather of whether of how we will do it and why we *are* doing it, and of course get enough people together to make a major movement, then it will be a successful endeavour regardless of whether we actually secede. However, I do believe secession is not only possible but the best route we could take.

For my part, my first thought like many others' after this sElection (even before Kerry conceded), was that I want to leave the US. But I do not want to leave this place, Eugene in particular and the Northwest generally. My first thought was, how can I emigrate to Canada? Could my family and I make a living in BC? Would that just be running away from the situation? How can we break away from the horror that is the Imperial U.S. without abandoning our community?

Pacifica would not be Ecotopia. *That* is a fantasy. There are plenty of folks right here who would happily pave over every last square foot for the sake of a few extra dollars. There are Bush supporters in every city and town in Pacifica. But they're the minority here. Plus, many of them are simply afraid of the Terrorist bugaboo that the rulers in DC have created. If Pacifica should abandon the US Empire, and do so successfully, that would be an amazing message for the world and for what's left of the USA. And it would be a better place. Maybe not Ecotopia, but certainly better than a subsidiary of Texas Oil.

PS - I am the original poster. I did not add my email address previously, but I am now. Contact me if you're interested in further discussion.

Oregon Constititon Says Yes to Secession 04.Nov.2004 14:59


The Oregon Constitution seems to allow for secession. The US government voted to ratify the Oregon Constitution as part of the process of admitting the territory to the union as a state. Ergo, by extension, the US government recognized our right to secede:

From the Oregon Constitution:
Section 1. Natural rights inherent in people. We declare that
all men, when they form a social compact are equal in right: that
all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are
founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace,
safety, and happiness; and they have at all times a right to
alter, reform, or abolish the government in such manner as they
may think proper. --

(Pardon the sexist language, it's in the original text)

As a simple step towards making this an reality, I propose a ballot initiative for Multnomah County by which Multnomah County would secede from the State of Oregon, ipso facto seceding from the US. Any other county or other political subdivision that wanted to secede would be welcome to obtain their own independence,and we Multnomahns would be more than happy to negotiate federation or some other political alliance with them.

It really doesn't take all that many signatures to get a county initiative on the ballot. If nothing else, the process would take the discussion beyond us talking to ourselves about it by gathering media attention and forcing us out of our cozy little progressive networks and onto the streets where we would have to dialog with the general public.

United We Stand... 04.Nov.2004 15:02


If you're in a group of friends, and the group starts doing something you disagree with, you speak up. If the group starts doing something horrible, you speak up louder. The group continues to engage in what you consider to be immoral and criminal behavior, and you spend weeks, months, years trying to reason them out of it, and they don't stop as a result, and neither you or anyone else can forcefully stop them, what do you do? Remain "united?!?!" Divided we fall indeed. If the group that is doing horrible things would "fall" by our "dividing" from it, by *seceding from the union*, then perhaps it is our ethical duty to secede and let the union fall all the more quickly! If our secession should not only free Pacifica but also cause the rest of the U.S. and its military machine to fall, let it fall. Perhaps other regions (Upper Midwest, New England) would follow our example.

a good place to start 04.Nov.2004 15:23

cynic carpe_viam@hotmail.com


You are a wise soul. This is a good place to start, not because it has a snowball's chance in hell of ever succeeding (if we got close, the U.S. military would be here faster than you can say Osama Yo Mama), but because it will be a creative way of giving a voice to all of us who are not part of the American political system. We do not have a home, physically, spiritually or politically. We are strangers in an increasingly strange land. By focusing our diverse energies on creating a viable secessionist movement, we will create a more unified voice that can speak to the world, one that can reach out to our restless brethren in other parts of the U.S. We can, at the very least, stand up collectively and say "we are not part of this empire of evil."

Besides, now that the Repiglicans and their Dim-o-crap toadies have set their agenda, we are already spiritually excluded from the "body politic." We're already halfway there. Now is the time to say, "OK, we've been kicked to the curb. Let's dust ourselves off and create something better."

Secession Now!! 04.Nov.2004 16:01


Yes, this must be done and done now. The U.S. has become a theocracy and is no longer worth saving. We should not have to be subject to the decisions made by the ignorant, right wing electorate that populates much of middle America (or as measure 36 demonstrated, much of rural oregon).

A new state would not be perfect, there will be many challenges. It will however, give us the right of self determination. We will succceed or fail on our own merits and ability to work together.

We should immediately begin the process to get an initiative on the ballot in Multnomah county.

I'll help 04.Nov.2004 16:04

Imprisoned in GW's amerika oncap1@hotmail.com

Hi Maximillian, if you can write up a ballot measure I'll talk to my group about helping get signatures.

There is hope 04.Nov.2004 16:28



Perhaps the first county should be yours. The city of eugene would likely be the easiest place to pass a resolution. Multnomah county could follow soon after. I would be willing to come to eugene to help organize.

O.K. 04.Nov.2004 17:27


the anarchists get a whole county. We'll all vote on which one. And no government fucks with us, period.
As long as this is achieved, I'm down.

Now that's the spirit! 04.Nov.2004 17:38

Portland Sun

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
From deep in the "red zone".... where people are cryin'
People are dyin'....I'm on the front lines....
Near Texas...the boots are clickin'
Triggers be itchin'....
There will be hell to pay for those who choose violence.
Better to show us the love way
The Pacifica way
Shower us with your intelligent political resolutions.
Show us how to plant corn again.....
We desire the Goddess to arise from within
But we're stuck in these war ways
Help us oh Cascadia!
Help us to learn again how to be divine
And shine with communal love shared with all.
May the longhouses arise again!
I am far from home and seeding love and hope amongst the masses
Somewhere near the centers of fascism.
Remember! Don't believe their lies about you!
Remember! There are many out here taking hard...
and I mean hard knocks for you.
Remember! We're in here for you...
Remember! Your in Pacifica for us....
The revolution is now!
Blessings be as we create solidarity forever!
Put your differences aside and do it now!
Look for the Eagle! I have sent this message on the wind.
Ask Cedar for strength. Ask Redwood for strong heart
Bless the children and the elders as often as you can.
Purify your body and your spirit.
Thank your neighbors daily.
Have the courage to express your positive creativity!
I love you....and will return home when I'm assured
these guys out here will leave you alone.
.....pioneer's son born somewhere on the Columbia

p8triOt 04.Nov.2004 17:46

no thanks

screw the east coast

screw its bizarre religious obsessions

screw its overt, proud racism

screw its faith in dead paper, whether laws or money, over living things

screw mass extinction

> p.s. anyone interested in pushing a bill through congress?


have you noticed who's in control of congress?


they're not going to stop

look at the kinds of "democracies" these people create in other countries when they get a chance. latin american fascist dictatorships with periodic rigged one-party elections.

when the republicans are getting 80% of the vote for every office everywhere (according to official results), and the demos, greens, and libertarians are all pathetic second parties, are you still going to try to "push bills thr


o my god

Quit the pipedreams please! 04.Nov.2004 17:56


Ecotopia sounds real nice. Problem is, what kind of "ecotopia" are you gonna build in a state whose voters just approved the likes of: Proposition 36 banning gay marriage; Proposition 37 a Texas-sized bonanza for big business real estate speculators and a litigation nightmare for the rest of us; rejected Proposition 34 to protect our forests from the timber industry's devotees of apocalyptic slash-and-burn capitalism; rejected Proposition 33 that would have helped protect sick and vulnerable people from the fanatical jihad against medical marijuana....

Get real. This ain't some hippie fairyland. Oregon is a hardbitten, rightwing, lily-whitebread rural escape hatch for white flight refugees from formerly ultraright, ultra-Republican Orange County.

oh come on 04.Nov.2004 18:04


Those voters are easy to get to go along with anything. Just tell them there will be no more federal income tax and watch their "morality" vanish in a cloud of self-interest.

Multonomah County Resolution 04.Nov.2004 18:57


Ok, so this Multnomah County Resolution is a very good idea. In actuality it has a better chance of passing here than in in Eugene, you may have more liberal people in Eugene but you also have more rightwing christians there too. The Presidential election was much closer in the Lane and Benton counties than here in Multnomah county. Does anyone know how many signatures you need to get to put something on the county ballot? We could easily get it on the ballot. Even if it didn't pass we would get so much attention around the US and world it would totally be worth it. Somebody should work on getting a website up for this. This is seriously such a wonderful idea. If you start small things tend to snowball. Studies have shown that massive political change occurs when less than 5% of people strongly believe in a cause and this is a wonderful cause.

Oh Cascadia! 04.Nov.2004 19:11


You are right about how the rest of Oregon voted. They are just as brainwashed as the hicks down south. Cascadia will have to be made up uf only the more progressive counties to start. Multnomah county is a good place to begin.

Succession 04.Nov.2004 19:36


Why is there a focus on the "Oregon Constitution?" Fuck the Constitution. All that is needs to happen: Radicals joining forces and succeeding--period. Then, and only then, will be have the needed solidarity and thus be a legitimate force.
The Revolution is out there--it is lurking in the deepest, darkest corners. You can hear it a night, as the moon glows afar; as the black flag withers back and forth, the anarchists gather their equipment, as Mother Nature calls--you can feel Her in the air: Do you feel that? Indeed, Time has come, to save Mother Nature; the moon shines that much brighter: Anarchists flock to the streets, standing, lurking in-front of the White House...

Kwanesum Cascadia! 04.Nov.2004 21:01

Alexandros of Cascadia

Kwanesum Cascadia! (Kwanesum is Chinook for "Forever" ... "Long live")

This is our time to Rise Up! Now that we have had a second election stolen by the narco-petro Christo-Fascists what are you waiting for??? Do not let the fascist sheeple and brownshirts tell you "get over with it" or "move on" or "this is a mandate of the people". This is the time to be in RAGED!!! This is the time to Awaken! Did you get seduced by the democrats and their false hopes that Diebold would work for them? Did you think your vote under Fascism would really count? Historically there is only a few ways Fascism is removed and elections controled by the elite is not the way! Rise up Cascadia! ... Wake up Cascadia! ... Stand on your feet Cascadia! ... Revolt Cascadia!

Collectively We, Cascadians, MUST tell the Fascist Amerikans "We want out!"

read how the Christo-Fascists stoled this election:


Cascadians we must come together ... meet in the bookstores, coffee shops, pubs and parks ... talk to your friends and neighbors ... tell them of Cascadia ... Repeat this "I am a Cascadian" and repeat it in groups of Cascadians

a friend wrote this about Cascadia:

Klahowya ("greetings" in Chinook Jargon the trade
language that once marked an unique aspect of Pacific
NorthWest life and still remains in place names, can
still be found in slang and spoken by the elders in
both the First Nations or Native Americans and the
peoples that have resettled here within the last
hundred years).

Cascadia is geographically the Columbia River
Watershed and the area around the Cascade Range.
Cascadia's farthest extent is from northern California
to the Alaskan Panhandle and from the Pacific to the
Continental Divide. Cascadia Minor tends to be the
states of Northern California, Oregon and Washington
with the province of British Columbia. The Scottish
naturalist David Douglas named the Cascade mountain
range after the powerful waterfalls that carved out
this land and gave it so much biomass.

Cascadia may or may not ever be a nation-state as
others have pushed for, but She is a bioregion. Some
may ask if this idea is another "breakaway" movement..
well that is really up to Cascadians. The term
"Cascadian" can be found back the era of the Civilian
Conservation Corp (CCC) for the art style in the
Pacific NorthWest. This art style of the CCC build
was examplified in monumental structures in the
Cascade Ranges like Timberline Lodge that emphasized
and blended into the natural surroundings. Cascadian
style was characteristically rustic, natural material
and massive with themes being focused on Nature local
or cultural imagery. The movement to form the state
of Jefferson in the mid 20th century may have
contributed to the idea of political separation. The
Jefferson State movement has been consistantly an
movement against domineering urban centers. Oregon
Govenor Tom McCall in the 1970s was so fed up with
southern Californians moving to Oregon and
contributing to suburban sprawl said "Come and visit
us again and again, But for heaven's sake, don't come
here to live." There was even talk of building a wall
on the Oregon-Californian border. In the mid 1970s
Ernest Callenbach envisioned an emergence of
environmental awareness that would lead the Pacific
NorthWest (Northern California, Oregon and Washington)
to form the country of Ecotopia in his utopian novel
of the same name "Ecotopia". The 1990s David McCloskey
formed the Cascadia Institute. McCloskey describes
Cascadia as "a land of falling water". Cascadia today
translated back into Chinook Jargon would be "Tumchuk
Ilahee" (literally "waterfall land").

When one places a map of the Columbia River Watershed
over a map of the territory where Chinook Jargon was
once spoken as the lingua franca there is a
surprisingly strange overlap. Chinook Jargon was not
just a langauge used by Native people, but a was a
merger between all languages spoken in the region.
Today if survives among some of the Native People as
well as in thee place names of the region and in the
slang of the English of the region. Cascadia is not
just a physical place, but is a common reverence to
Nature as well as a merger between the different
cultures that have left their impact on the land. To
top this off the same territory has other bonds that
unite people culturally and economically such as
weather, timber and salmon all these stemming from the
confluence of the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade
Mountains. These two dominant geographical features
play major roles in not just the geology and
biodiversity, but also in the mentality of the people
that call Cascadia home. The mixture of marine,
alpine and even desert climates stirs a profound
reverence towards Mother Nature as well as a dark
humor that many called Northwest Noir. It is a land
where plaid became part of identity as loggers, tree
huggers and Grunge rockers. This is a land where
mythology still continues in both landscape and story.
Where a Sasquatch (Bigfoot) still lurks behind trees
or mountains and where the legend of D.B. Copper is
still a mystery that does not wish to be silenced. A
land where volcanoes are not feared, but revered as
sublime violent acts of Mother Earth. Cascadians are
varied in background and divided thoughts, but yet
hold common beliefs that the forest, mountains and
Pacific is part of their bodies. The pitch of the
fir, cedar and pine is the same substance that runs in
our veins. The moss, soft soil and bark are the skin
to our Mother. The smell of the fallen leaves after
the first frost intoxicates us. Dark grey clouds give
us a motherly comfort. Rain is our brethren in battle
against new comers that wish to steal more of our way
of life or the land we revere.

Historically a nation is a group of people with common
symbolism such as language, culture, religion and etc
that unify them as a group. The group identity called
nationalism emerged out of the Industrial Age as a new
form of political group identity and as a result has
became chauvinistic in many respects to any other form
of group identity. Nationalism with all its chauvinsim
has become yet another stumbling block to finding
harmony between people and Nature. As an emerging
identity "Cascadian" may evolve into a "nation", but
the terms "national" and "nationalism" are limited and
chauvinistic in their regards to the Cascadian love
for diversity. Cascadian identity could be called
regional nationalsim or even eco-nationalism. Yet the
term of "nationalism" has a legacy of hate and
misguided ations. Many of those who look to Nature
have taken to a new approach. This new approach to
identity through diversity in thinking, in human
experience (cultures, histories and commonality) and
ecology is bioregionalism. "Bioregions are geographic
areas having common characteristics of soil,
watershed, climate, native plants and animals ... A
bioregion refers to both the geographical terrain and
a terrain of consciousness -- to a place and the ideas
that have developed about how to live in that place."
Peter Berg. Out of the shared and merging experiences
of the people that have come to be called Cascadian
there is a hope of a new synthesis of thoughts and a
new reverence of Nature that wil be called Cascadia.


March on Salem and Olympia! 04.Nov.2004 23:59


We need to organize, grow (within the next few days or weeks) and march on Salem and Olympia!

But before we do that we need to make peace (I know hard to believe) with the police and National Guard. I would recommend we meet with the police unions and "breaking bread" and share concerns about how this Fascist Regime has cut their funding, armed criminals with assault riffles, pushed drugs through their drug wars, undermined the unions and used the police and National Guard as ponds in their Class Warfar!!!!!

SF's ready 05.Nov.2004 01:00


San Francisco is ready to go, too: US out of SF!

San Francisco 05.Nov.2004 04:24


Blessed San Francisco is always welcome. we need organization and networking like you would not believe. We need this weekend all over the internet from blogs to list servs to post the idea that WE want out of Fascist Amerika!!! We need to tell those American troops in Iraq and that they are missed and we want them back safely where they will be greeted and treated with honour and veteren benifets (the benifets that the Fascists have stolen). We need to make this the conversation at every water cooler in every office on the Pacific coast by Monday! We need every coffee shop, every every bookstore, grocery store, every union meeting, at every gas station, at every school and anywhere like minded people that believe in FREEDOM meet to buz with talk of breaking free of Amerika!!!!

write of Cascadia (or Pacifica or Ecotopia) in every blog and list and e-group you know!!! Talk to your neighbors and friends .. call your mother call your father all all our sisters and brothers!!! Drown out the Fascist corporate media out of our conversation! make the only conversation on the "internets" be Cascadia!!!

I guess I agree but how to get started? 05.Nov.2004 18:53


It seems to be the rational thing to do. Can we achieve it without a civil war and, if so, how? There are two countries basically the blue states and the red states. Maybe the red states wouldn't mind the split. Let them live in a Christian country and let us live in a normal country.

what we must do: Cascadia 05.Nov.2004 21:44

Alexandros of Cascadia

what we must do:

1.) We MUST this weekend bring the idea of Cascadia and breaking off from Fascist Amerika to consciousness of the general population and by Monday have it be the only conversation in all of Cascadia. Also we must bring the fact that the election was a farce (print out artcles or give websites about this like blackboxvoting.org) and this MUST be part of this dialogue of Cascadia! I would recommend the same if I was in the other "blue" states for their awakening of regional identity separate from Bush's Amerika. This should be done with massive "spamming" and like ACT (American Coming Together.. and if any are reading this well .. you have lists of democrats now who we can bet are disenfranchised :))) I would recommend to the less shy to feel free to talk to your neighbors or that person in the parking lot with a Kerry bumper sticker (this ofcourse should not be limited to democrats, but right now they are more visible). Our goal is simple in this part "To get it to the forefront of every conversation". The goal is the create critical mass. And if you are inclined to put up sighs or wave (any of the Cascadian flags) or create pamplets or print out leaflets talking of Diebold, secession, Cascadia and Cascadian awakening or get on radio talk shows or whatever. The goal is dialogue, awareness, education, generating a new paradigm.. an new group identity with a new future! If this works then Monday even the sold out local media will have to mention it, because everyone will have to talk of it.

repeat out loud three times "I am a Cascadian!" and tell others to say it three times out loud as well.


a.) becareful of dismissive comments like "it will never work" or "you are just have sour grapes" or any the other Phucting dismissive onliners comments that the sheeple spit out. Do not let it down and ignore the jerk and continue on as if the jerk just passed gas.

b.) the Fascist might orchastrate a "national" crisis like a terror alert or even a terrorist act which MUST NOT stop this conversation of Cascadia, secession and election fraud. If this happens the corporate media and authorative figures will make lots of appeals about "healing the nation". They will dismiss any movement to liberate us from the fascists as small and trivial. news personalities will make light of Cascadia or joke that they (we) are wackos. If any think is even in the corporate media the overly paid fascist mouth-pieces (we call news reporters) will end the story with dismissive comments or laughter.

2.) we need a time and place (while there is the energy and motivation... maybe Friday) to have people gather. My idea it a event. here is my suggestion "the All Bush flip off". This must be done through out all Cascadia from Bellingham to San Fransisco and it must be done at the same time. For convience I will use Portland as a example ... Cascadian or disenfranchised Portlanders (remember all the Kerry supporters on Portland's Waterfront) go to either the Waterfront or Pioneer Square and put up a image of Mr Bush (maybe Cheney too) and in one big massive group give them "the finger"! And take pictures from the images perspective of all gathered flipping the Fascists off and send it to the White House. The goal of this is NOT just to give them the collective "finger", but the real goal is to get people physically together to talk of Cascadia, Cascadians and our future! At the same time this should happen in other communities.

From this we can expnd to bring in more Cascadians and eventually we shall march down to Salem or Olympia (for San Fransisco .. I guess you declare yourself the new administrative seat of South Cascadia) and we demand secession NOW!

Before such an event happens we need to bring the police and leaders into our movement. We MUST find out issues that the police and state employees have against the Fascists.. and they do whether they recognize it or not. We need to teach them of the budget cuts, union busting, veteran cuts, issues related to them not being able to effectively do their jobs. We MUST appeal to them as fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers who have the same concerns as all of us do over education, safety, environment, cost of living and so on and so on.


a.) do not let the professional politicians nor charasmatic public figures usurp OUR movement. Especially DO NOT LET some dump as democrat politician tell us that we must "heal" our community or "this will take time" or "I promise you this...." or "I am with you..." ... this MUST be the PEOPLES movement!!! not a time for local celeberties... infact if you see someone who is a public figure look beyond them, smile and go hug the unrelated person behind him or her. I hate how these personalities (remember we are counted as nobodies until they need your vote or buy their product) steal the lime light of the people, of causes, of public attention. We have no time for them and no need for them. Now if they come to be a "nobody" like the rest of us and are honestly there to flip off Fascism and to awaken Cascadia.. then they have my blessings.. and I hope yours too.


Oregon Constititon Says Yes to Secession 06.Nov.2004 02:52

Alexandros of Cascadia

well Ecotopian I tend to be the first to say well if the elections and war was not legal then the whole system itself is not legitemate, BUT!! thank you for making my eyes clear again. I was born an Oregonian and try to live as best I can as a Cascadian. I have been pushing this idea well since high school as just Oregon and Washington saying "bye bye" USA and then discovered Ernest Callenbach's Ecotopia in the late 70s or early 80s and then back in the mid 80s heard the name Cascadia. But I admit everytime I go back to the Oregon Constitution which given its age is a remarkable liberal, tolerant and openminded constitution. We must acknowledge it use at times for chauvanism as well as its flexiblity to correct that error. And you quoting from it made me realize that I was about to toss the whole thing out and demand we start anew. The Oregon constitution is were the American constitution was headed. And the American constitution is a great document too as with others that drew inspiration from it like the Indian and Japanese constitutions. Yes the language needs to be updated, but it is a grand place to start from. I would like to see the Cascadian "constitution" draw from the Oregon constitution and to be even more visionary. We should when our day comes write such a document drawn on only the best and the most inclusive of all. That document reflecting our land and being should be visionary enough to embrace the plurality of our being and include the protection of not just humans, but the protection of our forest, mountains, deserts, waters, skies and biomass.

we should post that part of the Oregon Constitution in from of every government building (with maybe and insertion of "all people" after the word "men"):

" Section 1. Natural rights inherent in people. We declare that
all men, when they form a social compact are equal in right: that
all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are
founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace,
safety, and happiness; and they have at all times a right to
alter, reform, or abolish the government in such manner as they
may think proper. -- "

Secession 09.Nov.2004 09:48

Sic Semper Tyrannis

I can assure everyone in the Pacific Northwest who wants to secede from the United States that the Confederates in the South will stand by you. Let us come together one last time and leave as friends for what is best for us both.

Sic Semper Tyrannis
The right and the left need to come together on this issue. Don't think secession. Think devolution

Lincoln put an end to session 22.Nov.2004 16:37


We should all go back and read your civil war history. Are you willing to kill americans to for a Cascadia? think about waht Lincoln said about discontented individuals. You lost the election get over it!!!

It presents to the whole family of man the question whether a constitutional republic or democracy -- a Government of the people, by the same people -- can or cannot maintain its territorial integrity against its own domestic foes. It presents the question whether discontented individuals, too few in numbers to control administration, according to organic law, in any case, can always, upon the pretenses made in this case, or on any other pretenses, or arbitrarily without any pretense, break up their Government and thus practically put an end to free government upon the earth. It forces us to ask: "Is there, in all republics, this inherent and fatal weakness?" "Must a government, of necessity, be too strong for the liberties of its own people, or too weak to maintain its own existence?
Abraham Lincoln, Special Session Message, 1861.

So he sent the troops: the speech marked the start of the Civil War. Today Lincoln would avoid political philosophy, and talk about a shared history, identity and culture. He would conclude that there can only be one American sovereign state, because there is one 'American people'.

I think you mean secession. 22.Nov.2004 22:21

Adam V. vavrooski@yahoo.com

So because the actions of one man around 150 years ago, the ultimate destiny of our nation is decided? It's gonna take more than 4 sentences of reasoning for such an assumption to be pressed upon me, and even if you actually provided a cohesive argument for such a claim, I imagine it wouldn't be convincing. There is nothing permanent about our society, their are a myriad of ways life and it's traces on this planet, could be obliterated at any moment. If we look at the History of our species we see a constant changing, in many aspects of life. I would assume that eventually America's political structure defenetely will change or fragment, few things are more certain than that change will occur. That being said, I don't think secession is going to happen, but there is something intriguing about a group of people being so passionate about the topic.

Adam Vavrus

Possible without violence? 25.Nov.2004 19:48


That's a good question. I for one would prefer economic warfare over military, but Red USA is very willing to use their military for economic gain. On the other hand, I wonder how many US Military soldiers from Cascadia would not be willing to fight their own people? This was a big factor in Vietnam, and is such among the Iraqis now.

It is possible to effect regional sovereignty without military conflict. The biggest hurdle is not the reaction from the aristocrats in Washington DC, but in uniting enough Cascadians to stand up for secession. The first step is getting people thinking just *thinking* about it, and then accepting it as a desirable possibility. The next step would be to legitimize the secessionist movement, and try to get support from the law enforcement community (so they don't go beserk and break out the riot gear at hearing the word "Cascadia"). The way to do that? Get support from the business community. Consider how much booing and hissing that statement is likely to get, and you have a glimpse of the difficulty level I'm talking about.

Web Site Pacifican Party Forming - be among the first to join! 28.Nov.2004 11:48

Committee for Formation of the Pacifican Party


follow directions on contact info.

Talk of what? 03.Dec.2004 11:42

Sic Semper Tyrannis

For all of your talk on the subject of secession, States run by liberals will never be able to secede. You have neither the fortitude, motivation, nor willingness for that sacrifice. It is one thing to be an actor in street theatre, it is an entirely different matter to lay down your life for a cause. I have been reading what seems like every thread on the net that deals with secession, and all those who look favorably upon it from a liberal standpoint never discuss or mention the prime motivater for secession. This prime motivater is Freedom. I haven't seen one liberal discuss freedom or espouse the motivation one feels when he decides he has the right to live free. I would love for all states North of Virginia and West of the mighty Mississippi to create their own nation. Hell, I'll even help ya'll fight if the Federal government tries to declare war on you for that reason. But you do not care about it enough for it to happen. How many of you really would pick up a rifle to fight for your freedom? I know I would to defend the Old Dominion against mine enemies before the hat had dropped. Would you pick up a rifle for universal health care? Would you pick up a rifle for Affirmative Action, Funding for schools, an end to nuclear proliferation, homosexual marriage, or any other left wing cause? I don't think you would. Because those unimportant issues that have you raving mad do not give you the motivation to do anything other than complain. Only a people who desire freedom will be free. And you don't desire freedom. You desire something else. Something which is not enough to make you a free people. Good luck to you all. I will aid you with my fight for secession in the south. But I don't really have much hope that we can part. You don't have the desire for it and, for the most part, it has been beaten out of my people. May we come together to part.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Cascadian Flag 11.Jul.2005 14:46

Cascadian Flag

Cascadian Flag

Bioregion, Republic of Cascadia, Cascadia, Bioregional Cooperative Commonwealth of Cascadia
Cascadian Flag
Cascadian Flag

Save Pacifica @ SAVEPAC 18.Sep.2005 22:21

Collin S. Ferguson savepac17@yahoo.com

I am so happy that there are more people out there who believe in the idea of a west coast separation. I WANT TO ANNOUNCE THAT THERE IS A YAHOO GROUP YOU SHOULD ALL JOIN!!! It is called SavePac and the website is  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/savepac/. On the site we have been talking about the process of secession, local issues and news, policy unification of the west coast, and political philosophy. Right now I am trying to encourage a discussion about what "power" means in Pacifica. The groups functions mostly as a news and networking group, but writing/posting a constitution or a manifesto on the website is no problem. In fact, it is encouraged. The groups represents the entire west coast from Alaska, down through British Columbia, and down to the Californian border with Mexico. SavePac Yahoo groups will likely adopt an ecoregional/bioregional concept much like that "other" secession movement (just kidding guys-- love you too) called Cascadia Bioregionalism.

Check out the website and I look forward to hearing from you all.

Collin S. Ferguson



http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pacunion/ savepac17@yahoo.com

The Pacific Secessionist Union Group

A new group representing all secessionist/separation movements on the west coast has formed. This groups represents all persons from the west coast states and provinces interested in secession/separation. Join this group for broad discussions on secession/separation, multi-national unions, worldwide secession movements, democracy, independence, news, information, organization, and networking.


? 29.Nov.2005 13:32


I would gladly join a secession, although the resources on our side of the country are somewhat limited(unless you count Bill Gates), but to put your minds at ease, not just the Northwest is pissed off at the Bush administration. It is a problem we all face , some are just too ignorant to recognize it, and those who arent are scared little pussies. Im no conservative, then again im not an anti-active tree hugger either. If you want changes stop talkin and start acting. Life seems to sway towards the ones who own guns.