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Cascadia Resistance Movement

In the coming months we will use this website to organize resistance to the bush corporate war machine. Do not Despair, organize.
In the coming months we will post actions to help people stop collaborating with the corporate takeover of the world.

Here are just a few of the events that we are discussing and organizing now.

1. An event in which the war resisters league tells people how to stop paying federal taxes. Including ideas for pre-tax contributions to local community non-profits who benefit the resistance and the people of Cascadia.

2. An event to openly discuss the legal ramifications of helping Cascadia cecede from the facist america.

3. An event to help people reorganize their lives to stop collaborating with ideas such as:

- remove all money from corporate banks. Use community-based credit unions.
- get rid of all credit cards
- stop paying corporate debt
- buy food from local sources only - food coops, farmers, farmers markets
- Anything else you buy - purchase at second hand sources only. Garage sales, second-hand stores, free stores. Organize monthly bartering - free stuff events. Share, giveaway.

organize cooperatively owned or cooperative housing.
- facilitate housing coop membership
-facilitate bringing together people of like-mind for housing coops

- help people to get rid of thier oil sucking vehicles
- bike coops
- alternative fuels
- community shared alternative fuel vehicles
- major changes in use of mass transportation including free or subsidized bus and max ridership.
- more pathways for bikes, and walking.

4. Helping us organize from the neighborhood up..an event to help people form affinity groups, neighborhood/community spokes councils, tactics on changing the local political scene to better respresent the will of the people.
- mediation skills
- communication skill building for effective affinity group process and spokescouncils
- building coalitions
- We need to use our energy to start creating the community we want to support instead of continually reacting to WAR.

right on 04.Nov.2004 11:11

build dual power

Boycott and pull down on one hand, and build on the other. We need DUAL POWER, and we need it now- we need resistance and we need the creation of independent ways of living.

Please keep us informed on the dates and times for these events. I desprately want to know how to keep my hard-earned money from going to taxes, buying our own enslavement.

Best idea yet 04.Nov.2004 11:55


absolutely the only "actual" solution. BUT... you (we) (I) must find palatable ways to introduce these ideas to the mass public.. don't think it can't be done..they are desparate to slow down their hamster wheels and are miserable in their current situations...they just don't know what the options are...I have an idea..

So...yes, these are all the correct actions and I, an ex-suburanite, are with you and ready to plant those seeds in others, so to speak..seeds of change..(just clarifying, there)..

these too...from another post 04.Nov.2004 12:09

radical idea sharing

Some security matters 04.Nov.2004 11:44
anonymous or made up

1. Don't forget to exchange GnuPG keys, and if you have the experience, set up Linux with excrypted home directories and swap and IPSec.
2. Plant a garden, incase food shipments are irregular
3. Get in Shape in case you need to walk or bike more (their books should be available in used bookstores or libraries)
4. If anyone tries to convince you to do radical acts that target innocents, do not fall for it
5. Have hope, not everyone is evil, many are just ill-informed

IWANTOUT. 04.Nov.2004 15:12


yes....*raises hand eagerly*
please keep us informed on dates and times!!!
you know...what he/she said...

Kwanesum Cascadia! 04.Nov.2004 20:50

Alexandros of Cascadia

Kwanesum Cascadia!

This is our time to Rise Up! Now that we have had a second election stolen by the narco-petro Christo-Fascists what are you waiting for??? Do not let the fascist sheeple and brownshirts tell you "get over with it" or "move on" or "this is a mandate of the people". This is the time to be in RAGED!!! This is the time to Awaken! Did you get seduced by the democrats and their false hopes that Diebold would work for them? Did you think your vote under Fascism would really count? Historically there is only a few ways Fascism is removed and elections controled by the elite is not the way! Rise up Cascadia! ... Wake up Cascadia! ... Stand on your feet Cascadia! ... Revolt Cascadia!

Collectively We, Cascadians, MUST tell the Fascist Amerikans "We want out!"

read how the Christo-Fascists stoled this election:


Cascadians we must come together ... meet in the bookstores, coffee shops, pubs and parks ... talk to your friends and neighbors ... tell them of Cascadia ... Repeat this "I am a Cascadian" and repeat it in groups of Cascadians

a friend wrote this about Cascadia:

Klahowya ("greetings" in Chinook Jargon the trade
language that once marked an unique aspect of Pacific
NorthWest life and still remains in place names, can
still be found in slang and spoken by the elders in
both the First Nations or Native Americans and the
peoples that have resettled here within the last
hundred years).

Cascadia is geographically the Columbia River
Watershed and the area around the Cascade Range.
Cascadia's farthest extent is from northern California
to the Alaskan Panhandle and from the Pacific to the
Continental Divide. Cascadia Minor tends to be the
states of Northern California, Oregon and Washington
with the province of British Columbia. The Scottish
naturalist David Douglas named the Cascade mountain
range after the powerful waterfalls that carved out
this land and gave it so much biomass.

Cascadia may or may not ever be a nation-state as
others have pushed for, but She is a bioregion. Some
may ask if this idea is another "breakaway" movement..
well that is really up to Cascadians. The term
"Cascadian" can be found back the era of the Civilian
Conservation Corp (CCC) for the art style in the
Pacific NorthWest. This art style of the CCC build
was examplified in monumental structures in the
Cascade Ranges like Timberline Lodge that emphasized
and blended into the natural surroundings. Cascadian
style was characteristically rustic, natural material
and massive with themes being focused on Nature local
or cultural imagery. The movement to form the state
of Jefferson in the mid 20th century may have
contributed to the idea of political separation. The
Jefferson State movement has been consistantly an
movement against domineering urban centers. Oregon
Govenor Tom McCall in the 1970s was so fed up with
southern Californians moving to Oregon and
contributing to suburban sprawl said "Come and visit
us again and again, But for heaven's sake, don't come
here to live." There was even talk of building a wall
on the Oregon-Californian border. In the mid 1970s
Ernest Callenbach envisioned an emergence of
environmental awareness that would lead the Pacific
NorthWest (Northern California, Oregon and Washington)
to form the country of Ecotopia in his utopian novel
of the same name "Ecotopia". The 1990s David McCloskey
formed the Cascadia Institute. McCloskey describes
Cascadia as "a land of falling water". Cascadia today
translated back into Chinook Jargon would be "Tumchuk
Ilahee" (literally "waterfall land").

When one places a map of the Columbia River Watershed
over a map of the territory where Chinook Jargon was
once spoken as the lingua franca there is a
surprisingly strange overlap. Chinook Jargon was not
just a langauge used by Native people, but a was a
merger between all languages spoken in the region.
Today if survives among some of the Native People as
well as in thee place names of the region and in the
slang of the English of the region. Cascadia is not
just a physical place, but is a common reverence to
Nature as well as a merger between the different
cultures that have left their impact on the land. To
top this off the same territory has other bonds that
unite people culturally and economically such as
weather, timber and salmon all these stemming from the
confluence of the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade
Mountains. These two dominant geographical features
play major roles in not just the geology and
biodiversity, but also in the mentality of the people
that call Cascadia home. The mixture of marine,
alpine and even desert climates stirs a profound
reverence towards Mother Nature as well as a dark
humor that many called Northwest Noir. It is a land
where plaid became part of identity as loggers, tree
huggers and Grunge rockers. This is a land where
mythology still continues in both landscape and story.
Where a Sasquatch (Bigfoot) still lurks behind trees
or mountains and where the legend of D.B. Copper is
still a mystery that does not wish to be silenced. A
land where volcanoes are not feared, but revered as
sublime violent acts of Mother Earth. Cascadians are
varied in background and divided thoughts, but yet
hold common beliefs that the forest, mountains and
Pacific is part of their bodies. The pitch of the
fir, cedar and pine is the same substance that runs in
our veins. The moss, soft soil and bark are the skin
to our Mother. The smell of the fallen leaves after
the first frost intoxicates us. Dark grey clouds give
us a motherly comfort. Rain is our brethren in battle
against new comers that wish to steal more of our way
of life or the land we revere.

Historically a nation is a group of people with common
symbolism such as language, culture, religion and etc
that unify them as a group. The group identity called
nationalism emerged out of the Industrial Age as a new
form of political group identity and as a result has
became chauvinistic in many respects to any other form
of group identity. Nationalism with all its chauvinsim
has become yet another stumbling block to finding
harmony between people and Nature. As an emerging
identity "Cascadian" may evolve into a "nation", but
the terms "national" and "nationalism" are limited and
chauvinistic in their regards to the Cascadian love
for diversity. Cascadian identity could be called
regional nationalsim or even eco-nationalism. Yet the
term of "nationalism" has a legacy of hate and
misguided ations. Many of those who look to Nature
have taken to a new approach. This new approach to
identity through diversity in thinking, in human
experience (cultures, histories and commonality) and
ecology is bioregionalism. "Bioregions are geographic
areas having common characteristics of soil,
watershed, climate, native plants and animals ... A
bioregion refers to both the geographical terrain and
a terrain of consciousness -- to a place and the ideas
that have developed about how to live in that place."
Peter Berg. Out of the shared and merging experiences
of the people that have come to be called Cascadian
there is a hope of a new synthesis of thoughts and a
new reverence of Nature that wil be called Cascadia.


Um... 04.Nov.2004 22:13


So, if you're going to do #2, why bother with #1?

Will the Sasquatch Militia be helping out with #2?

Tax Tip 04.Nov.2004 22:30


"community shared alternative fuel vehicles"

The Feds will give you a tax break...prolly not enough to buy one, tho ;)

march on Salem and Olympia! 05.Nov.2004 01:44


We need to organize, grow (within the next few days or weeks) and march on Salem and Olympia!

But before we do that we need to make peace (I know hard to believe) with the police and National Guard. I would recommend we meet with the police unions and "breaking bread" and share concerns about how this Fascist Regime has cut their funding, armed criminals with assault riffles, pushed drugs through their drug wars, undermined the unions and used the police and National Guard as ponds in their Class Warfare!!!!!

A good way to go foreward 05.Nov.2004 02:05


Right on! Heres a good method you might try: ask people you know to sketch out their ideal living situation, and then share and analyze them! A "questionnaire" could suggest key points to think about, such as "where will you get your food from," "how do you envision your daily activities (e.g., exchanging voluntary activities that you enjoy and/or are skilled at", etc.

Then, meet again to see how you can proceed toward the desired place in a series of small, realistic steps. At least get started, and then ask new questions to get you closer to the goal. Because of circumstances beyond our control, the steps and their direction may have to change anyway once youre on the way, so dont fret or get tied up in theoretical detail.

Were all in deep shit, but were in it together, and it is heartening to see this kind of thinking emerge.

ps: Im well aware that the Portland community is very good at this kind of thinking and organizing, but Im just trying to put it into written form for anyone who hasnt started using it yet.

another Cascdian flag 05.Nov.2004 04:52


let this new century be the Cascadian Century! Kwanesum Cascadia!!!


Secession: Legal or Guerilla? 05.Nov.2004 05:32

Wild Green

Legal Secession requires a 2/3rds vote in the State House.

Guerilla Secession requires a diversity of tactics. However, civilians should be __protected__.

In this instance, the successes and the mistakes of the Irish, Spanish Civil War (build on the decentralizing anarchist militias), etc.

The revolution should be in the heart and minds of the Oregon people. No effective guerilla war could be fought without the _support_ of the average person.


Stop all this talk of joining Canada. I don't wanna' join Canada and I doubt most Oregonians do.

Eastern oregon 05.Nov.2004 09:31


Most people in the Willamette valley seem to overlook the rest of Oregon; throughout southern and eastern Oregon, there are many people sympathetic to libertarianism. I think any appeal ought to be made on Libertarian grounds, perhaps a leftist interpretation of libertarianism. Also, it would be a good idea to conduct an economic study of Oregon to better understand how people's lives would change.
When and where would these tax clinics be and who would be holding them? Maybe someone could write a short essay about how and WHY Oregonians ought to opt for tax write offs through local donations rather then paying federal taxes. Someone with some background in tax law.

Quick reality check 05.Nov.2004 09:56

Don't kill the messenger

To have a revolution, you need mass popular support. We don't, and we need to stop pretending that we do. First build a movement, then have a revolution. If you try doing it the other way, it won't work.

As a side note, I am not in Portland right now, but I am very interested in this War Tax Resistors thing. Paying what would be Federal Taxes to local community organizations sounds like a good idea to me. Is there a website or something that I could go to?

why flags? 05.Nov.2004 12:17


flags=nationalism. nation state identity. can't we get away from that?

and for the record, the word is spelled "secede". Today, I've seen seceed and ceceed. And facist. (Its fascist.) I am not just being nitpicky. If you want people to take you seriously, then please check your spelling so you seem intelligent. Intelligence does not mean you know how to spell, just that you have the wherewithal to make it look like you do.

I'm all for cascadian secession, have been for years. But I think you will find that the vast majority of people living here still believe in one nation, indivisible. You can't just force them out or kill them. I won't dance to that kind of revolution. It starts with education, and community building. The people have to WANT it. Not be forced into it by some scary black-clad hoody vanguard.

My personal favorite 05.Nov.2004 13:14


* Waving blue and white stripes: Evokes both the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound as well as the snow capped mountains of the Cascade range
* Field of green: For the lush vegetation of our nation
* Field of Red: For the volcanism and tectonic forces that burn beneath us
* Setting sun: Represents our place at the western edge of the American continent
* Fir cone: Represents rebirth, renewal, and our natural forest resources

Why Flags 05.Nov.2004 13:20

Alexandros of Cascadia

Because the human animal is a social animal that thinks and communicates in symbols. In western civilization group identity (and unity) from sports to countries use symbols (or in Geopolitics we call them iconography) like flags, ethnic or regional food, pasttimes, music and many other banal items as a means of instant messages... we call them in semiotics "memes". And what we need is to create memes of Cascadia merged with memes of secession or annexation to Canada.

you see this is a psychological warfare that Karl Rove wagged against us. And it is on this battlefield that we MUST win! But we also MUST choose and control what specific battlefield we will fight in. When Kerry in the last election was bombarded with questions about his personal war record and could not focus on economy or a number of other Bush failures he could not, because Rove choose and controlled the battlefield with the swift boat topic.

We need to choose and control our battlefield... they have never even pondered that "Americans" might suceed especially the wealthiest regions on Amerika.

Re:Flagburner 05.Nov.2004 13:37


Reality shows that in order to overthrow despotic regimes and their supporters in order to get their jackboots off your neck, at some point you have to kill them. It doesn't always have to come to that first. But it eventually always comes down to that.
Among native born Cascadians, typically the idea of secession is half jokingly popular. All that needs to be done is to make the idea reachable and most importantly serious. Using the Dual Power strategy is the best way I can see. We build infrastructure for necessities and the people's military. As we are more and more successful the People will be taken seriously. When we are taken seriously, this attracts allies with more "resources" to help us. There's a lot more details to discuss, but this is only a comment not a full article on the matter(maybe later).
Anyways, revolutions are fought, not danced.

(on a side note: Emma Goldman's quote about dancing is largely used out of context. She was drunk at a party and dancing with a man she fancied. Some dogmatic asshole came up to her and accused her of behaving in a manner that is not very becoming of a female revolutionary. Then she said it,"If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution." Emma advocated for political violence and revolution her entire life. She was part of an assasination plot and an advocate of the Russian revolution. Misquoting Emma to justify inaction and Ghandian philosophies is wildly misguided.)

flags and simplisity in times of quick movement 05.Nov.2004 13:40

Alexandros of Cascadia

why I propose the tri-colour flag with the conifer tree is that it merges the Oregon licence plate with Washington evergreen and it brings in the British Columbian official tree.

But it most important aspect is its simplity. We need to do this fast and just the three colours alone can become associated quickly with both Cascadia and resistence. The conifer tree is in many ways what we are blaintantly fighting for in the since that we can use the tree again as a symbol of quick identification with. Hence why the more simplistic "tree" (or stik in Chinook) because that by itself without colour can identitfy "Cascadia"... it is basically for its simpleness to spray paint on a wall or sign .. while its obvious cultural signifigance.

Please do not get me wrong the flag from "the Republic of Cascadia" website is a great, but it is complex and does not have that instant association as the tree flag does. And for now we need a quick new creation of a group identity.

its all about semiotics and generating memes

Re:Flagburner 05.Nov.2004 13:52


agreed 100% ... except we are not talking of getting rid of Bush (yet) only leaving his regime to those left in a "United States of Amerika" or as we should call it now Republic of Gilead from Margaret Atwood's "The handmaid's Tale".

Another corporation to avoid 05.Nov.2004 14:31


Boycott Microsoft.
Switch to Linux.
If you don't know how, find a friend who does and ask for help.

The open source movement is the best model for how the grassroots can succeed at throwing off corporate control. Learn it and participate in it.

Cascadian flag. 05.Nov.2004 14:37


There is only one appropriate flag for Cascadia - the solid black. Love, -B

Cascadia: Claimed by the people 05.Nov.2004 19:42


property of no one!

Cascadia: Claimed by the people 05.Nov.2004 21:57

Alexandros of Cascadia

now that is an excellent "meme"!

or maybe as "Cascadia!: Property of no one!"

that could make the perfect slogan... and it could bring in a deeper element from mythology when the cyclop Polyphemos asked Odysseos his name after Polyphemos has been blinded by Odysseos and Odysseos answers taht his name is "no one". And Jules Vernes' literatary character Captain Nemo uses the Latin version has his name "nemo" or "No one" as he gets his revenge against the imperialists.

what we must do: Cascadia 05.Nov.2004 22:00

Alexandros of Cascadia

what we must do:

1.) We MUST this weekend bring the idea of Cascadia and breaking off from Fascist Amerika to consciousness of the general population and by Monday have it be the only conversation in all of Cascadia. Also we must bring the fact that the election was a farce (print out artcles or give websites about this like blackboxvoting.org) and this MUST be part of this dialogue of Cascadia! I would recommend the same if I was in the other "blue" states for their awakening of regional identity separate from Bush's Amerika. This should be done with massive "spamming" and like ACT (American Coming Together.. and if any are reading this well .. you have lists of democrats now who we can bet are disenfranchised :))) I would recommend to the less shy to feel free to talk to your neighbors or that person in the parking lot with a Kerry bumper sticker (this ofcourse should not be limited to democrats, but right now they are more visible). Our goal is simple in this part "To get it to the forefront of every conversation". The goal is the create critical mass. And if you are inclined to put up sighs or wave (any of the Cascadian flags) or create pamplets or print out leaflets talking of Diebold, secession, Cascadia and Cascadian awakening or get on radio talk shows or whatever. The goal is dialogue, awareness, education, generating a new paradigm.. an new group identity with a new future! If this works then Monday even the sold out local media will have to mention it, because everyone will have to talk of it.

repeat to yourself out loud three times "I am a Cascadian!" and have your friends repeated too out loud ... Everyone that I know who has done this says they actually feel Cascadian on the third one.


a.) becareful of dismissive comments like "it will never work" or "you are just have sour grapes" or any the other Phucting dismissive onliners comments that the sheeple spit out. Do not let it down and ignore the jerk and continue on as if the jerk just passed gas.

b.) the Fascist might orchastrate a "national" crisis like a terror alert or even a terrorist act which MUST NOT stop this conversation of Cascadia, secession and election fraud. If this happens the corporate media and authorative figures will make lots of appeals about "healing the nation". They will dismiss any movement to liberate us from the fascists as small and trivial. news personalities will make light of Cascadia or joke that they (we) are wackos. If any think is even in the corporate media the overly paid fascist mouth-pieces (we call news reporters) will end the story with dismissive comments or laughter.

2.) we need a time and place (while there is the energy and motivation... maybe Friday) to have people gather. My idea it a event. here is my suggestion "the All Bush flip off". This must be done through out all Cascadia from Bellingham to San Fransisco and it must be done at the same time. For convience I will use Portland as a example ... Cascadian or disenfranchised Portlanders (remember all the Kerry supporters on Portland's Waterfront) go to either the Waterfront or Pioneer Square and put up a image of Mr Bush (maybe Cheney too) and in one big massive group give them "the finger"! And take pictures from the images perspective of all gathered flipping the Fascists off and send it to the White House. The goal of this is NOT just to give them the collective "finger", but the real goal is to get people physically together to talk of Cascadia, Cascadians and our future! At the same time this should happen in other communities.

From this we can expnd to bring in more Cascadians and eventually we shall march down to Salem or Olympia (for San Fransisco .. I guess you declare yourself the new administrative seat of South Cascadia) and we demand secession NOW!

Before such an event happens we need to bring the police and leaders into our movement. We MUST find out issues that the police and state employees have against the Fascists.. and they do whether they recognize it or not. We need to teach them of the budget cuts, union busting, veteran cuts, issues related to them not being able to effectively do their jobs. We MUST appeal to them as fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers who have the same concerns as all of us do over education, safety, environment, cost of living and so on and so on.


a.) do not let the professional politicians nor charasmatic public figures usurp OUR movement. Especially DO NOT LET some dump as democrat politician tell us that we must "heal" our community or "this will take time" or "I promise you this...." or "I am with you..." ... this MUST be the PEOPLES movement!!! not a time for local celeberties... infact if you see someone who is a public figure look beyond them, smile and go hug the unrelated person behind him or her. I hate how these personalities (remember we are counted as nobodies until they need your vote or buy their product) steal the lime light of the people, of causes, of public attention. We have no time for them and no need for them. Now if they come to be a "nobody" like the rest of us and are honestly there to flip off Fascism and to awaken Cascadia.. then they have my blessings.. and I hope yours too.


Time to Opt Out 06.Nov.2004 11:57

Mark Knapp

Do you share enough values with Evangelical Christians to allow yourself to be governed by their choice in leaders? Why does your local community persist in the belief that being a cog in the U.S. industrial empire is in its best interest? Opt Out America is a web site for those who have abandoned the premise that they have no choice in the matter.

Mark Knapp

Declaring Independence 06.Nov.2004 14:53


For far too long have the Republican radicals oppressed various states and regions under their dominion. Resources are exploited, workers are exploited, taxes are funneled into the corporate war machine over 3,000 miles away. The Supreme Court made up of mostly Bush appointed conservatives has differed with and overturned decisions made by our regional Federal Court in San Francisco. In 1776 Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence, and was motivated by many of the same factors which confront us today. Mainly, the colonies then were being exploited and oppressed by a centralized government over 3,000 miles across the ocean. We are exploited and oppressed by a centralized government 3,000 + miles away on the other side of a continent.

Ralph Nader has a petition requesting congress to begin impeachment inquiries:
It's one more weapon in the war against what may swiftly be becoming a totalitarian regime. I understand it's a long shot, and Bush has his fundamentalist cronies in key positions of power - but anything that might draw media attention, curb his war policies, and cause people to question Bush's politics is worth the effort.
And those of you who are young adults, or have teenage kids, do you want to see them heading off to war in the next 2 to 4 years in Iran, or Syria, or North Korea: whatever is next on Bush's expansionist agenda?

concerns which must be addressed 06.Nov.2004 17:12


Seceding is an interesting idea. We need to organize our own communities BEFORE HAND, so that we, when faced with the need to defend something, have something other than just ideals to defend. Seceding is going to get us nowhere if we don't have a clear plan. If we are interested in liberating people we will DO AWAY WITH HIERARCHY- and all hierarchical situations. Seeing as how we live in a fucked up, capitalist, dominate-or-be-dominated society, we will need to be doing A LOT of teaching, de-socializing, healing, etc. We can not afford to make compromises if we want this to amount to anything, i.e. NO oppression, whatsoever. Oppression is what ruins society, people, the environment. We all have oppressive qualities, and we need to deal with them.
If we do not take this fact into account, this revolution will go the way of our first Amerikan one, leading to a corrupt fascist state. Liberal politics will not save us, politics will not save us. Concrete human interactions will. If these concerns are not addressed then all our efforts will, in effect, be for nothing.
Just because you are a pot smoking hippy, or Kucinich supporter, or vegan, or whatever, doesn't mean you aren't fully capable of fucking everybodie's lives, complete adherence to anti-oppression is necessary. When we reject ALL oppression, then we will have something to aspire to, a reasonable living habitat, freedom, peace. Nothing else is really worth it.
If all this seems far fetched to you, or if you see yourself leaning towards compromises which will alter people's lives in a controlling, negative way, than you are not ready for a real revolution, period.
Hell, I'm probably not ready yet, but we all must get there.

what is being talked about here is good. Self sustainability and dual power all the way! Take back your life!

P.S. solid black flag--- or red & black, or pink & black, whatever and black, if we really do NEED flags...

Learn Chinook Jargon 06.Nov.2004 19:56

Dumb Californian

You guys need to learn Chinook Jargon. That is the original lingua franca of your region and resistance must first start at the cultural level in a real revolution, plus it will make it less worth the enemy's while to bother learn Chinook Jargon when linguistically he has bigger fish to fry on the other side of the world. Just a suggestion.

What do I do? 07.Nov.2004 10:37

Oni ohmsford@riseup.net

Yeah, you all sure talk a lot about secession but how do you intend to actually accomplish that goal? by sitting on IMC and posting to convince everyone that it's right? WRONG! You have to get out there and show these folks that we can choose to change the system we live in. The suggestions above are a good start, but they don't address the needs of those who are beyond thinking that things can change. The poor, hungry, sick working classes of North portland and outer SE. These people don't want bio-diesel, they want food for their children. We have to make basic resources available to everyone and show them that our community can support itself before we can effectively stage a revolution. The second civil war will not be fought with guns and bombs, but with shovels and kindness. Once we gain the support of our communities then we'll be prepared to fight. Until then, where does one plug in? How do you help out your neighbors? How do you feed your community? One group that's working on these problems in a realistic manner is the (C)ommunity (I)ndependence (P)roject. I hope to see some others post to this thread as well, and I expect to see all of you sign up to volunteer to do something, because otherwise you're just a weekend revolutionary. You can contact the CIP at  CommunityIP@hotmail.com or contact me for more information at  ohmsford@riseup.net
Thanks for your time.
"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees" -Emiliano Zapata

p.s.- Flags are symbols of nationalism and if theres a revolution in Cascadia I intend for it to be one away from those sorts of ideas. I don't want to see "government" on a level any larger than that of a neighborhood association. So keep your flags and wave them from your house, they may be your symbolism, but don't think they're mine. I'll be sticking with the classic red and black by the way.

4124 NE 28th Portland, OR 97211

Bullshit. 07.Nov.2004 15:21


Communist leadership against national liberation struggles? Here we go again! WTF? Does this mean that I shouldn't support indegenious peoples struggles because they're national liberation struggles? Or perhaps I should try to tokenize them by defining them in Communitst/anarchist terms. Sorry I believe that municipalities unlike "nations" are democraticly governable. It's a question of size. What we need is a national federation of free and socially progressive municipalities, that includes indegenious nations, working together as a common front against facism, and for equality.

Learn Chinook Jargon 07.Nov.2004 22:24

Alexandros of Cascadia

Dear Dumb Californian

I agree. I think we, Cascadians, need a renassance in our shared cultures and Chinook jargon was one of the shared features. There are some excellect websites on Chinook Jargon and many of the words can be read daily was we travel through out Cascadia. As part of this awakening to our bioregional identity (not nationalist as in the historical sense with all its chauvanism .. ethnic, religious, linguistic, sexist and many other characteristic that humans hate eachother over) Chinook reflected an important phase in the regional history. Chinook jargon is a great way to bring people together and discover lots of history that has been buried.

to start this up here is a great Chinook wawa (language) word "kwanesum" meaning "forever" or "long live".

Kwanesum Cascadia!

Bad news 08.Nov.2004 00:54

Ack nagasakinightmare1945@yahoo.com

Hey Marmot, as much as I hate bringing personal attacks into any public media form, it will be your fault when the bloody revolution occurs, and people still rot in prisons, starve in the streets, face inequality at every turn.
Hierarchy IS VIOLENCE!
The only reason free states haven't worked yet is because of people like you, claiming we need rulers to keep us safe from ourselves. Safe from peace, is more like it. What are you scared of? Are you so insecure, so full of hatred and fear that you couldn't deal with this world on your own terms, on the peoples terms at large, rather than a few privileged people's terms?
We're not communist, and anyone with half a complete political analysis would be ashamed to be lumped in with them. Our reasoning is based on human reality, concrete logic.
We want DEMOCRACY- more than any statist like you could ever understand.
Democracy is the people having their say, government is a few people making decisions and profiting. It's injustice. Get over it. If you're going to spout hateful propaganda about how we need a government, it will be YOU that WE are fighting.
And like Oni stated, we won't be fighting you with guns or bombs. You will be passed by and ignored in our real revolution, while you sit in ignorant judgment. You will die of old age, and with you, your fucked up dreams of domination. We will live on- and live in peace at that.

Indigenous people have been fucked over time and time again, and indigenous peoples everywhere should have the natural right to whatever land they inhabit, or once did. It is ridiculously fucked up to argue that white folks belong here, or anyone other than native Americans, I agree with you there, except that I don't really care who you are or what tribe you are from, what color your skin, if you are oppressing people, that is wrong.
Government is government is government. Sexism, homophobia, repression, etc. is oppression, be it native or no, and should not be tolerated from anyone.
At the same time, national liberation struggles aren't inherently statist or authoritarian. Native people can and do struggle for leader-less nations, quite often, despite what you may hope or believe.

P.S. Ack is really my name. What's yours? Put up your e-mail or contact if you want to chat without just flaming back and forth on IMC.

P.S. 08.Nov.2004 01:05


Stop appropriating other people's culture. Unless you are a native, it makes little sense for us to start speaking the language, etc. It is a lip service, a trendy, hip, quick fix to a deep problem.
I agree that their language sounds better than ours, but we could be doing SO MUCH MORE to actually work at ending the oppression that native peoples face to this day. It seems like nothing short of ridiculous liberal fixation, us "bringing back the culture", and it would only be appropriate to "bring it back" when we weren't still oppressing it. Join the struggle for liberation, rather than just picking up it's style.

This land does have a rich past, we should honor it in a fitting manner, with nothing less than the complete destruction of white privilege and all oppression.

appropriation & Chinook Jargon 08.Nov.2004 12:43

bellingham cascadian bradsukol(at)yahoo.com

Cultural appropriation is a real problem indeed, even (especially?) in biocentric approaches to regionalism. As far as chinook jargon goes, take a look at what it is. It is not the language of a single group, but a mish-mashed amalgamation of the languages of many groups whose need/desire to communicate with members of other groups w/ different languages, which eventually included Euro.'s. Is the chinook jargon of the 1850's used by native groups and euro.'s any less a Chinook jargon than that spoken in the 1650's exclusively by native elements? What about a shared well of words (taken from a variety of sources) used today? Use of this Jargon seems to me a little contrived, for sure, but not a case of appropriation as it was a fluid language taking from a number of disparate sources--each with a valid claim to its use (and, in this case future).

appropriation & Chinook Jargon 08.Nov.2004 15:10

Alexandros of Cascadia

I know all that of Chinook Jargon.. infact when you hear it well.. it sounds French because a large amount of words in it are French. It contains lots of French and English words as well as Chinese, Hawai'ian, Russian and many other loan words. It is a great linguistic snapshot of the region in the 1860s. What I am suggesting is something of what I think you refered to as a "shared well" .. I actually say "linguistic reservoir" that we can dip into. Though I also strongly believe that the jargon should be part of the k-12 education system for numerous reasons.


best site:  http://www.cayoosh.net/hiyu/

1000 Heads, Buried in 1000 Asses 08.Nov.2004 19:05

One Human Being

I might say that I can't believe what I'm reading, but then, I can believe it. Still, in the face of the political tasks at hand, it really is unbelievable.

Bicycle co-ops? Ripping up credit cards? Seceding from the Union?

Hell, why don't we just organize a really BIG letter-writing campaign, and maybe we can persuade Bush & Co. to listen to US more! Yeah, that's it ... let's write a LOT of letters! And bigger protests!


The tasks we face transcend all of this! This is not about urban versus rural, bicycles versus cars, blacks versus whites, gays versus straights, or "Cascadia" versus the rest of the planet. And since the Democratic Party is dead, it's no longer about D's versus R's. And since Nader is just a shadow of the Democratic Party, which was always a shadow of the GOP, wipe that slate clean, too.

Think bigger! Stop thinking of the next election. Hell, assume we'll lose that one too. Don't think strategically. Think historically!

The only true political bond and perspective that we ALL share, even betweeen the Portland liberal and the Nebraska farmer and the Iraqi shopkeeper and the British welder is that we are the workers. This is the only political perspective that is worth developing ... because Bush & Co. sure as hell have developed it. They know they are at the top, and the rest of us are at the bottom, and that just enough of the "reds" can be persuaded every four years to put them back in power by scaring them about gays, flag-burning or whatever.

Don't accept the Balkanization of politics! This is not about "Cascadia"! That is the most ridiculous brand of provincalism, good only for those who refuse to look beyond the end of their own nose.

Bury provincalism! Abandon nationalism! Celebrate your heritage, whatever it is, but put identity politics aside, because none of these things offer a foundation for an international, working-class perspective. That is the only way to confront the monster of capitalism that is bearing down on EVERYONE.

Re: 1000 Heads, Buried in 1000 Asses 09.Nov.2004 14:49

Alexandros of Cascadia

first of all it is not "nationalism" if we awaken this energy right it is bioregionalism. It can potentially transcend the group identities of nationalism, proletariatism (which traditionally seen Nature as something to control), racism and all the other chauvanisms that humans have used to alienate, exclude and oppress. I can not say whether this surge in Cascadianism will lead to bioregionalism or just panic as the new brownshirts step on us. But I can hope and act upon this and encourage us to thing in a new paradigm of bioregionalism. I have been pushing Cascadian Bioregionalism for over ten years and ultimately it is to transcend the current concept of nation-state borders, but ultimately Cascadianism is a self reflective process that reframes our interaction and being with the eco-systems we live, work and play in.

"Bioregionalism is a fancy name for living a rooted life. Sometimes called "living in place," bioregionalism means you are aware of the ecology, economy and culture of the place where you live, and are committed to making choices that enhance them.

A bioregion is an area that shares similar topography, plant and animal life, and human culture. Bioregions are often organized around watersheds, and they can be nested within each other. Bioregional boundaries are usually not rigid, and often differ from political borders around counties, states, provinces and nations. Ideally, bioregions are places that could be largely self-sufficient in terms of food, products and services, and would have a sustainable impact on the environment."

Second the partition of the SuperPower that is Fascist Amerika would disable their imperial hold and influence on the world. We of Cascadia and the other Blue States would be dismantling or at least hindering in Mr Bush's global tyrrany. We owe it to the world to hinder this fascist empire.

Sustainable Ballard, part of Cascadia 10.Nov.2004 09:47

Dance Salmon

Cascadians, these four things are sacred, and cannot be taken away from us and privatized: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The Fifth Sacred Thing is the Spirit that makes this happen and that too, cannot be taken from us.

I am part of a nonprofit group committed to finding out how to live in the Post Carbon world after the collapse of the oil economy, which is coming soon. If you really want to stop our enslavement in the economy and banking industries as we now know it, I recommend you read Michael Ruppert's message "SNAP OUT OF IT!" written just after the 2004 elections. We cannot win militarily, but we can stop funding the machine. That is his whole point, and I must say I agree.

Secondly, please check out our website www.sustainableballard.org which is a resource of links that we would like to be used as a blueprint for every town USA, in particular for the Northwest. We need, urgently, practical, implementable models of sustainability NOW, before we become fully enslaved by privatisation by the corporations.

Remember Bolivia and how they tossed Bechtel Corporation out of the country over Bechtel's privatization of water. People were getting arrested for having rainbarrels!

If you are in doubt, remember Cuba: with the collapse of the Soviet Empire, Cuba lost over 50% of its oil and caloric (food) intake from imports. They have since 1990 gone completely organic, and are feeding their people from within the cities and nearby (short distance farms). The also have the world's highest literacy rate, and lowest infant mortality rate. See www.peakoilaction.org, and look for the article from Community Solutions.org www.communitysolutions.org

ONE THIRD of Havanna's land mass now is urban gardens for food. Must look beautiful.

We need to learn how to get off the grid NOW.

-Plant trees bearing fruit, nuts, medicinal properties in any space you can. This needs to be done immediately, because it will take minimum five years for these trees to bear fruit. The landscape needs to be a provider of food within the cities and surrounding areas because mass transport of goods will collapse in short order

-work with natural medicines and herbalists to plant medicinal plants for healing in gardens. The pharmaceutical industry is sure to collapse as well.

-Develop a system for capturing rainwater, distribution, purification for human consumption; Water will be the "oil" of the 21st century as things get worse.

-Plan new transportation systems using biodiesel, bicycle transport (trucks, etc.) and look at the Cuban model for inspiration.

-as MUCH AS POSSIBLE, buy nothing, use nothing, pay for nothing, that has oil as its primary base ingredient, or requires excess energy to transport or grow. Support hemp clothing, support thrift stores, support used furniture stores, support mass transit and bikes, support your farmers markets and organic foods; support your midwives and naturopathic/herbal healers, and support your revolutionaries, and finally support each other.

-Plan safety communities and safehouses. When we come under attack and harrassment, find systems by which you can support each other from prosecution/persecution/physical harm.

-Practice nonviolence, and full communication. Learn Sign Language, and support the deaf community, learn from their methods of providing information, learn from the natives, the minorities, single moms and dads, kids.

-Plan new currency forms that get off the greenback. There are many alternaive community economy models out there now in use that we can benefit from.

-Tear up useless asphalt areas and plant trees (think food and gardens)

-The list of course is endless, but also fully embrace the vision of a new future, and support your musicians and poets to come up with a new song of Cascadia that everyone can sing and dance to.

-See End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream. Suburbs will be the new slums of the next twenty years.

This is just a start, but I think we have just witnessed the beginning of the end of the US as a unified country. Can we make a go of it on our own here? Let's do it.

Cascadian Flag 03.Jul.2005 16:48


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