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what happened to pdx imc

You may notice a certain change this morning on pdx imc. Your posts arent showing up and you are only able to access the nov 3rd action page.

This is on purpose. portland indymedia is a community resource for the communities of the portland metro area and cascadia in general. WE encourage you to take some tangible action today and report on it when you have the chance.
All the regular posting works, it is just currently unavailable. That will all be available after this day. Now is the time to take back our lives. We will be broadcasting from our web radio studio, pushing through relevant local original articles. imcistas will be in the streets with you encouraging you to report your story.

This is an experiment as we attempt to make pdx imc more useful, and try to re-align it with the visions we had when we started this site. This is open to community involvement and discussion, we will be experimenting with other things in the future.

For now, revolt.

ps. this msg in no way reflects anyone that aligns themselves with pdx imc. this is only a reflection of one persons understanding and the greater portland indymedia movement has in no way endorsed the sentiments here. I encourage everyone to have their own perspectives.
take some action today 03.Nov.2004 12:20

another imcista

Blackboxvoting is hard at work, holding the voting business accountable.

Whatever your inclination, do something today. Take some action. Talk to your neighbors, go out and protest, post flyers, make phone calls, hold a silent vigil of mourning for the spirit of democracy, fast, etc

Take some action, then report it on the site, whatever it is, whether it is small, or just a personal thing.

??? 03.Nov.2004 12:23


> author: imcista
> imcistas will be in the streets with you encouraging you
> This is an experiment as we attempt to make pdx imc more useful
> revolt.
> ps. this msg in no way reflects anyone that aligns themselves with pdx imc

This is too much. This is definitely trying to have it both ways.

Thank you, but... 03.Nov.2004 12:26

Lazy Faire

Sometimes discussion of ideas is more "action" than going places and moving objects.

Sometimes we interact and create change through communication.

Yes, I will see you there.

Write the prez 03.Nov.2004 12:27


Let's deluge some email boxes:

President George W. Bush:  president@whitehouse.gov
Vice President Richard Cheney:  vice.president@whitehouse.gov

erm 03.Nov.2004 12:39



aint nothin stoppin ya - discuss away

I wondered 03.Nov.2004 12:41


Thanx for the explanation. I wondered what happened to my fine article on the PPRC action last night.

Vancouver's action will NOT happen today. I am changing my evening plans to come to Pioneer Square and the Pinksters. I am an Emma Goldman fan and Pinkster who can't let us down. I listened to Kerry's concession speech, but won't listen to the Shrub. He is STILL not my president! peace.

Interesting 03.Nov.2004 12:55


Interesting experiment, but I hope there will a thoughtful evaluation afterwards. Thanks for trying something new.

don't get it 03.Nov.2004 13:30

king friday

seems like a bad idea, deleting otherwise useful dialogue so all's there is local action stuff. it's not like the board is so busy action stuff is buried. maybe make a section for it instead, seems all is really going on is posts are being deleted.

clarification 03.Nov.2004 13:43


this part of the text has been called into question as confusing: "ps. this msg in no way reflects anyone that aligns themselves with pdx imc. this is only a reflection of one persons understanding and the greater portland indymedia movement has in no way endorsed the sentiments here. I encourage everyone to have their own perspectives."

what i am saying there is that this was decided at a public meeting last week. this doesnt reflect those that werent at the meeting and all the people that post local original content to the site that had no input at the meeting.

ALos, this might be a better wording for the first part:

"The site will temporarily be
focusing only on news related to the post election actions. Please
continue posting other news too - please be patient as it won't show up
until tommorrow."

Over controlling 03.Nov.2004 14:32


Glad to hear that this is an 'experiment.'

Problem is, you can't stop time to force people into the streets.

Events happen and people respond differently. Some work online, some elsewhere. Screen captures, stories reposted, discussions reposted regarding the national election in the first few hours are CRITICAL to the correct understanding in the months and years ahead, of what the heck happened that day. Anyone working on 9/11 knows that every comment, image, repost, screen capture, etc. can make or break a theory.

Trying to block a natural process is likely not going to stop it. People will simply go elsewhere. As most things in nature do.

re: reader 03.Nov.2004 15:00

indy geek

:::laughs::: relax, take a deep breath

the point is to shake up the fixated mindset of what the site is, and mark the beginning of a new phase for the site. Tomorrow the site will likely be back as it was (with some changes coming), and in the meanwhile, you can post your thoughts here.

the whole election farce is over - time for some fresh air - it is a beautiful day out!

relax, take a deep breath 03.Nov.2004 18:48


Some are part of *that* gene pool, and some are part of the ones getting the NY State DA to reopen the investigation into 9/11.

It takes all types. And all types are necessary.

But even just one day of the site being effectively 'shut' to a certain type of info is only responding to one gene pool, ignoring everyone else. Controlling their flow of info for a pre-determined reason.

Some 9/11 sites get 5000 visits per day. One day down can mean that 5000 more people who could have changed things, never gets the info they needed.

re repost's comment, the mixed message of PIMC's Nov.3? 03.Nov.2004 19:56


In trying to 'tell people how to behave,' what makes this different in practice from any other one party state on planet earth. Yes, according to others above, I think you took more away than added to it sadly enough. It really shocked me. And if our comments are useless as the above indy editor has surmised, than you should find a way to make your editorial posts publishable without any feedback allowed, or perhaps you would prefer the methods of subdermal injection?

And as a compliment, some changes to what I consider something near perfection is not good. ;-)

I am curious to see what happens to PIMC, and hopefully it will manifest itself as an improvement instead of a retrenchment. A retrenchment is what I see happened today... I don't want this great place to take on an animosity between (false separations) between editors and posters, which to be frank, is a totally artificial separation that seems to have started off in the minds of tech-editors and NOT with the majority of the posters/clientele or whathaveyou that appear here. I get my info from here a lot.

I don't like the animosity that seems to have built up over this change so far. I look forward though to see what the great creative efforts of the team at PIMC can dream up.

hyperbole? 03.Nov.2004 20:10


Or can you people really not tell the difference between making suggestions and telling people what to do or how to behave? I mean, get over yourselves. If the volunteers want to try and focus their coverage on people who have not spent the day behind a computer I think that's great.

bitch, bitch, bitch, no wonder most imc's fall apart. Those that do the most work get the most shit.

Great coverage on the radio today so thanks to all who made/are making that happen.

ha 03.Nov.2004 20:44

indy dude


Nothing that has ever been done with the site has pleased everyone. So it goes.

Responding to the above post, there just is no animosity towards commenters from folks who volunteer.

Two straight elections have been blatantly stolen. In 2000 they showed how they would do it, everyone knew about the voting machines. Now they have done just what was predicted and are looking like they are going to get away with it.

Nobody should take the site for granted. Who knows, under the emerging repressive state, how long such resources will last. The whole situation is unknown.

How much can the state apparatus get away with? The question really becomes, at what point will people say no? At what point will people be willing to step past the basic obedience that controls the people of this country?

Goddess Bless us all -

to supporter 03.Nov.2004 20:46


Yes, that is the anomosity I am talking about that I see as totally artificial, makebelieve, and divisive.


. 03.Nov.2004 23:10


I sure would like it if people were more tolerant and less ready to be critical about stuff that is just trivial really. Sometimes I get really tired of how rough and often mean people can be on the site.