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solidarity from london

just a short summary of what i saw
hey i've been watching election coverage over on the other side of the atlantic on the bbc. early on (for about a day or two before the election, right up until the votes started coming in), they had commentator after commentator come on to say that america's record voter turnout was most likely going to give kerry a victory. they had story after story about kerry and how he supports black and young voters, and how these voters were going to, with their large turnout, create a kerry victory. they condemned bush for his mistakes in iraq and his religious fundamentalism. they went on, as they do in the states, to call kerry a "flip flopper". rove's fingerprints were all over this election.

so i found that although the coverage was a bit different than in the states when i was there, it was still very twisted and dishonest. they mentioned the votes that were thrown away last election in florida as if it were some theory, rather than as a fact. i had a little bit more faith in the bbc before i came here. i knew they weren't great, but now i am horribly disappointed.

as far as the mood on the streets here in london (i can't speak for everybody), most people that i've spoken to are bewildered. they sincerely thought that kerry had it in the bag. bush is viewed very negatively here, especially with the black watch troops having to go back and help out the americans while they were supposed to be on leave during the holidays. and with margaret hassan about to get murdered while blair refuses to even directly address the issue.

once again it's the poor being pitted against the poor. the poor kids who end up in the american army to get them out of a rough situation. the poor arabs that get recruited into terrorist cells, with a promise that life will get better. or the suicide bombers, with the promise of heaven. it's america's poor fighting iraq's poor. and the bushes and bin ladens sit comfortably at home, far away from all the danger. we must stop fighting our arab brothers and sisters and rise up instead against the rich, our true oppressors.

just a thought.
waiting 03.Nov.2004 13:21


It is good to hear from someone 'on the other side'. Thank you for the comments. We are also bewildered!

Thanks Evolution 03.Nov.2004 14:21


Tell everyone you see, this was a sham. Let the world know that we, the people of America, do not support GWB or what he has done. The corporate media will not tell you, and it will not be reported here. But we are rising up.