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Open call for a formal black bloc!!!

This is an open call to anyone willing to black bloc. Pioneer Square 4:30pm
If we don't stand up and fight for what we want who will?
If we don't stand up and fight for what we want who will?
This is an open call to anyone willing to black bloc. We need to stand up against bush and his imperialism. We can do this by taking back are streets and making are selfs heard! We need a big turn out today so bring your friends.

We will meet at Pioneer Square at 4:30pm
You can have the streets, so what? 03.Nov.2004 10:42


What's the point of taking to the streets? Do you think that anything will be accomplished by mildly disrupting traffic patterns for a few hours? These means of expression are tired, uncreative, and ineffective. Lets have something a little more pointed and imaginative. We are fighting a battle for people's hearts and minds, and this method of going about it is simply to predictable and uninteresting at this point, nobody will think twice about it. It's time for specific collective projects and a profuse spewing of beautiful absurdities that will suprise and perplex. Come on.

I Agree!!! 03.Nov.2004 10:58


work your pen....not your shoes!

Good luck blackbloc! And thank you! 03.Nov.2004 11:08


To anyone taking to militancy today, or any other day , to express their rage at injust pain and suffering when love and joy feels so damn good, at being lied at in a world where truth heals... and at all of the FUCKED up voting fraud, poverty, incaceration, forced drugging, long work days, and BULLSHIT this machine puts on us. THANK YOU to those willing to FIGHT with all their hearts. Good luck today, and please report back.

if enough people are there 03.Nov.2004 11:14

some kid

is down.

I will be there 03.Nov.2004 11:44


If the lefties at Pioneer Sq. are going to become "Peace Cops" than I see no point in joining them in a solidarity movement against empire. If organized organizations would like to see a united front against imperialism, for health care, for equal treatment of all people, for education, than quit walking hand in hand with the city, police, and homeland security thugs whenever it seems like things are becomming uncomfortable and may contradict the permit obtained. If you think that certain forms of direct action are "boring" and "unimaginative" than do your own thing, just don't work against those who explore other tactics please.

That being said, if some members of the bloc(s) would kindly not completely ignore folks and then bitch about not being heard/represented, etc. it would be kind of nice. Some people out there really do support bloc actions even if they don't participate in them. If people have a reasonable question, why not answer it? You know the one's like: why do you wear black, what's with the masks, do you have a light, etc. Sullen looks of hatred and despair directed at some people are fun, but not really necessary. This obviously does not include media-types or cops.

See you on the streets!

we won't show the white flag 03.Nov.2004 12:01


I didn't bring any shit to block up with today. If anyone can bring some extra bandannas it would be greatly appreciated. Fuck the PPD, fuck the politicians, lets make some fucking noise.

Yeeeehawww...Wez gots a showdown 03.Nov.2004 12:33

Cowboy Danny Rumpass

Block up tonight my peps. We are down with these folk.

ok! 03.Nov.2004 12:54

supply for demand

xtra bandanas-check
water x's 2-check
small amounts of snack items-check
jail support #-check
fed the cat-check

See you there!

Beautiful Ideas _AND_ Black Blocs 03.Nov.2004 14:37

have my bloc and eat it too

Don't find contradictions where there are none. Let's face it, we need rooftoporchard's ideas AND a black bloc!! There's no reason why both cannot coexist and synergize into revolution!

See You There! 03.Nov.2004 15:51


We'll be there.