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Vancouver's Rally Postponed

Today's proposed action has been cancelled.
Today's proposed action in downtown Vancouver's E.S. Park has been cancelled. We choose to be part of national call-out, which has not been made, as it sadly appears that bush does in fact represent the strange majority in this sick country. We're holding, till call-out is made, & we will respond to it. Vancouver For Peace members are freed up to join other actions today, as we did last nite at Portland Marriott's republican election nite headquarters.

For those who are feeling spiritual & would like a peaceful place in which to think, reflect, meditate, center in, or whatever, you are welcome into St Luke's Episcopal Parish, where we'll have the sanctuary open from 6-9pm. We're in Vancouver, at Fourth Plain & F, a couple blocks west of I-5. I myself need calming. Peace to all of you, sisters & brothers.

Den Mark, Vancouver
Get Down With PDX! 03.Nov.2004 12:23


Get Down With PDX! 5pm Pioneer Square!!!

Even Tho 03.Nov.2004 16:54

Den Mark, Vancouver

Even tho our national partners did not issue a call-out, & so VFP did not pass one on, a group of us met in the Park anyway & planned what we do next. We are not afraid, we are not going away, & we will work hard, for Justice.

Does anyone know of Organized Protests to BUSH Ottawa visit 20.Nov.2004 13:54

Brian Peterman brianpeterman@hotmail.com

I feel frustrated to be able to express my opposition to BUSH being allowed into CANADA. As far as i can see he is a War Criminal. IS there any organized protest organized to his upcoming visit to OTTAWA. I am feeling like i would like to participate...  brianpeterman@hotmail.com