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Election Fraud!

The expected and obvious has become a horrible reality. Now what are Americans prepared to do?
Exit polls and 'actual' results don't match; Evoting states show greater discrepancy
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An analysis of exit polling, which showed Kerry with a tighter margin and leading in myriad states, raises serious questions about the authenticity of the popular vote in several key states.

The analysis, conducted by a poster at the popular Democratic forum, Democratic Underground, suggests possible voter fraud in states that do not have electronic voting receipts.

In Florida, Bush led exit polling by CNN of more than 3 million voters by just 5355 votes. Yet he led by 326,000 in the end result. This morning, CNN changed their exit polling to favor Bush, saying that had overweighted African American voters.

In Wisconsin, where exit polls put Kerry up seven percent, Bush has a lead of one percent, an unexplained difference of eight percent.

In New Mexico, Kerry led Bush by 3.8 percent, yet Bush leads Kerry by 3 percent in actual reported voting.

In Minnesota, where a new law sharply restricts reporters' access to polls, Kerry led 9.6 percent in exit polling. Actual voting counts found that Bush trailed by 5 percent, with a 5 percent discrepancy favoring Bush.

Exit polls put Kerry up by 8 percent in Michigan; actual results show Bush trailing by just 3 percent.

New Hampshire, which has electronic voting but provides verified receipts, exit polling is within 0.1 percent of the actual vote. Kerry led by 3 percent in exit polling, and 2.9 percent in the actual vote.

Kerry does not gain by any significant margin in actual voting in any state for which analysis has been conducted.