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Do We feel a Draft?

3 November 2004


The greatest pleasure was in seeing the confusion in the eyes of the experts on teevee. They really have become accustomed to calling results within an hour or two of the closing of the first polls. They clearly don't like the uncertainty.

But there is something else. I sense that the American news corporations don't like this 50/50 split down the centre of their markets. To which 50 do they play? How do they arrange their teevee schedules? How do they consolidate their market share? How do they respond at CNN and FOX, for example, to the fact that they put everything they have into converting an incumbent wartime president into a Caesar riding up Pennsylvania Avenue with flower petals festooning the roadway beneath the wheels of his humvee chariot?

Something is deeply wrong in the script.

So Bush wins (despite my prediction that he would lose) and Kerry, dedicated system man that he is will undoubtedly call for America to come together etc. etc. and then will retire to Castle Heinz to live out his daze.

And the basic problem facing the American empire will still exist. There are not enough soldiers in the volunteer army to achieve victory in either Afghanistan or Iraq. There must be a draft in order to consolidate those oil rich territories. Yet how can there be a draft in a country which is split in two along deeply ideological lines.

So I say let the Christian Evangelists (supposedly 100 million strong) supply the sons and daughters to fill the body bags. You want world domination then serve up your own cannon fodder. Let your sons and daughters go straight to heaven for your cause just as the sons and daughters of Usama bin Laden are doing. That's what I have to say about that (if I can slip into my metaphorical box of chocolates moment).

Do Americans feel safer with President Bush as their leader in their so-called "war on terror"? Apparently so, at least in sufficient numbers to put him in for a second term. It seems passing strange to me that they do not register that it was on his watch that the former Bush business partner from the Saudi Sector did the 9/11 thing. Bush attracted the heightened level of terror and now he defends America against the very thing that his regime attracted in the first place. What a convolution!

So what now of Iran and Syria? When will Bush admit to his citizens that he cannot finish the job in Iraq without more troops. When will he admit to his citizens that he cannot consolidate his grip on Iraq without taking a similar grip on Syria and Iran? Iraq may have to be crushed into powder so that it might be reconstructed into a Bush Golem but it will not stand at that distance from Washington, D.C. while Syria and Iran sit on each side of its borders... across lines drawn in the sand by some long since dead cartographers.

In a much more ancient civilisation, China, there will be some smiling and nodding of heads this night. America will fall as an empire because it is a deeply divided constituency with a dangerously over-extended military force.

In the corridors of financial power there will be some deep frowns and shaking of heads. Their largest debtor nation is just not up to the job of delivering the kind of international security that their arrangements and agreements require in order to maintain the proper growth of profit. Their allegiance to the operatives in America will now be paper thin.

But now I want to take a moment to thank all of the political activists inside America who have struggled so mightily to hold issues of importance in public view. My respects and propers to all of you!! Whether you are Greens or Naderists or uneasy Democrats or socialists or anarchists I tip my cap to your efforts. But most of all this morning I tip my cap to those who I know to be life-long Republicans who have voted against Bush. And I know at least a handful of this latter group.

When the sun comes up the new work begins. As I have kept telling myself, privately and in little scribblings like this, it makes little difference in my world view whether Bush or Kerry stand for the next four years as President and/or incipient Emperor. To have the kind of peace and justice filled community that interests me this has been a night of passing historical importance.

Tomorrow I will find a Syrian and an Iranian and offer them a hug