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rise up

Now we will see what we are made of.
This election has clearly been stolen. No one should be daunted by the 'popular vote count;' it represents millions of stolen and altered votes, and millions of uncounted votes.
If one hundred twenty million people voted, three million votes are well within the 'margin of error,' or should I say 'margin of theft?'

The results will be reversed. That doesn't seem obvious now, but it will become more and more obvious as 'provisional' and absentee votes are counted, and as the courts force re-votes as the Diebold machines run afoul of recount laws. The exit polls do not match the Diebold results—no surprise, as the left has been warning of the Republicans' black box vote-stealing machines for years. In the meantime, I intend to keep the pressure on, in the streets, on people's media, face-to-face, because I will not accept another fascist election theft.

Here in Oregon the theocratic Right has succeeded in passing an electoral hate crime. It will be reversed in the courts. In the meantime I will be in the face of the bigots; silence equals death.

Some may argue that the outcome doesn't matter. Now that the election has been stolen by dedicated fascists, it does matter. Bush intends world war, ecological and climatic collapse, and a complete police-state lockdown at home.

The following week or so will be the most trying and exhilarating time of our lives. It will challenge us to our most daring and exhausting efforts, but we will win; and when we win, and defeat the Bush/Rove/Cheney junta, our work will have just begun. Today we must decide on tactics—should there be a general strike? A daily street presence? New and creative tactics?

I am up before dawn on this November 3rd, because it is time to fight; it is time for each of us to rouse the warrior spirit within her. If you need courage, think of your favorite child, imagine holding that child, imagine defending that child against the horrors that the Bush residency represents. How far would you go? What would stop you? The 'child' is your own hopes and dreams for a rational and peaceful world. It is something you—and we all—deserve.

Rise up.