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The Daily Poetry Movement

You are educated. You know that it doesn't matter. But you want to make it matter to them as much as they wanted to make it matter to you, ya dig? You knew that they were going to steal the election again. You know that the election was decided somewhere in a back room then scripted by corpy media. How sad they will be when they lose. We will rise up! Bush lost because of the war. He hid it. Despotic evil ruler!
Poem: Storming the Desert

By John Tomlin

No more dumb bombs

for DEATH --

they're smart now.

Had an education

on how to seek out

that little extracurricular

bit of flesh

and sear it RED.

They're not dumb any more --


"we produce smart

ones now"

finely honed by


as precise

as their


intelligent enough

to round corners

wait at red lights

enter shelters


dumb women

dumb children

dumb men

dumb elders


and burn to

steaming tar

their totally