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An Anarchist Responds To The Lefties

The lefties keep telling me they're going to move to Canada or some other foreign country if Bush wins. My message: do it! The movement anticipating real change will be better off without you.
Perhaps you don't understand where the anarchist movement is coming from on this one. Running the same white man every four years is the least progressive thing you can do. The movement within america that wishes real change isn't looking for your homophobic war-mongering neocon. If we wanted that, we'd vote motherfucking bush. For many of us, a brick is the only ballot we have available at our disposal. See, when you fight, you're fighting often for noble things like contraception and counter-racism, but you're missing the big picture. When we, anarchists, fight, we're literally fighting for our lives. Losing, for us, will entail us existing no more.

We're done asking presidents questions like "have you ever smoked pot?" or "boxers or briefs?". Those are beyond trivial. The question that needs to be asked is "Do you see an end to Americans killing innocent civilians? When, specifically? What day?". We all aspire to noble things like this, but it seems impossible. It seems impossible because of the political parties aspiring to nothing more than self-empowerment and self-preservation.

The progressive movement, that is, the real progressive movement is done with domination. You run an outspoken heterosexist and ask us to vote for him? Fuck that. We can't wait for you to get on board and realize that domination is an archaic system that, for billions of years has deprived living beings of their lives, liberties, and natural resources. We need to aquire that now.

Bottom line, lefties: If Kerry is the best you can put forth, go ahead and leave. We'll stay here and fight every injustice that comes along until we have no more limbs to fight with. There is a war on, whether or not you know it, and the government has declared it on us, not the other way around.

No War Between Nations,
No Peace Between Classes.

Abolish all politicians!!! 03.Nov.2004 01:39


Very nice statement - Abolish all politicians!!! It's not your fault that the world is like it is, but it would be your fault if it would stay like it is!!!Greetings from a "german" (fuck germany!!!) squatter!!

third positionism 03.Nov.2004 02:41

look it up

Radicals deciding they hate "the left" are taking the first step on the way to neoconservatism.

That's where those people come from.

Have a good trip.