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It Has Only Just Begun

The votes are in, the selection is over. It never mattered. Liberals are turning radical, radicals are going revolutionary...and the conservative are second guessing themselves. I have been listening to portland imc web radio all day and I am now very excited, EXCITED, not despondent about tomorrow...and the next day...and the next.

Now, we can start our future the future that we have been begging for. Momentum is on our side. Had John Kerry won, we wouldve woken up late tomorrow and missed being out in the street. Now, they will make it a point, they may come out eary, they may take back the streets, maybe the city, and perhaps, just perhaps, they may begin to take back their lives.
I now encourage you folks to stand up for what you believe in, download the flyers, pass them out, call your friends, call off work. There are more important things to do tomorrow, we must fight back and resist. We have the power, we have the energy, now we just need to put things together.

Put them together and you have a strong recipie for the future, for our livelihood. It looks great for us. PLease come out in support of your life and reclaim the streets tomorrow, you cannot afford not too.
Where and when?! 03.Nov.2004 01:30

tyler berzerk

please let me know


OK we voted Kerry, so now what? 03.Nov.2004 02:09


A message to labor and anti-capitalist activists who mobilised for Kerry - from the heart of Middle America...

You didn't lose - the Democrats did! Now get back to the streets and start forming the a working class third force in US politics!

One thing is for sure - Bush did not steal the election. He won it, with the votes of what looks like about 3m *extra* clerical reactionaries from the south and mid-west. As the demographics of the vote are filtered, we will probably also see the same phenomenon that put Arnie into the governorship of California - some migrants and the urban poor also voted for Bush. It is no use chasing after the vote rigging story now: there is a bigger story emerging: the political failure of mainstream Democratic politics and the need for an alternative.

The question is posed point blank: what should Labor do, and what should progressive people do, when confronted with a large minorty of small-town religious reactionaries who, combined with the conservative elite of coastal America, can defeat the voting power of the working poor, organised Labor and the Democrat voting base?

Answer: get back to the streets and organise.

The unions that spent millions of dollars and mobilised thousands of dedicated activists did not waste their time and money: a base has been built for organised Labor now in places where it had little base before - and the Democrat machine has been taken over and renewed from the bunch of reactionaries who ran it under Clinton, in many places.

The pro-Kerry union leaders - and the big figures of the anti-corporate movement - need now to show some leadership. We need to call a CONGRESS OF LABOR now. The unions, the pro-Labor Democrats, the Naderites and the mass movement that went on the streets from Seattle to New York this year needs to be organised and mobilised.

We need a new working class political party: call it a force or a movement if you want to keep your Democrat affiliation in hope that just one day all the religious crackpots will one day forget to vote, or Fox and Clearchannel will go liberal.

Make no mistake - we are not up against fraud here, we are up against political reaction: it is RE-action to the actions of the poor, the oppressed and the dispossessed of the world.

Middle America is dominated by a reactionary coalition with a death wish. It has voted for war and will get war.

Bush will now renew his war - on the poor, the working class and on the progressive struggles of people from Fallujah to Gaza to Cochabamba to Ourtown. We need to say, like William Tecumseh Shermand - we intend to give him all the war he can handle.

Democrats and Republicans are both Pro-War 03.Nov.2004 03:14


"Middle America is dominated by a reactionary coalition with a death wish. It has voted for war and will get war."

All of America is dominated by a reactionary coalition with a death wish. This includes the Democrat Party and its capitalist union goons. The Democrat base is not much better than the Republican base.

Let's face it. Both Kerry and the Democrats and Bush and the Republicans are warmongers. Bush is more open about it, while Kerry likes to disguise it.

Regardless of who was s(elected) yesterday, you will get war.

NO 03.Nov.2004 03:37


it's worse than that, much worse, unless it was broadly frauded, the ditch between the united states people and others is wider this morning, that's sad, and certainly no beginning at all

Perceptions 03.Nov.2004 07:18


When it comes to straight forward thinking, most of the planet, including our representitives, have severe problems.

Perhaps it is a psychological protection mechanism; blinding people from distress of natural selection.

Amilcar, keep your handle on reality... 03.Nov.2004 07:26


About a year ago a serious study quietly found that 27% of the USA showed at least one symptom of mental illness - well, jeez, look at their president! I wrote then that that number was bound to grow AND IT DID! We may be entering another record or "first" as the USA becomes the first large country to go really truthfully certifiably fucking crazy. Mental illness is scarier than good and evil, especially for the innocent 96% of humanity that will be victimized by this mad country. Plese beware those of you outside the USA!! We are a dangerous mad dog and need to be put down.

Greetings from Ecuador 03.Nov.2004 07:37


As an Oregonian currently visiting in Ecuador, I was greatly saddened by the results of the election. Unfortunately, there can be no mistake this time, too many Americans have decided to bury their heads in the sand again and continue to buy the Bush lies and crap. I havent met a single person, either local, traveler, or expatriot here that supports the Bush administration, although resentment is to the current Government, not the American people.

Best option is to continue to work hard for political and social justice issues, energy and enviornmental sustainability being the most important. Also, to try to educate fellow Americans out of their fear of other people and cultures. A sad day for America, but all is not lost.

Thirty eight states are under the Selection 03.Nov.2004 07:43


My political activity on election day included distributing information to every voter (that would accept)in my precinct information proving the fraud inherent in the Diebold voting tabulation systems they were trusting.
It was effort to create meaning on "election" day.

When the results or pre-selected winners were announced on the fake news networks at least I didn't feel my time and effort on "election" day was a waste.

your right the usa is sick 03.Nov.2004 07:46


we have a bad case of multigenerational-dysfunctionalisim....and bush! just shoot me now and get it over with....the bastards

Forming a new party? 03.Nov.2004 07:51


I'm not sure this is the solution. I do not believe that absence of a third party (which would probably split the progressive vote) is a way to see results different from what we saw last night.

I was very surprised by the outcome here. I think the next few days will demonstrate a few key facts (raising some key questions):

a) Everyone who saw a Kerry win (myself included) grossly underestimated the get out the vote drive among conservative Christians. Make no mistake about it, these voters will follow any leader willing to offer them a pro-life, anti-gay platform, without regard to any of their other policies

b) Either minority turnout was low, or Bush was able to capture a much more significant percentage of minority votes, especially among blacks/African-Americans. Assuming African-American turnout was high, what would make them vote for Bush? Many African-Americans are highly religious and may have decided to vote based on their "morals" rather than their "interests" (i.e. social welfare programs, affirmative action, civil rights, etc).

c) Turnout in general was lower than expected -- not by much, but enough to swing a Bush victory. If turnout was high as everyone experienced on Tuesday, and if Democrats manning the polls generally believed the numbers where favorable to them, than why would this turnout be lower than expected and not swing in the way the Dems expected? Well, there's no way to know, but a great way to undercount the vote would be to do it with electronic voting machines -- that way, you'd have no way to really verify the outcome, especially since it looks like no results besides Ohio will be challenged. Even without any shenanigans or funny business, we need to get paper-based verification for voting machines.

Turnout was high 03.Nov.2004 08:15


African Americans voted against Bush something like 90% to 10%. And turnout was huge. Probably the largest turnout since 1968.

What the fuck happened?

Did all those damned Christian Fundamentalists turnout more? How many of these religious nuts are there anyway?

Anyway, make no mistake, full blown Fascist Americanism will be unleashed.

Something wicked this way comes.

Thank you, revolutionary 03.Nov.2004 08:21

Jody Paulson

I was pretty despondant this morning, but your post was like a ray of hope shining through my despair. You're right of course. Our democracy IS broken, and this election provides us with the perfect opportunity to do what we can to fix it.

There is no question in my mind there was massive fraud perpetrated yesterday. Exit polls don't match the "votes" recorded by Diebold's virtual voting machines in Florida. There was record voter turnout yesterday. There were record numbers of new voter registrations prior to yesterday. We have a sitting president who has lied to us to start a war, has been involved in countless scandals, got his ass kicked in the debates, and he seems to be doing better than in the last election that he has been shown to have stolen.

Something is seriously wrong here. There is no question in my mind that our democracy is in serious peril. But we've been granted the perfect opportunity to do something about it. We must act, and we must act now.

What I want to do-post-election 03.Nov.2004 08:32

goofing off at work

I've had this idea that I'd really like to research the local churches that preach hate and are so involved in politics as to violate their tax-exempt status, then sic the lawyers on them-not sure where to start though. Got any ideas for me?

I'm a Believer 03.Nov.2004 08:37


I'm a Believer, and what I believe is that fraud was rampant in the form of electronic voting machines.

And don't Misunderestimate the rise of the Christian Right in America. There are hoards and hoards of them!!!!

To The Streets!!! 03.Nov.2004 08:39


Democracy has been shown a farce. Regardless of who is president, we must all keep pressure up for labor, anti-imperialism, and the environment! We must protect ourselves and our own rights because no politician will protect them for us! We take to the streets in self-defense!!!

Join the voting activists 03.Nov.2004 09:02


Last night, Bev Harris of BlackBoxVoting.org announced that she and her fellow voting activists have filed 3,000 FOI (Freedom of Information) requests to get the audit logs of the county election officials. She's not moaning and groaning. She's busy working to get to the truth. There is no doubt that fraud in multiple forms was committed. I don't care who won the election, but I do care about whether our vote counts. As Bev pointed out, there is absolutely no accountability or auditing right now with either the DRE electronic voting machines or the vote scan machines. The DRE machines can be hacked from a remote site, affecting millions of voters in one shot. I can't believe that Kerry doesn't know this so why doesn't he fight for the truth like Bev Harris and other activists are doing? Once again, we have a candidate who concedes without a fight. Could it be he is just as much in on the fix? He and the millions raised by the Dems could go a long ways to funding serious vote reform in this country.

the streets could care less. 03.Nov.2004 10:23


What's the point of "taking to the streets"? So we can march around in a politely orchestrated fashion, congradulating ourselves to ourselves? These marching protests are truly pointless, and perhaps even detrimental in that people go and then they can say "well, I marched around the other day at least, what else can I be expected to do?" What is needed is a novel way of organizing and expressing discontent. Marchng around with placards and banging drums is a tired, predictable strategy that ought to be replaced with something more pointed and creative. Let's use our imaginations a little?

Please Fix The Web Page. 03.Nov.2004 10:26

Original Front Page

Not Available.

Here we go again. 03.Nov.2004 10:30


How can anyone possibly retain hope that returning "to the streets" will ever do any good? Perhaps you'll get personal catharsis and community support, but this kind of demonstration is clearly ineffective. No one in any positions of power care. No one is changing any minds by marching.

any suggestions, rooftoporchards? 03.Nov.2004 10:32


any suggestions, rooftoporchards?

Don't march get creative. . . 03.Nov.2004 10:46

Hal E. Burton

Time to begin the economic war on the red states.

If free markets are so hell-fired good, I want Wyden and Smith to put an end to the tariff on orange juice. Take that Florida!

Yes, no more voting without receipts.

kerry is part of the equation 03.Nov.2004 11:21

not playing the game

a bush win or at least his continued presidency was a given. look at all that has been put into place with the patriot act, homeland security, etc. do we think that they are going to give that all up? but even if kerry won, it would just be a wee bit diluted agenda, that would've moved a little slower towards an american dictatorship.

and yes, "indy" i think that "he [kerry] is just as much in on the fix?" yes ,indeed, which is precisely why he did not get my vote.

hold onto your hats...

slave speaks 03.Nov.2004 11:28

slave revolt

Slave put this election in perspective


When I heard that Kerry conceded... 03.Nov.2004 11:46

kadybird niobecat@yahoo.com

Granted, this was a small gesture, but I had to do something to reflect the deep concern that I feel for the direction our country was going. As I woke up to NPR's announcement that Kerry was conceding the election, I got out of bed, found my American flag, and hung it from my front porch--upside down. Flying a flag upside down is an international sign of distress. The origins, I believe, are naval. A crew would turn the flag upside down to indicate that the ship was sinking. Seemed appropriate.

Obviously, a symbolic gesture is not going to change anything. I plan to do a lot more to actively oppose right-wing judicial nominees, the rape of our environment, this disastrous war in Iraq--too many things to list.

Kate B

suggestions 03.Nov.2004 11:47


I suggest we all devote our energies to reinforcing the political fortress (portland) we are lucky enough to occupy. Become highly involved in local politics. Support our new mayor and goad him to significant action. I call on all artists and creative people to ABANDON RE-STATING again and again THE PROBLEMS we all know so well exist, and instead begin to craft a stunningly beautiful colllective alternative vision, and then to take every action possible to realize that ambitious dream. We have a responsibility to the rest of the nation to do so. The summer of love all over again, PORTLAND STYLE. Let's make our city vibrant and beautiful and live sanely in spite of national trends. What I'm basically saying is that there is no point in our continuing to criticize and focus on what is wrong with our situation. Let's instead pour our energies into conceiving of and demonstrating a different way. Vague talk in the face of the daily grind I know, but we will never fill our own hearts and minds with the kind of positive energy needed to acheive anything substantial if we continue to focus on what THEY are doing TO us. So my suggestion is : go ahead and march and bang on drums, but instead of making signs that decry the injustice and rage of what is happening, make signs that adress themelves to the beautiful future of equality and envirnomental vibrancy that we would all like to see realized. Nobody is going to make this dream happen for us!

One day it will be clear 03.Nov.2004 11:57

greg snyder

that many Americans made some bad decisions with their vote. If you voted for the republican conservative candidate(s), you voted for a deficit that with time will grind this country into oblivion, a continued erosion of civil rights, further degradation of the environment, less regulation for business, a widening of the gap between the affluent and the poor, (more poor, more poverty, more desparation). America is still a great, beautiful nation that is looked up to by many other nations around the world but for how much longer? It has been the poster child for democracy. But that democracy is being dismantled and is looking less and less like its original self. With the conservative stranglehold on the politics in this country (congress, the white house, and the supreme court now controlled by mostly extremely conservative forces)the separation of church and state is evaporating and may soon become nothing more than a quaint, old-fashion idea. And then what? This country will soon more resemble states like Saudi Arabia and Iran where the first and foremost political considerations will always be based on a fundamentalist religious creed than its original democratic self as envisioned by our political founders. Soon there may be more freedom, liberty and democracy in Iran than there is here in the United States. The way things are going I would not at all be surprised to see this happen.

So how could this have come to pass? Don't know. And it really doesn't matter. Unfortunately, we all have to live with the consequences. The media was apparently successful in totally reversing public opinion in the time from the presidential debates up until the election with their constant barrage of "neck and neck poll" results which helped people forget that President Bush was not able to articulate any really satisfactory response to any of the questions that were posed in the debates, and, in fact, he looked like the mentally-challenged, boring, arrogant, folksy, tongue-tied, feel-good-image, usurper of power that he was in 2000. (But with this election, we cannot say that he usurped power like he did in 2000. He actually seems to have won this election, at least until the final count has been made when we will know what the final count was. Still, even the popular vote doesn't matter anymore, anyway, as we saw in Florida in 2000. The electoral college negates it, and we saw that the supreme court can step in and negate it too.) It's just such a wonderful time that we are living in, with the media concentrated and owned by very few powerful people. Those people are able to disseminate the image of reality that they want to project to achieve their managerial goals. And, individual Americans, feeling insecure and unsure as to their own power and security were and continue to be easy prey for the media and the managers.

My main misgiving is for the future which to me looks bleaker, unfortunately. George Bush speaks of the horrors of a tax and spend government which he hates. Yet he gives the surplus that we had, to the very rich, enriches them more with tax cut after tax cut after tax cut. Then he, as part of his assault on big government, cuts funding for program after program to reduce the size of government making it more and more difficult if not impossible to fund many things that most Americans think of as being part of what makes America great like schools for public education, libraries, security in the form of police, etc.. What is sad is that some day there may be no money left because it will all be gone into the pockets of the rich and into the war that Bush started in Iraq. When there are literally or figuratively no more schools, there is no social security, there is no medical insurance, there is no money left for anything because there is no more money to pay for any of it, don't look surprised if you voted for the conservative forces that now completely control the government. You put those forces into place. So don't act surprised or shocked to find that the world you used to know is now mutated beyond recognition and not working for you. I hate to say it, but you will have brought that upon yourself, and upon all the rest of us who didn't vote as you did.

America started out as a political experiment, an exercise in creativity and experimentation, an attempt to create destiny and self-determination with checks and balances. The checks and balances are now gone, don't exist anymore. What now for democracy in America? It's an interesting question. Only time will tell.

4 more years . . . of nothing 03.Nov.2004 12:00


This is not going to change anything for the better, but we can take some small consolation knowing that BushCo is going to spend the next four years in front of senate hearings, and probably wind up impeached. Yesterday, he was looking at 2 more months of lame-duck presidency. Now we are all looking at four more years.
Even if Kerry had won, the FBI would still be investigating Bush, Cheney, et al. for war crimes, no-bid contracts, and conspiracy (there are still lawsuits pending from the 2000 "election"). They may be breathing a sigh of relief, but in reality, they have signed on for four more years of righteous voter wrath, congressional deadlocks and filibusters, and never-before-seen levels of civil disobedience.

To revoltionary - It began awhile ago, let's hope there is some actual change. 03.Nov.2004 13:59

Shocked and Awed

Revolutionary says...

"I now encourage you folks to stand up for what you believe in, download the flyers, pass them out, call your friends, call off work. There are more important things to do tomorrow, we must fight back and resist. We have the power, we have the energy, now we just need to put things together. "

You know the last part of your sentence is, in my opinion, the most lucid. Yes "...now we just need to put things together." What exactly does that look like? Some fliers? A day off of work? We're going to need a bit more planning to respond intelligently.

There is a critical mass ride today that I'm not riding because if I "download the flyers, pass them out, call [my] friends, [and] call off work." all I'll be looking at is $100 to $200 dollar traffic tickets. Maybe we need calls for more strategic thinking about what we want before we go out running around looking for it. Maybe critical mass in Portland needs to consider the post from San Francisco before lurching into the streets.

Then again, thinking may just not be radical enough for these times.

Below is the repost I'm referencing. Notice the strategic thinking.
How San Francisco Stopped Harassment of its Critical Mass
31.Oct.2004 20:00

SF ended major police harassment in the summer of 1998. Our campaign to assert our civil rights to freely assemble and ride took about a year. Detailed strategies were shared with Portland CM riders in 2002 (see comments):
and again in 2003:

All it takes is the resolve to stand up for your community bike ride. Or, just get used to getting your butts kicked.

Stopping the Mass Harassment
by How SF did it

1. File claims for damages against the city. This is a precursor to a lawsuit or class-action lawsuit. Whether you suffered injuries from the police during their handling of the event, or simply were denied access to the roadways or passage on a certain bike route, your civil rights may have been violated. If you believe your rights were violated, file a claim. Better yet, organize a mass filing of claims by e-mail or at the next critical mass. If you can enlist the help of experienced attorneys, even better, but you don't need a lawyer to file a claim. Many cyclists claimed damages upwards of $5000 to $10,000 in San Francisco; many of SF's injured cyclists settled successfully out-of-court. Be certain to assert that critical mass is a protected first amendment event.

2. Arrange for a mass call-in day to the mayor and city councilmembers. Tell them the mass harassment must stop NOW. It's amazing how this gets their attention when each city councilmember gets 100 or more phone calls in one day. Organize by e-mail, or flyering at critical mass.

3. File complaints against individual police officers, against police policy for handling the event, and the event commanders. Get a copy of the Portland PD's general orders and crowd control guidelines, and file specific complaints against any officers and their commanders who violate even the most minor guidelines. It is your right to file a complaint against the police if you believe their conduct is unlawful or if their conduct violates police orders.

4. Pack Portland's Police Commission hearings. Spread the word to show up at the first police commission hearing following the mass. Give them an earful, and let them know a lawsuit will be on the way if the mass harassment doesn't stop. be sure to assert that CM is a protected first amendment event.

5. Contest any citation you get at Critical Mass. CM is a protected first amendment event. Riding en-masse is your form of free expression. Tickets for red lights have the same relevance that a jaywalking ticket has at a peace march. Many police won't bother to show up if you contest your ticket in person.

6. Encourage the mass to turn every 3-5 blocks. The cowardly police hold back in small numbers, and usually attack only when they have lots of backups and officers in a certain location. Bicycles are more stealth in an urban environment than cars. Turning every 3-5 blocks makes it very difficult to track where the ride will end up, and hard for the cops to stage a crackdown. It's also fun to snake about the city! When possible, try to stay on well-lit streets with lots of pedestrians. Police tend to avoid heavy-handed crackdowns in areas where there are lots of witnesses.

7. Organize to videotape every ride, and document thoroughly police harassment of the mass. Beware selling or giving footage to the corporate media, they'll simply edit the footage and lie in their commentary. Remember: every car and gas commercial shown during the news buys spin you can't match.

8. File requests for public records regarding Critical Mass. If necessary, use the FOIA to request them. To begin, request the police' general orders for handling the event; any letters, memos, and other correspondence between the mayor's office and the Portland Police Department; and any files relating to the Critical Mass event from the PJTTF.

9. Support your fellow cyclists. It sucks to get pulled aside for a ticket, only to see the mass bike off into the sunset. Encourage others to stop and support fellow riders every time the cops hand out a ticket. Be creative. One highly effective project was to print cop trading cards with the pictures of abusive officers, commanders, and descriptions of police harassment. Cops like to be seen as the good guys: let the public know the truth with cop trading cards. Pass 'em out to kids in school.

10. Be your own media. (Congratulations, you're doing this already!) Get pictures, names, badge numbers, and descriptions of aggressive police posted as news.

Stand up for your rights, fight for them, or kiss them goodbye

Realization 03.Nov.2004 15:39


Can we focus on something here that I feel like a lot of the angry liberal community is glossing over. The issue that is much bigger than the election of G W Bush to the presidency is our loss of the congress. We will never have a stronghold over the executive branch, but we will over the legislature. We need to let our represenatives in congress know what we want, that we're watching them and we're serious. Put some major pressure on your congressmen. Stop calling for Bush's head and start calling your reps.

Things are going to get BAD 03.Nov.2004 16:27



MoveOutUSA.org is a web portal for people who are considering leaving the USA if George W. Bush wins the 2004 presidential election.

marching on the streets 03.Nov.2004 17:03


I agree about marching being a waste of time. It's time for each one of us individually to stop feeding this capitalistic monster. We must set up our own businesses no matter how small and support each other. Stop shopping, stop using credit cards, stop supporting the stock market. Let's start with the basics, like food. Grow your own or join a food co-op. I'm going to start visiting self sustaining communities to see their operations and perhaps join one of start one myself. We can create our own independent communities. The Amish have done it successfully and so can we. We must drop out of this greedy capitalism. We need to organize, research and discuss and learn to conduct business with each other. I'm beginning by paying off my bills and go back to basics and there we can create what we want for ourselves and others.

VISIBLE Protesting 03.Nov.2004 17:23


for rooftoporchards, thank you!

Great questions: "What's the point of "taking to the streets"? What is needed is a novel way of organizing and expressing discontent. Marchng around with placards and banging drums is a tired, predictable strategy that ought to be replaced with something more pointed and creative. Let's use our imaginations a little? "

Pretty good answer: VISIBLE DISTRIBUTED PROTESTING (up till now most protests have been in Self-Centered "drumming" groups who make a self-serving quasi-educational plea and parade only to the few passersby they come in contact with)

Another way to protest is for everyone to spread out from their houses etc to simply carry a sign on the street, on a designated day, wherever they indivisually see fit, in busy areas all over. That way more people will see the message. Imagine how powerful it would be that when you went to work, or to the shops, you saw a person carrying a sign on every block, no matter where you looked and as far as you went. [Imagine Powell, Broadway, Donwtown busmall etc., Sandy, Burnside, 39th, all the bridges, 405 overpasses, Beaverton, Gresham, Vancouver etc. WOW!] We could coordinate reach-out efforts and even take this to other major cities too!

Let's focus on what we need. GET OUT THE TRUTH. A visible and therefore informative and motivating demonstration of the right to free speach and to peacefully assemble in opposition to this Endless War and recent attacks on sovereign rights of citizens, unnaccountable gov't and irresponsible media. We need to counteract lies and misinformation from the dominant media through indie-media, but also through concise, informational outreach geared towards questions of truth-telling about The Bush Racket, Impeachable offenses, this Wrong War, media ownership and media cow-ing, who's behind the military-welfare war, and the threat to consitutional sovereignity, environement, humanity etc.

PLAN A 'Boycottbalooza' - Product Decimization 03.Nov.2004 19:34

Bob Faber anonymoushumanoid@sympatico.ca

I tell ya'...

If 1 out of every 10 consumers made a concerted effort not to buy from just one powerful multi-corporation..

Imagine the effect on profit line.

Think how quickly multi's would move to have 'irregularites' corrected if sales crashed?

The throne of business seems slightly higher than office these days...

Perhaps we should focus selective capabilities on more influential matters.

All we have to do is chose what not to buy - together

PLAN A 'Boycottbalooza' - Product Decimization 03.Nov.2004 19:34

Bob Faber anonymoushumanoid@sympatico.ca

I tell ya'...

If 1 out of every 10 consumers made a concerted effort not to buy from just one powerful multi-corporation..

Imagine the effect on profit line.

Think how quickly multi's would move to have 'irregularites' corrected if sales crashed?

The throne of business seems slightly higher than office these days...

Perhaps we should focus selective capabilities on more influential matters.

All we have to do is chose what not to buy - together

SEATTLE COMMENTARY 03.Nov.2004 19:41

Anthony Vicari anthony@stopbushseattle.com

Hello from Seattle,
Think ahead. Sure, there is a prime opportunity to show the world that we are pissed and we are not united but truly divided as a country. When? January, that's when the official Presidential Inaugaration will be held ( http://inaugural.senate.gov/). You saw on Farenheit 9/11 where the Presidents' limo was pelted with eggs...well, we get another opportunity in January!!! This time, we have a couple months to prepare and I suggest a mass "mooning" of the President. How's that for live television broadcast around the world!!! And yes, lots of eggs too...

Greetings from Seattle,
Anthony Vicari

wake the F...up 04.Nov.2004 21:56

RootBoy rbduke@hotmail.com

Jeez did you really think that John Kerry was going to "win" the election. Give me a freaking break. His losing was in the cards from the get-go. All these limp-wristed lefty liberal democrats that make up the "Democratic" party are a bunch of patsies for Terry McAuliffe and the Clintons. Anybody who calls themselves a Democrat and drives an SUV,has a high five figure job,goes on vacations to theme parks,stops at Starbucks,has a television in every freaking room,buys their kids a different game system for each holiday,make me sick. What do the Democrat's offer anybody but fuzzy-hug-time EMPIRE. As i used to say on my show on Killradio in L.A.
(before i moved to no-cal) Kerry was dead meat because if he won there went Hillary's shot at the presidency(don't you think it was "fortunate" that Bill Clinton all of a sudden was diagnosed with heart disease and was operated on
during Kerry initial presidential push so he didn't really have to campaign for
him...puh-leeze). And just as Air America Radio constantly brings up Clinton as some sort of a Democratic God...jeez...he raped the environment worse than Dubya did...don't forget he signed legislation to "end welfare as we know it".....pushed
NAFTA....jeez when is the American Democratic Public going to wake up. Maybe now...
but i wouldn't put my money on it. In case anyone accuses me of anything...i hate the psycho cheap labor conservatives and their bible hugging base. Anarchy Forever!